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Princess Crystal Amaquelin - deceased
Portrayed by Jennifer Hawkins
Known Aliases: Zephyr
Affiliations: Attilan
Socked By:
Introduction: April 6, 2006

To our Princess Crystal Amaquelin, to her health! Attilan's lucky to have her. And may she always be full of surprises. - Forge

Born into royalty on the island of Attilan and being from a family where being a mutant is an accepted part of life, Crystal has had to deal with culture shock on multiple levels since her arrival at the mansion.

New to the X-Men, Crystal was also a Red X field leader, a Medlab volunteer, a teacher, and a graduate student, and, using an image inducer and a pseudonym, was a summer intern at X-Factor. She was back on Attilan, attending to her royal duties and teaching at the school she helped found and was not carried over to Phase 2.


Character Journal: x_crystal

Real Name: Princess Crystal Lia Amaquelin

Codename: Zephyr

Aliases: Your Highness; Called "Little Crystal" by her sister, Medusa, Buttercup (X-Men trainee name), Riley Chase (X-Factor identity)

First Appearance: April 6, 2006

Date of Birth: Actual date of birth - September 8, 1990. Legal date of birth: February 7, 1988 (due to the events of Sound of Silence)

Place of Birth: Attilan, Attilan

Citizenship: Attilani

Relatives: Amaquelin Family: Lady Ambur Amaquelin (mother - deceased), Lord Quelin Amaquelin (father - deceased), Queen Medusa (sister); King Agon (uncle, father's brother - deceased), Queen Rynda (aunt - deceased), King Blackagar (cousin), Prince Maximus (cousin), Prince Ahura Boltagon (nephew).

Education: Royal tutors until June 2006; graduated Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in 2007; received university degree in Biology and teaching certificate after taking private classes in 2008; licensed EMT-B

Relationship Status: Single; formerly dated Forge

Occupation: Princess of Attilan; Teacher at the Amaquelin and Boltagon School for Abilities Enhancement

Team Affiliation: Attilan


Mutant Childhood

Crystal was born into a mutant family and was raised to be proud of being a mutant, even though she grew up knowing that her powers were not to be used in front of people who were not already aware of her family’s mutant status. Young Crystal was always aware that she was going to have powers and looked forward to manifesting. However, despite the fact that her family had prepared her for it, her actual manifestation came as a shock. In a two-for-one deal, 7-year-old Crystal and her sister Medusa manifested moments apart during an assassination attempt on the royal children. Although the assassins didn’t know that the Amaquelins and Boltagons were mutants, the assassination attempt was due to Attilan’s mutant-friendly policies. After this, the Amaquelins began to become overly protective of their daughters. When Crystal was 10 years old, Erik Lehnsherr visited Attilan and met with Crystal’s parents in order to discover whether or not the island was truly ruled by mutants. While their parents were in the meeting, Crystal and Medusa met his son, Pietro Maximoff. Magneto was not pleased by what he learned and he and Pietro left without causing harm to anyone there. Later, upon realizing just who they had let into their home, the over-protectiveness of the Amaquelins intensified even more.

Crystal was an inquisitive child and was always interested in learning new things. However, it took her a few years to become interesting in learning how to perfect her control over her abilities. Before the age of 11, she found it quite amusing to crash into tables and walls and had no qualms about destroying random objects in her quest to see how much fun she could have with her powers.

Living at the X-Mansion

In June 2006, while vacationing with her family in Hawaii, Crystal received unwanted advances from an unwanted admirer. Knowing that using her powers against him in public would not be a good idea, Crystal held her winds in check. However, a new aspect of her power came into play, and the two of them found themselves under a small rain-shower of her creation. Alex Summers and a few of his friends noticed what was happening and Alex went to talk to her, telling her about Xavier’s.

On her first day at the mansion, Crystal was given a tour by Theresa Cassidy, and was surprised to get a glimpse into what life would soon be like for her: classes with other students, sharing a suite with up to five other people, a crowded rec-room, and the revelation that Lorna Dane, the Kitchen Goddess, did not like rich kids who couldn’t cook, so Crystal could look forward to Remedial Cooking on her class schedule. The next day, after making sure that Lorna wasn’t in the kitchen, Crystal had a hate-fest with the stove and ended up meeting Amanda Sefton who showed Crystal how to make pasta and confused Crystal by swearing, using words Crystal had never heard before.

Although Crystal was not shocked when she heard about things such as demon attacks and lakes on fire, she was taken aback by a few journal exchanges taking place within her first week at the mansion. During her first weekend at Xavier’s, while involved in a discussion about food, Lorna asked Crystal about a recipe. When Crystal replied that she did not know how to prepare the item and offered to get the recipe for her, Lorna told her that it was an easy recipe and proceeded to insult the school’s newest student. Although Lorna later apologized, the damage was done and left Crystal with a horrible first impression of the school and its staff.

This and other events, such as being tricked into going to the garage by being told that it was a fun place, realizing that the other mansion residents did not view being a mutant in the same way she did, and being told that the way she did things were not the proper way, made Crystal act in a way that was seen as stand-offish. Although Crystal paid attention to the conversations on the school’s journal system, her own use of it was limited as she preferred to observe rather than state her opinions for all to read. While she did not intend to “do as the Romans do,” she also realized that other people have their own ways and custom and had no desire to attempt to force her beliefs on others.

Crystal sorted mail in Forge’s office from November until she left the mansion. During her second semester at Xavier’s, after being approached by Jean Grey, Crystal became a Medlab volunteer. During her last month as a student in Westchester, Crystal worked with Sofia Mantega-Barret on new uses of her ability to control and direct the movement of air.

After the events of Voodoo Child, Crystal parents decided to allow her to return home after her last exam rather than have her stay for Parents' Day(s) and graduation. Crystal accepted their offer quite eagerly. She did not return to the mansion again until August 2007, at which point more than two and a half years had passed for her. However, this was only for a short visit, and Crystal didn’t live at the mansion again until she joined the Xavier’s staff two months later. For the rest of the semester, she was the instructor for the flight class, and substituted when needed, also being part of the power training rotation. During the first semester of 2008, she added Spanish and French classes to her teaching schedule, and also began tutoring students. Noriko Ashida was one such student, getting extra help from Crystal with her English lessons.

Roommate Troubles

Used to having as much private space as she wanted, 15-year-old Crystal was shocked to discover that not only did the school require her to have a roommate, up to six people could share one suite. After refusing to remain with a roommate who snored, Crystal was moved into the room of Jennie Stavros. The two had a rocky start, and when Jennie made a journal post listing the pros and cons of having Crystal as a roommate, Crystal made a reply that alerted Marie D'Ancato to the fact that Jennie was breaking curfew. Both girls plotted revenge; Jennie hexed Crystal’s shoes and Crystal drowned Jennie’s CD player before giving it to Forge, recalling that he had asked for unwanted and broken electronics. To make amends, Crystal purchased a new CD player for Jennie and Jennie accepted it, pretending she thought hers had broken on its own.

In August 2006, realizing Forge’s journal entry about not receiving a certain call was probably because he hadn’t heard from Jennie, Crystal spoke with him about her concerns. Although he assured her that he would keep her apprised of the situation, it was not until two weeks later that she was given vague information and another promise to keep her informed of any new information. Crystal decided to trust Forge’s knowledge of the school and didn’t speak up about her concerns again until Scott Summers called her into his office. Like Forge, Scott promised to keep her informed.

Having read earlier journal entries involving knowledge about past missing mansion residents, Crystal was surprised to discover that Jennie’s disappearance was being kept hidden. Not quite sure why no one else seemed concerned, and unhappy that no one had given her any new information, Crystal retreated even further into keeping to herself. Crystal thought about returning home, but stayed to find out what had happened to Jennie. While speaking with Amanda as part of Snow Valley’s investigation into the missing student, Crystal discovered the “disappearance” of a former Xavier’s student: Jennie’s best friend, Marius Laverne. The discussion with Amanda calmed and comforted Crystal, but Crystal became extremely upset upon reading Forge's description of Marius as “one of the students who isn’t here right now” on Sooraya Qadir’s journal and barged into Forge’s workshop. During a heated conversation, Crystal’s intense anger caused an unintentional use of her power that nearly resulted in the destruction of Forge’s workshop.

Less than a week later, both Jennie and Marius returned. Although she did not speak to Crystal about the events of her summer, it was clear that something major had happened and was bothering Jennie. Because of this, Crystal did not make a fuss when Jennie evicted Crystal’s puppy, Lockjaw, from their room. Growing extremely concerned when Jennie kept rearranging everything in the room and never left the suite, Crystal contacted Marie. Unfortunately, Marie’s mind was currently being dominated by Logan’s personality, and even though the RA sent another email to Crystal a few days later, her original response made Crystal lose even more faith in the school’s staff.

A month after Jennie returned, she told Crystal everything that had happened to her during the summer. However, Jennie also told Crystal that she was nosy and voiced concern about Crystal not keeping the information private; this furthered Crystal’s belief that Jennie did want her around, and Crystal began to spend as much time out of their room as she could. Finally, after getting into another argument in December, the girls began to open up to each other and Crystal ceased her avoidance of Jennie and their room.

Accompanied by Medusa, Crystal went to Snow Valley to deliver a fruit basket to Amanda to thank her and her “associates” for their part in finding Jennie and Marius. When Jennie told her of the school’s part in bringing the missing teenagers back to the mansion, Crystal sent a fruit basket to each team member who taken part in the rescue.

Although Crystal trusted Jennie enough to joke with her on occasion, she never felt entirely comfortable being her roommate and was never quite sure what to think of her. Still, Crystal included Jennie in her only prank during her stay at the mansion - covering Forge's prized car with tiny decals. It was the sight of Jennie being harmed that threw Crystal into a frenzy when the two girls, along with Marius and Kyle Gibney, were victims of a surprise attack after a dinner off-campus. Crystal stayed in the suite shared by Medusa and Monet St. Croix remaining even after Jennie was found, only returning to the room she shared with Jennie when Jennie told her she could move back in. This time Forge kept his promise to keep Crystal informed of events, a fact Crystal greatly appreciated. Jennie rejected an offer to visit Attilan but later agreed to attend Medusa's engagement party.

When Crystal visited the mansion prior to her decision to ask to join the staff, she and Jennie met for coffee. How well Jennie and the “new” Crystal would get along now was not known until a few months later when a conversation between the two former suitemates led to an uncomfortable series of questions and answers and the two of them realized just how much had changed.

Starts and Stops

Always eager to learn whatever she could, Crystal jumped at the opportunity to begin lessons with Logan when he offered the students a head-start on self-defense lesson. Quite displeased with the discussion during their first meeting, Crystal returned to her room and called Medusa, expressing her concerns about Logan, the teachers, and the school as a whole.

Still, having heard that Logan was a great fighter and wanting to be able to learn from him, Crystal decided to take his self-defense class when classes started. Logan poked fun at her, singling her out in front of the other students, but Crystal worked hard and believed Logan recognized her efforts.

In October, Logan insulted Crystal to Medusa, taking amusement in it. Upon learning of the way Logan had spoken to her sister, Crystal confronted Logan in the gym. Logan told Crystal she was “coming along nicely” but continued to insult her. Upset that no matter what she did, Logan and others at the school would never see her as more than a spoiled rich kid, Crystal used her powers against Logan, assuming he would fall but heal quickly. Instead, Logan lunged at her, and Crystal hit him with a bolt of lightning. Pinned to the wall with his claws, what Crystal terms her “natural defensive mechanism” kicked in: a gale-force wind erupted, sending Logan flying through the gym doors.

Before going home that afternoon, Crystal spoke with Jennie about how she felt she was being treated and told her she had attacked Logan. She also spoke with Lorna, who had witnessed Logan’s “flight” through the gym doors, and emailed multiple staff members, giving a brief account of events. As promised in her email, Crystal returned to the school on Monday, secretly planning on officially leaving the school once she had explained why she had acted the way she did. However, she decided to stay when Scott told her of Nathan Dayspring’s offer to work with her, one-on-one, on self-defense.

For two weeks, Crystal did not fly or use her powers in any active way. Even after she took to the sky once more, she remained careful about the way she used her powers. Initially afraid that she might do something that could be seen as an attack when Pietro suggested an experiment involving the use of their powers, she agreed to work with him when he commented that he could learn from her. Still, Crystal was afraid that others would fear her if they know what she did to Logan, so she only spoke with Kyle about the events when he approached her.

A little over two months after the altercation in the gym between Crystal and Logan, the two found themselves in the kitchen at the same time. Once again, Crystal found herself completely afraid to use her powers lest they be seen as an attack. Logan mostly ignored her, and Crystal carefully left the kitchen before racing down the hall in midair.

In April, Yvette Petrovic approached Crystal with a "problem" after Logan told her his side of what happened in the gym, informing Yvette that Crystal viewed her and others as being beneath her. After speaking with Yvette, Crystal paid a surprise visit to the headmaster's office to tell him about the recent conversations.

Logan was the last mansion resident Crystal saw before she returned home to Attilan after the last day of class. This time, Crystal stood her ground and was unafraid and confident. He was also the first person Crystal saw upon her first visit to the mansion after her graduation.

Sound of Silence

In June 2007, Crystal finished her schooling at Xavier's, and made the decision to return to Attilan permanently. Many of her peers accompanied her on her trip back, to celebrate the engagement of Medusa and Blackagar. At this time, Crystal's cousin Maximus subtly placed Crystal under telepathic thrall, using her as his tool to try and seize power by effecting the assassination of his own parents, the reigning King and Queen, as well as the majority of the Attilani Royal Family. While Blackagar was able to break the hold on Crystal, the tragedy had already happened - and was followed by an event that would change the nation forever when a young mutant manifested his power of dimensional teleportation, dragging the entire island of Attilan into a different dimension.

In the months that ensued, Crystal found herself taking a greater role in the temporary government of Attilan, assisting with stabilizing the nation as well as helping found a school for mutants, the Amaquelin and Boltagon School for Abilities Enhancement. She also discovered the presence of Forge on the island; although she at first feared that "he" was a trick, perhaps a shapeshifter, once she was convinced that he was who he said he was, she agreed for him to work strengthening the country's infrastructure. During this time, Illyana Rasputin had a powers malfunction that sent her through Limbo to the dimension where Attilan now stood. Crystal realized that there was a possibility for Attilan to rejoin the rest of the world, but was of two minds as to whether or not this was a desirable outcome.

Not content to simply move on, however, Crystal spent most of her free time trying to track down her fugitive cousin Maximus, eventually going undercover among the populace to find him to see what he knew about Attilan's move. In an attempt to gain information about a boy Maximus had been watching, Crystal locked Maximus in a small room and denied him food and water. In a desperate attempt to free himself, Maximus lashed out with a psychic attack; in his weakened state, he collapsed afterward, but not before he inadvertently filled her mind with the truth behind his dark thoughts and plans. As Crystal prepared to leave the building where she had been holding her mad cousin captive, a "rescue" team from the palace arrived, led by Forge; they broke down the door, discovered the princess, and took the weakened Maximus into custody. With Maximus's hold on him released, the young mutant who had cause the disappearance of Attilan awoke from his coma; a few months later, after he regained his strength and was prepared to use his power once more, Attilan returned to the normal world.

Starting Over

The Crystal who returned to the mansion after Attilan’s return was not the same Crystal who had left two months/years beforehand. Crystal found herself distanced from those she had been on friendly terms while she had been a student, including Jennie and Monet. On the other hand, two of the mansion residents she had not cared for during a year as a student becomes the ones closest to her as Lorna became a close friend and she began dating Forge. During Crystal’s visit to the school, she and Lorna managed to have an amiable conversation over a lunch off-campus and a surprise friendship came into existence after Crystal returned to stay. On New Year’s Eve, Forge stunned Crystal by kissing her at the stroke of midnight. A few weeks later, with Medusa’s permission, Forge asked Crystal out to dinner. A week later, Crystal went on her very first date; the following week, during confusing and stressful events at the school, and much to the astonishment of multiple team members, Forge unwittingly revealed to the X-Men that he had a girlfriend.

Those of her former suitemates who were still students when Crystal became a teacher at Xavier’s became disconcerted by the changes in her. Crystal took being a teacher at the school very seriously and feels that there are proper and improper ways for students and teachers to behave and interact with each other. This caused some uncomfortable conversations as Crystal was unnerved by students, especially Laurie Collins, questioning her about her romantic relationship with Forge. Crystal had helped transport Laurie to the hospital when the younger girl’s mother was hospitalized, but Crystal feels that there should be certain boundaries in the student/teacher relationship.

Laurie Collins World Tour 2009

In early 2009, Laurie Collins began making plans to travel the world, and Crystal decided to join her. Beginning in March, Crystal accompanied the younger girl on her walkabout-style world tour, helping Laurie to see the world and gain something of a new perspective. Crystal found herself in a number of adventures both abroad and back in the States, however. In the span of just a few months, Crystal helped foil an assassination attempt in India, battled reanimated mummies in Egypt, assisted with a train wreck while revisiting Westchester, and took part in a Red X publicity junket in Kosovo.

During a visit to the mansion in July, both Crystal and Laurie found themselves among eight mansion residents whose powers had been switched with the abilities of the others in the small group. Crystal was surprised to find herself in control of Amara's powers while Laurie possessed Crystal's abilities. Even after all mutants had their own powers back, Crystal remained at the mansion.

It was at the end of the trip, while on a vacation gone awry, that Crystal began giving serious thought to becoming an X-Man.

Taking Responsibility

In September 2009, following the departure of multiple staff members, X-Men, and students, Crystal took over the science classes Jean had taught. Forge quickly followed Jean and Scott to offer his assistance with the new team; his stay was thought to be a temporary one, and while Crystal remained at the mansion, the two continued to see each other. In October, Crystal decided the timing was right to ask about joining the X-Men and she became one of the newest trainees with the codename "Buttercup".

Xm crystal.png

While Crystal and Forge continued to see each other over the next few months, Forge even joining Crystal at a special Halloween celebration, Forge became, as Crystal put it, "engrossed in his work," and extended his time in California to indefinitely. Realizing that they were now on separate paths for what they wanted from life, the relationship ended the first week of February 2010. As usual, the princess was circumspect about her emotional reaction, although she appreciated Laurie's attempts at comfort.

Following the break-up, Crystal focussed on her own work, that as a teacher and mentor to the students, and as an X-Man trainee. She made room for a social life, however, often going out for dinner or drinks with Warren Worthington and inviting friends to come with her on her occasional trips back to Attilan.

In May 2010, while in with the team in India. Crystal over-extended her powers while working in concert with Storm, Iceman and Hamster to create an electromagnetic charge that stopped the Indian fleet dead in the water. She knocked herself out and remained in a coma in the medlab for almost ten days. A greater shock to her system came with the Haven incident, where four mansion residents had their powers removed by the mutant 'healer' known as Haven. It shook Crystal to the core that someone would be able to strip her of her gifts without her input, especially considering her previous experience with powers swapping and her inability to understand why someone would not want to be a mutant.

In August 2010 she was promoted to full team, accepting her tags from Warren and eventually choosing the codename 'Zephyr'. Two months later, as she was escorting two wayward students back from LA, she was ambushed at LAX. Crystal, Nico Minoru and Doreen Green were taken by Nico's parents, for the purposes of a magical ritual. Locked in specially-warded cages, Crystal's attempts to escape rebounded on Dori, injuring the girl and rendering Crystal helpless, not a feeling she enjoyed. Freed by Julian Keller as part of a rescue team, Crystal took it upon herself to take care of Dori, rather than become involved in the mystical battle that was going on around them.

The first few months were relatively quiet for Crystal, spent teaching the uneducated about the joy of snow, celebrating her 23rd birthday in Attilan and being social with her usual friends, as well as arranging a tentative date with Lex during his own birthday party. She also discussed with Warren the possibility of him 'coming out' as a mutant; given her unique perspective, she believed he had nothing to hide. When Warren did later tell his father about being a mutant, Crystal was one of those he sought out in the ensuing fallout of being 'fired' from his father's company.

In March 2011, Crystal was called in to 'clear the air' following the breakdown of Laurie's air scrubber during a night of passion with her boyfriend. Crystal had been away from the mansion at the time and was unaffected, but she was supportive of her friend, understanding that sometimes accidents did happen.


During a night shift as an EMT, Crystal encountered a mutant prostitute who had been injured at the brothel she worked at, and discovered that she wasn't the only one. Perturbed, Crystal sought out X-Factor for help and, wanting to be able to assist more directly, she obtained an image inducer and took on the persona of 'Riley Chase', a mutant living in the District X area. In her disguise, Crystal assisted in the investigation, exposed to an uglier side of life than she had been raised to. Rather than being turned off, however, the investigation encouraged her desire to get involved more in District X, and she talked to Vanessa about working for the agency over the summer in addition to her X-Man duties, which included retrieving the New Mutants from the Morlock Tunnels.

By a stroke of luck, Crystal was out of the mansion when it was attacked in July; Crystal, Doug Ramsey, Kurt Wagner and David Haller were left to try and rescue the others. While their first attempt failed and resulted in the apparent death of Amelia Voght and the actual death of Sofie Stepford, Crystal and Haller managed to infiltrate the mansion via the underground escape tunnels. Crystal battled a teleporter during the rescue, and then tended to the wounded in the Danger Room, using her medical skills. The incident impacted significantly on the princess, and she withdrew somewhat from active life. Eventually she returned to Attilan, to teach at the school she helped found.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 120 lbs.

Eyes: Blue-green

Hair: Blonde

Other Features: None


Crystal is able to control air on a molecular level and can solidify it in order to create a shield by means of an air wall. Her primary uses of power deal with air as a whole, as she is able to create winds up to hurricane-force level. She is able to move faster by air, as she can fly as fast as the winds she creates. Crystal can create atmospheric disturbances of various kinds, including bolts of lightning. She is able to alter air pressure and can mimic the effect of traveling into high altitudes. Crystal is a living air conditioner/heating system and can change the temperature of the air around her; she can also turn water into ice or steam.

Crystal can join together molecules of oxygen and hydrogen in order to form rain. She can create fire by controlling oxygen molecules and can stop existing fires or those of her own design by removing the oxygen from around the flames. Crystal is able to control the movement of water and divine water from the ground.

Crystal can also use her powers to provide or deny air to living bodies.



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Crystal doesn’t like to have layers of clothing between her and the air and tends to wear lightweight, revealing outfits.

Crystal is not a fan of “one size fits all” and almost all of her clothes have been altered for an exact fit.

Crystal prefers to hover in the air rather than remain on the ground and is more likely to be seen floating a few inches off of the ground than she is to be seen walking on the ground.

Crystal grew-up multilingual and is fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. She also has limited knowledge of a few other languages.

Crystal tends to dye her hair when she feels the need to hide her identity; she has done this the few times she has been out with the X-Men.



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Crystal was a PC, played by Cassidy from April 2006 to October 2012. The character was made a modsock by the mod team.

Crystal’s workout outfit is based off of the one worn by Crystal on the cover of Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual 1

Previous PB: Natalie Ramsey

Crystal’s PB was changed during the Sound of Silence plot in order to reflect the changes in the character and so Cassidy could finally use icons with clothes Crystal might actually wear.