The Problématique

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain depictions of torture.


The Problématique
Dates run: June 27, 2011, October 11-13, 2011
Run By: Nichole
Read the logs: The Problématique

"So Gavin’s a one armed man?”
“Looks like he walks around with two. Bosses think he compensates via his shifting. Why are you asking about him?”
“There’s a chance he just broke into the clinic.”

Vanessa accidentally draws the attention of some people very interested in what her mutation could do for them.


Lucas Bishop, Vanessa Carlysle, Adrienne Frost, Jean Grey, Garrison Kane, Laura Kinney, Alexander Lexington, Wanda Maximoff, Doug Ramsey, Tabitha Smith, Monet St. Croix, Warren Worthington

New Son


June 27, 2011; July 21, 2011; October 11-13, 2011

Plot Summary

Vanessa picked up the mimic of a blood bank employee so she could sneak in and steal a specific blood sample for a paternity case of hers for X-Factor Investigations. Unbeknownst to her, the clinic was owned by New Son and the duplicate was spotted on the security cameras. New Son sent in security to look for the double and noticed that the double had turned into a woman. With consideration that the blue woman could, in fact, be Jake Gavin coming after them New Son decided to keep a tail on their potential saboteur.

Several weeks later New Son abducted Vanessa from the motel room she was staying in while working a case. No one had seen or heard from her since. Tabitha and Warren recovered her cell phones in South America by tracking the signal of her Xavier's cell but Garrison's FBI contacts couldn't pull anything but the fingerprints of her and her two main alts off of them, making them useless. Bishop and the rest of X-Factor continued to search for her despite the lack of clues.

It was the return of Adrienne that seemed the most promising. She pulled information off of Vanessa's cell phones through her mutation that no one else could have gotten as quickly. She confirmed Vanessa had been abducted and that she hadn't gone in the same direction as her phones after her capture. While she gleaned some information from the phones none of it led to Vanessa. A trip to South America with Jean and Warren didn't give her anything new, nor did visiting the site of the abduction in a Boston motel with Bishop.

While friends in X-Force and among the X-Men did what they could to search for her it turned out Garrison's efforts would yield the first real lead they had. While everyone else searched for Vanessa so did Kane and he used his status as an FBI agent to pull footage and information no one else could have gotten. He confirmed where Vanessa was taken after she was abducted, how she was gotten out of Boston and where her plane landed. Prague was the end of the line for what he could get but Bishop handed it over to Doug to see what follow up he could do. Doug confirmed the men Vanessa was with deplaned in Prague and had been seen about town. He didn't know where but it was possible she was still there.

After getting Doug's follow up information that Vanessa was likely still in Prague Bishop contacted several people and asked them for help following up the lead. Jean, Warren, Monet, Lex, Laura, Wanda and Doug all headed out on one of Emma Frost's jets (acquired by Doug) to follow up the lead. Once in the city they broke up into pairs to search out intel from local contacts and investigate possible locations of a facility she could be held at.

Lex and Bishop were the lucky pair to find a likely candidate for the facility and they promptly kidnapped one of the perimeter security guards. Thanks to the guard's "cooperation" they obtained confirmation of a blue woman being brought in at one point and information about the security along with some vague information about what they did at the facility. Lex went with Doug to check out the place's security set up and while hacked into the surveillance feeds Doug spotted something important: Vanessa in a wheelchair, bandaged and heavily sedated.

With Vanessa found and apparently in no shape for waiting a decision was made: they couldn't wait to call in back up. The group formed a plan of attack and went in the next morning at the shift change, using the comings and goings to blend in where possible. With Lex and Doug taking over the security station and Warren and Jean clearing the perimeter security everyone found their way into the building and searched it in pairs. Laura's nose, however, found Vanessa first. She was bandaged and unconcious but alive. With her found Wanda and Monet headed to the offices to salvage what information they could get on the facility and the people behind it while others went for medical supplies on Jean's orders and the doctor telekinetically floated her friend out of the facility.

The remaining staff of the facility who didn't escape or wind up dead are all locked into various rooms thanks to Doug and Lex, though once the group is clear with Vanessa Doug locked the doors leading out of the building manually and Lex fried the electrical system, which released the doors inside but also left the staff with their science experiments as well.

On the plane ride home Bishop discovered that Vanessa's mutation was trying to pick up mimics. It took considerably longer than it usually did, possibly due to her critical condition, but she was very slowly shifting after hours of him holding her hand. He had Laura take his place and hours after their plane landed Vanessa's mutation had picked up a full mimic from her (something made easier for her mutation by Vanessa having picked up a mimic from her before), including her healing factor.

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The plot was originally written to ultimately create an homage to this scene from the comics, though various rewrites and acts of life removed Wade from the plot and put Bishop and Laura, essentially, in the position of trying to get her to pick up the healing factor.

As a result of this plot Vanessa wound up with PTSD which impacted her control over her mutation.


Plotrunner: Nichole

Poster by Mackinzie.

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