Santayana Effect

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The Santayana Effect
Dates run: 24-29 March 2010
Run By: Mon
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Chaos is a name for any order that produces confusion in our minds.

Jason Wyngarde makes a move against Adrienne Frost by means of her powers, dropping her into the history of the Hellfire Club in America with no way out.


Adrienne Frost, Emma Frost

Jason Wyngarde, Astrid Bloom


24-29 March 2010

Plot Summary

Flashback One: New York, 1945. Nico Minoru, Logan, Marie-Ange Colbert, Carmilla Black, Kurt Sefton, Wanda Maximoff, Steven du Clos

Flashback Two: Egypt, 1926. Remy LeBeau, Jean-Paul Beaubier, Warren Worthington.

Flashback Three: France, 1918. Vanessa Carlysle, Angelo Espinosa, Sam Guthrie, Logan.

Flashback Four: Oklahoma, 1890. Logan, Kyle Gibney, Amara Aquilla, Sabretooth.

Flashback Five: England, 1879. Doreen Green, Amanda Sefton.

Flashback Six: North Carolina, 1861. Amanda Sefton, Alexander Lexington, Logan.

Flashback Seven: Boston, 1776. Julian Keller, Bobby Drake, Sam Guthrie.

Flashback Eight: Boston, 1770. Doug Ramsey, Garrison Kane.

Adrienne emails Emma about an run-in with Jason Wyngarde at a Hellfire function. In Boston, Adrienne and Emma discuss Adrienne's recent meeting with Wyngarde, where he revealed knowledge of her powers and asked her for a Reading on behalf of the Black Court; Emma hatches a plan after seeing the meeting for herself in Adrienne's memories.

Adrienne, with a telepathic link to Emma in her mind, meets with Jason Wyngarde and Black Court telepathic consultant, Astrid Bloom, to read the Hellfire Club seal; Astrid Bloom traps Adrienne within the seal's memories and Emma tries to shock her out of the trap by pasting faces familiar to Adrienne over faces of characters interacting with the seal throughout history. She sees Logan taking Nico's grandmother back to Hong Kong after the Second World War; Cammie and Kurt are German spies planting a bomb at a theatre during V-E Day celebrations in 1945, thwarted by Marie-Ange and Wanda as Logan and Nico look on; Remy, Jean-Paul, and Warren are three brothers scheming and murdering each other over the seal in 1920s Egypt; Vanessa is a wounded soldier tended to by Nurse Angelo and killed by mentally unbalanced pilot Sam Guthrie; Sheriff Logan, Deputy Kyle, and saloon-owner Amara defeat evil killer Victor Creed in the Wild West; Doreen Green makes a transatlantic crossing from England to America to marry a man her mother, Amanda, has arranged for her; Lex is a Confederate soldier killed by the Union as he tries to get his young ward, Amanda to the docks to flee to England and keep the seal safe; Bobby Drake and Sam Guthrie as American rebel forces scare off Redcoat Julian Keller during the American Revolution; Doug picks up the newly forged seal and brings it to his boss, Elias Bogan, founder of the American Hellfire Club, wearing Garrison's face which breaks the trap Adrienne is caught in.

Adrienne and Emma set a trap of their own for Astrid Bloom and Wyngarde by feeding them false images about the seal and Emma thwarts Astrid's attack on Adrienne, saving the day.

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The name of the plot is based on George Santayana's famous quote: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


Plotrunner: Mon