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New students Victor Borkowski and Klara Prast arrived, while Lillian Crawley-Jeffries trurned to Canada to care for her husband, injured when a test mission for the new Alpha Flight team went distastrously wrong, injuring Eugene Judd and Madison Jeffries and killing the remaining five members. Garrison Kane, Marie D'Ancato and Logan also returned to Canada for the funerals and to investigate the incident. They discovered a set of blank Weapon X dogtags and only more questions as Malcolm Colcord shut the Alpha Flight program down and fired Walter Langkowski for the security breach which apparently led to the massacre.

Jake Gavin and Jean-Paul Beaubier's relationship seemed to be resuming slowly in the wake of Jean-Paul's mental torture, until in the wake of a harrowing experience in England, Jake and Wanda Maximoff slept together. Driven by an uncharacteristic bout of conscience (or a completely normal attempt to sabotage himself), Jake confessed his infidelity to Jean-Paul, who promptly ended the relationship for good. Carmilla Black also took things badly, turning up at the brownstone in the middle of the night and breaking Jake's nose. This proved almost the last straw for Charles Xavier, who put Cammie in anger management counselling and warned her any more acts of violence outside of self-defence or training would not be tolerated.

Things were a little less turbulent for the New Mutants, but only barely. A routine field trip turned into a literal trip as a controlled forest burn engulfed a local group of hippies' superdope crop and got the kids stoned. Shortly after that they headed to Malibu at the Kellers' invitation, or so they thought. Finding themselves abandoned by their 'hosts', the students managed to secure permission to continue their vacation and had themselves an unforgettable experience, both good and bad. Doreen Green stood up to her high school bullies, but had to testify in a custody hearing that saw her father awarded custody of her younger brother. Yvette Petrovic was reunited with invulnerable Red X crush Cameron Beckwith, but discovered he had a girlfriend he hadn't mentioned and Julian Keller was targeted by his old gang buddy Simon, resulting in the beach house being trashed and the students relocating to the West Coast Annex. Julian also "lost" Angelica Jones, seeing her with Nicholas Gleason and jumping to conclusions, something Inez Temple was quick to turn to her own advantage. Nick, in the meantime, found Catseye was slowly adjusting to the idea of attraction.

Manuel's powers revealed that Adrienne Frost had feelings for her baseball buddy, Garrison. Jean-Paul and Jeanne-Marie rediscovered an old facet of their powers, long thought lost, had returned and Danielle Moonstar was horrified to discover she had been giving her roommate Jay Guthrie nightmares with her powers in her sleep, resulting in Jay moving out. Leyu Yoshida manifested powers identical to her brother's, causing Shiro to stress about her life being as potentially messed up as his had been. The end of his relationship with Jay also caused stress and Shiro took to meditating far more frequently, experiencing odd visions.

Jay also caused a stir with his first trainee post, causing Scott Summers to regret the decision to allow him to train. In the wake of the final Taygetos battle, Nathan Dayspring retired from active duty and Tara Trask died of the mental injuries caused by Jean Grey. X-Force's mission to retrieve the carbonadium synthesizer was unexpectedly successful due to a last-minute parcel swap by Jubilation Lee, but let them a man short as Remy LeBeau failed to return. Already stressed by Pete's absence, Amanda Sefton demonstrated a new angle to her own powers when she began abruptly teleporting to various cities without warning or control.


Aug 1 - Operation: Dead Letter Office: Jubilee breaks in to North's place and presents him with the synthesizer from Russovich. After returning from Geneva, Jake goes to visit Jean-Paul, Jean-Paul bakes him a cake and after Jake discusses the mission, Jean-Paul invites him to stay and in the morning they make a small bit of progress in rekindling their relationship. Shiro apologizes to Jay for his actions in the Danger Room and agrees to stay with him when Jay requests it.

Aug 2 - Jake and Jean-Paul are interrupted in conversation about their relationship by Jeanne-Marie, and though things are awkward, no one gets stabbed. Jay and Forge reminisce about old times (like Kyle's temper) and discuss Jay beginning to train with the X-Men. Adrienne and Lil watch a ball game at Harry's and Adrienne pesters her about her letting Garrison get injured. Jean-Paul goes to see Nathan to talk about Jeanne-Marie walking in on him and Jake; Nathan tells Jean-Paul he and Moira have been discussing his retirement; Domino visits Nathan. Lil and Jean-Paul discuss their problems with men over dinner.

Aug 3 - Jay approches Scott about joining the X-Men and Scott, less than enthusiastic, advises him to be sure it is what's right for him due to his control issues, and agrees to let him join as a trainee. Manuel has tea with Callie (and Valentia) and asks Callie to keep Cammie away from his sister so that she will not influence the child; Callie admits to liking Fred and Manuel expresses disapproval of her choice. Jeanne-Marie visits Nathan but finds he is not sounding well, the cause being air between his lung and the wall of his chest; Nathan telepathically asks Jeanne-Marie not to tell Jean-Paul and Jeanne-Marie stays with him while Amelia works. Shiro is not thrilled to hear about Jay joining the X-Men, questioning his motives as Scott did. Home and Native Land: Garrison gets an email from Heather Hudson of Alpha Flight informing him that members of the old team, Eugene Judd and Madison Jeffries, have been hurt; Lil receives a phone call from Hudson telling her that her husband has been injured, Judd is in a coma, and the others of the team killed and Garrison offers to let her come up to Canada with himself, Marie, and Logan for the funerals but she decides to find her own way to Ottawa. Lil texts Jean-Paul to tell him what has happened and that she is leaving for Canada. Mnemovore: Professor Xavier takes the last of the false memories out of Jean-Paul's brain and they discuss his removing of the blocks keeping some memories out- Jean-Paul would like them back before classes begin again in the fall so he can face himself but the Professor reasons with him to wait a while longer.

Aug 4 - Home and Native Land: Having caught an earlier flight back to Canada, Lil sits with Madison, finding him comatose; Garrison posts to x_team letting people know what happened and that several of the Alpha Flight alumni will be going to the hospital; Logan and Lil both cope - or not - with the situation in their own ways; Amara texts Lil to check on her. Sarah emails Catseye, asking if she is back yet from her birthday weekend with her brother; Catseye posts about her birthday. Jean-Paul visits Johnny to inform him of Lil's absense and, inadvertently, her husband. Jeanne-Marie intercepts Jake on his way to Jean-Paul's and the two get into a confrontation over Jake's intentions and Jeanne-Marie's past actions while she was ill but after only one slap they come to an understanding with each other.

Aug 5 - Manuel and Jake run into each other and verbally spar before Manuel offers to help Jake with his emotional overload and sets up a meeting in Jean-Paul's suite; Jake and Jean-Paul discuss Manuel and Cammie while waiting for Manuel and when the empath arrives he uses his powers to ease Jake's emotions and allow him to sleep. Home and Native Land: Lil calls Jean-Paul to let him know she and Madison are alright and they discuss Johnny and the losses to Alpha Flight. Manuel inquires as to Cammie's emotions but is evaded, though he wasn't really seeking an answer. Amanda posts to x_snowvalley to find out if anyone's heard from Remy. Jay posts to the team comm announcing that he has joined and trainee names are offered. Jake and Jean-Paul discuss their relationship when Jake claims he is not worthy of Jean-Paul. Jean questions Scott's decision to let Jay join the X-Men in an email.

Aug 6 - Catseye brings ice cream to Nathan in the infirmary and the two discuss French lessons, as well as her joining the X-Men while Nathan contemplates his retirement from same. Catseye emails Kevin asking him for help with Yvette's birthday present. Kyle emails Dani to ask her to smack Jay, who is being belligerent in his own post about joining the X-Men. Dani posts about her resolve to finish college. Catseye seeks out books from Sam and discovers his attack on Kyle, which prompts a great deal of disapproval. Garrison sends a very poignant email to Jay, alluding to the funeral he is attending for his deceased teammates to make Jay understand what being part of a team means. Marius posts to the x_grads community about the maturity of the X-Men and Jay in particular, which yields quite a response from the graduates. Jay apologizes to the team for being an asshole and agrees to accept any trainee name he is given, though the apology has mixed results. Malibu Madness: Julian's father visits and informs his son that should he be able to go three weeks without exceeding a spending limit of $500, he will be given leave to visit - with his friends - the family's summer home in Malibu for a week; Julian posts to x_kids inviting his classmates to the house in Malibu, confident he can win his father's challenge. Jay emails Kyle telling him he is not apologizing for what he said to Kyle on the x-team comm. Nathan announces his retirement from active duty on the x-team comm, informing the team he will be staying on as a reserve member and taking an active role in the training of new members. The Beaubier twins discuss Alpha Flight and Jake. Jay goes to the medlab for a checkup and encounters Nathan, remaining belligerent despite Nathan's patience; Kyle arrives to visit Nathan bearing a pretzel and Jay retreats without further confrontation. Jean-Paul runs into a slightly inebriated Scott at Harry's and discuss the situation in Canada, Nathan's retirement, and Jay's addition to the X-Men. Late at night, an insomniac Lex encounters an overcharged Nori and is very intrigued by her powers. Home and Native Land: The five Alpha members who were killed are buried and Malcolm Colcord reveals not only is Walter Langkowski suspected of accidentally revealing the location of the team in a private email, but the entire Alpha Flight program is being shut down.

Aug 7 - Jay has nightmares and can't sleep and when Dani tires to comfort him, he recoils, things being far too close to a relationship for his comfort. Amara lets people know she's going back to Nova Roma for a visit and invites people to go with her; Amara emails Ororo and Scott to ask for team leave and Manuel to arrange horse riding lessons. Lex comes across Jay unloading topsoil for Ororo and gives him a start and things are tense until Jay calms down. House of Wolves: Wanda lets x_snowvalley know that she's going to London with Jake and two others in response to a call from an old friend. Adrienne and Manuel go shopping for Valentia and Manuel uncovers Adrienne's true feelings for Garrison. Jay leaves a birthday card taped to Forge's door; Crystal emails Forge to remind him of his birthday dinner; Forge and Paige share a typical day in the lab and Paige reminds him about his date also. Cammie and Jean-Paul try their hands at cooking Hamburger Helper Cammie-style. Johnny lets his suitemates know he's moving out to share with a new student; Victor Borkowski and his parents arrive at the school, to be met by Dori and then by Jean-Paul, who gives them the tour; Vic meets his new roomie, Johnny; Vic introduces himself on the journals. Yvette and Laurie both wish Forge a happy birthday. Jay leaves Yvette an early birthday card. Home and Native Land: Garrison, Logan, Lil and Marie investigate the site of the massacre and discover a set of dogtags like those used in Weapon X. Monet visits Nathan and the two discuss the effects of telepathy on people and Nathan's feelings of uselessness which lead Monet to make a promise of sneaking work past Amelia for him. Laurie makes an offer to Jean to use her powers to help Nathan; Nathan questions Laurie's motives in light of a similar situation involving Amanda years previously, and after discussing it with her and Jean, agrees to participate and Laurie and Jean distract him from his pain.

Aug 8 - Jubilee breaks into Forge's lab and takes him out for birthday drinks. Sarah emails Forge to wish him late birthday wishes. Jean-Phillipe leaves a birthday card on Yvette's door; Catseye leaves venison burgers from a deer she caught herself for Forge and Yvette's birthdays (along with other presents); Yvette posts about her birthday and the year she's had. Home and Native Land: Lil tells Garrison she's staying with her husband. Clarice gives Lex some advice on the X-Men. Jennie takes Forge out for a belated birthday celebration and they talk about Jay and the team. Angelo visits Nathan to express his pleasure at Nathan's retirement.

Aug 9 - Home and Native Land: Logan emails North to let him know it's possible Weapon X has been reactivated and North suggests talking to Daniel Lyman; North lets x_snowvalley know he's off on a factfinding trip; in Symkaria, Garrison, Logan and North try to get answers from Lyman, but are ambushed and barely escape; Lil emails various people about her non-return and posts to the journals about the same; Garrison lets Lil and Marie know the results of the trip to Symkaria. Jay and Catseye meet up in the woods and in an effort to distract conversation away from the X-Men, Jay finds himself talking about Catseye's lovelife and gets more questions than he was bargaining on. Johnny asks if he can stay with Jean-Paul in the wake of Lil's email. Tabitha finds Callie weighing up her options regarding the New Mutants and has an idea. Callie rescues a lost Vic and they discover a common love of foreign films. Jennie visits Nathan and they talk about the future and the possibility of Jennie one day leading the X-Men. Dori posts about posting pictures of herself (with the tail included) on one of her web forums, comic movies and wishing Yvette a happy birthday. Shiro and Jay have an extremely awkward date until they decide to go out flying instead. Jake reports that Wanda's contact was a bust but that everyone is sick and they will be staying in London a few days. Vic gets Johnny's note and goes to Jean-Paul's suite to check on him.

Aug 10 - Atomic Angel: Jay and Shiro break up. Cammie and Amara discuss practice tests for the GED and Cammie gets invited home with Amara to Nova Roma. After finding Victor dangling from the ceiling, Johnny and his roommate talk about Johnny's night at Jean-Paul's.

Aug 11 - Tabitha bombs Sam at the docks to launch a discussion about his recent behaviour. After a disappointing session in the Danger Room, Lex gets assigned paperwork from Scott to document his weaknesses for self-evaluation. Having difficulty making chocolate-covered-bugs, Catseye gets some help from Sarah who is gearing up for another round with the toaster. Adrienne tries to tease Nathan about Lense's death and finds herself trying to comfort him when she learns of their personal history. Scott posts a poll asking which of several amusing instruction manuals he should write. Cammie looks for Jay to show him some old records and the two discuss music and names. Nathan flees the infirmary for Jean-Paul's suite and lets him know that Lense and Carly had no families, which prompts a discussion on loss and leads to Nathan passing out over some Bob Dylan.

Aug 12 - Tabitha talks to Inez about the New Mutants. Julian and Doreen hone Julian's telekinesis at the quarry and discuss their impending return home. Nathan posts about being released from the infirmary. Atomic Angel: Shiro's sister Leyu manifests in front of Nick and Shiro; Shiro posts to inform the other residents of his sister's manifestation. Cammie and Tabitha plot to post a personal ad for Tabitha on Craigslist. Johnny posts to tell the mansion of the new caution sign on the door to his and Victor's room.

Aug 13 - Jean-Paul posts reading lists for his upcoming classes. Lex runs in to a drunken Adrienne at Harry's and she offers him meditation lessons in light of his admittance to having trouble with his X-Men training.

Aug 14 - Sarah and Adrienne announce departures from the mansion for a couple of weeks. House of Wolves: Wanda gets a call from a Cambridge hospital, where both Agatha Harkness and Wanda's cousin, working for her, are undergoing surgery after a violent attack at the museum Agatha manages; Wanda lets the rest of X-Force know she, Jake, Mark and Illyana will be going to Cambridge.

Aug 15 - Laurie is beaten up by the Danger Room in her first training back. House of Wolves: Agatha proves not very cooperative when asked for details of the attack and the potential targets, but Wanda's cousin Hanzi is more forthcoming, explaining a giant wolf made of shadows, a Rom story he had been telling, attacked them; Mark finds Wanda paying her respects to Agatha's deceased husband and they talk over their next move, asking Wanda's old lover for information. Rose Red: Klara Prast, a young Amish mutant who has run away from her family, discovers she is being used to help grow illegal drugs; when she refuses to continue, the drug dealer threatens to kill her; afraid, Klara's powers grow a maze of thick rosebushes in which she hides and reflects on how she came to this predicament; managing to escape, Klara goes to a police station, where they contact the brother who had left their farm years ago and he takes her home and explains mutants and tells her of a school that has contacted him. Doom cloud meets doom cloud when Nick runs into Kevin in the kitchen and a surprising bout of honesty has the two sharing their histories. Kurt meets Vic whilst climbing one of the outer walls. Nathan teaches Jean-Paul Askani and tells him about being asked to become the public face of Elpis.

Aug 16 - House of Wolves: Wanda convinces Dr. Victor Shade, her old lover, to let her and the others investigate the museum where the attacks took place. Julian gets a new training exercise from Nathan and finds out more about how the older telekinetic was injured. Rose Red: Charles announces Klara's imminent arrival (the next day) at the school and her circumstances. Jean-Paul takes Vic for a cooking lesson and learns his disappointment that there is no actual drama club at the school. In Nova Roma, Amara drags Cammie out to be social.

Aug 17 - Jeanne-Marie meets Cyndi by the lake and things get extremely awkward between the two DID patients; later, Jim emails Jeanne-Marie to apologise for his alter. Johnny announces he and Vic are both sick. Jean-Paul posts The Love Eaters, an unusual comic, while considering the pros and cons of teaching graphic novels in his Lit class. House of Wolves: Exploring the museum at night, Wanda and Illyana discover Agatha has been hiding a large number of magical artifacts in the museum; Mark and Jake examine the security tapes, but catch sight of something heading Wanda and Illyana's way; Ian McNee, fleeing for his life, runs into Wanda; after battling the shadow wolf and barely surviving, the group sees it turn into their various worse fears before becoming a young man marked with the same symbol seen in the sewers and in Africa; comforting each other later, Wanda and Jake wind up having sex. Jean-Phillipe asks for those taking the French class to see him for placement tests.

Aug 18 - Jubilee and Jean-Phillipe wish Marie-Ange a happy birthday. House of Wolves: The day after, Wanda and Jake don't talk about what happened, instead trying it again; Wanda makes her report; Wanda emails Nathan from Muir Island, where the group have gone for medical care. Reefer Madness: The New Mutants (including new student, Klara) arrive at the Adirondack Park Preserve and remeet Archie Wilson, the superintendent some of them had met during the first New Mutants trip, in order to observe a controlled burn in the park; an unexpected wind change results in the students having to evacuate, rescuing three hippies from their burning superdope crop in the process; faced with unpleasant consequences from their buyer without crop or refund, the hippies enlist the stoned New Mutants to help; Yvette, Angel, Catseye, Nick, Klara and Dori delay the collectors; Nori, Inez, Julian, Fred and Meggan go to Atlantic City with the Decoy to raise the money needed with a Flying Wedge. In Nova Roma, Marius and Cammie compare drinks and mutations before being asked to help remove deadly posionous snakes from a house; the celebration begins; a tipsy Amara tells Lex about her manifestation. A snuffly Vic meets Nathan down by the dock.

Aug 19 - Reefer Madness: The Decoy manages to satisfy the collectors with the money raised, while the New Mutants sleep off their high. In the very early hours of the morning, Jake visits Jean-Paul and confesses his 'infidelity' with Wanda and Jean-Paul reacts badly, ending the relationship. Callisto runs into Garrison working on his car in an effort to work through his grief.

Aug 20 - Dori gives Vic the rest of the tour of the mansion and he challenges her to a basketball game. Nathan calms a furious Jeanne-Marie.

Aug 21 - Fred gives Yvette a belated birthday gift.

Aug 22 - Amanda posts about her return from Nova Roma and her curiosity about the origins of the city's inhabitants. Manuel announces he has been asked to teach by Charles (Spanish, fencing and dance); Manuel posts to x_staff. Jay scares the life out of Nathan with a less-than-graceful landing on the dock. Cammie drops by to see Jean-Paul after returning from Nova Roma and finds out about what happened with Jake and is less than impressed; Cammie visits Manuel, nearly winds up babysitting and convinces him to stay home from a Hellfire Club meeting instead; Cammie goes to the brownstone in the wee small hours and lets herself into Jake's apartment with his key before breaking his nose; upset by the strength of her anger at Jake, Cammie returns to the mansion and winds up on Manuel's couch for comfort.

Aug 23 - Manuel emails Kyle to apologise for the disturbance the night before; Cammie talks to Kurt about what happened; Cammie drags Jake to apologise to Jean-Paul, who isn't impressed; Jake runs into Nathan and gets an odd bout of therapy about the whole incident; Illyana posts a 'picture' of Wanda and Jake and the whole mess comes to light. Concerned about his not-sleeping, Jay is sent to talk to Charles by Amelia and certain suspicions come to the fore; Dani has her own talk with Charles and it comes to light she's been using her powers on Jay whilst sleeping and it's agreed the two should stop sharing a room. Tabitha leaves Manuel a gift for his new position as staff and tries to bury the hatchet. Jane asks about hamsters as pets and sets the toaster oven on fire. Malibu Madness: Julian lets his classmates know when they're leaving.

Aug 24 - Jubilee emails Illyana about her post; Illyana emails Cammie to ask about her beef with Jake; Jubilee emails Haller, concerned about Cammie's behaviour and attitude; Sofia ends the conflict with a smackdown; Angelo emails Cammie to tell her not to hit Jake again; Illyana smacks Jake in the face with a piece of cake as her unique way of demonstrating forgiveness. Johnny emails Jean-Paul to let him know he's heading to Malibu. Jay moves out and he and Dani try to keep things normal as he packs. Manuel teaches Amara to ride and explains why he goaded her into losing her temper. Malibu Madness: The group is delayed by an over-zealous security officer at the airport; the group arrives and is impressed by the house; Julian discovers a note from his parents, who have left. Scott announces Tara Trask has died. Nathan and Jean-Paul discuss Trask's death, with Jean-Paul advising Nathan not to mourn her passing. Atomic Angel: Clarice calms Shiro down after he experiences a rather vivid nightmare whilst meditating.

Aug 25 - Victor posts about the pros and cons of being in Malibu. Jean-Paul emails Scott and Jeanne-Marie asking them to talk him out of flying to Malibu to chaperone the students. Malibu Madness: Doreen visits her mom and brother before the court case and is disheartened by her brother's attitude; her mother's lawyer preps Doreen for the court case which makes her realize her father's true feelings about her; Nick and Catseye meet in Julian's boathouse and they have a productive discussion about alleviating the awkwardness between them which culminates in Catseye admitting to being attracted to Nick; Doreen is put through some uncomfortable questions at her mental fitness hearing; after the hearing she runs into Catseye and discusses her feelings about her dad; Doreen accepts a challenge from some old bullying enemies to a beach volleyball match; the New Mutants face off against the bullies on the beach and have a come-from-behind victory; Victor, Meggan, and Catseye catch some lobsters for dinner while on a snorkelling tour; Johnny comforts Dori about her father when he follows her to her old family beach house. Doug posts a response to learning about a Cockney ATM Machine.

Aug 26 - Malibu Madness: Doreen faces more uncomfortable questions on the stand in her parents' divorce case; Angel helps Nick out with some post-running injuries and he brings up the subject of Catseye; Julian sees Nick and Angel together and assumes he has lost Angel, prompting him to discuss his feelings for Angel with Inez and for Inez to advise him to move on; Doreen posts to the x_kids comm to ask for peer support when the verdict comes in her parents' hearing; Yvette meets Cam for a very pleasant dinner, although he fails to tell Yvette about his girlfriend, but the two agree to see each other the next day; Bishop emails Jennie to see if she would like to accompany him to Doreen's court case. Jeanne-Marie texts her twin to inform him she's bringing food over. Jeanne-Marie steals Jean-Paul's glasses and engages him in a game of keep-away and when he grabs her arm there is a brilliant flash which brings Nathan out of the boathouse to question them and advise them to visit the medlab. Jean-Paul posts to the mansion apologizing for the light show and informing the population that he and his sister have rediscovered a shared power that had been dormant for twenty years.

Aug 27 - Jean-Paul visits Nathan in the wee hours telling him of a necessity to get away from the mansion and drive somewhere and asking if Nathan will accompany him. Cammie has a meeting with Professor Xavier in the wake of her most recent behaviour and offers her one last chance at cleaning up her attitude, recommending anger management classes. Malibu Madness: The verdict is read in Doreen's family's court case and her father is awarded custody of her brother, an outcome which shocks Doreen, her mother, grandfather, and Doreen's supportive friends; Yvette meets Cam's girlfriend, prompting her to seek comfort for her broken heart with Angel and some ice cream as they discuss boys, Yvette's perpetual little-sister image, and her longing to have a boyfriend; their talk is interrupted however by a story on the television news about the release from jail of drug lord Gordon McPhearson and the arrival of Cam, which leads to an attempt at an apology and some bitter words from Yvette, along with a request for some space before Cam continues to write her; Catseye gives Julian a laking (in the ocean) for trying to break into his dad's liquor cabinet; Catseye and Fred grill Julian about his emo behaviour as Fred grills burgers. Jean-Paul emails Jeanne-Marie to apologize for leaving. Tabitha emails the New Mutants asking what they expect in a leader and letting them know she intends to apply for the position.

Aug 28 - Malibu Madness: The students relax on the beach in the wake of the various personal dramas that have been going on; Julian and Fred prompt Yvette to discuss her boy problems when the three go to make lunch up at the house and Yvette warns them that an attack is taking place at the house; Angel hears someone breaking in and warns Doreen's mom to stay on the beach; the beach house is damaged when his old friend Simon and some of McPhearson's other cronies break in and fight with the New Mutants in an attempt to carry out McPhearson's order to kill Julian; after the attack Julian attempts to go after McPhearson's men but Angel and Yvette intervene; Julian is released to the West Coast Annex after being questioned by the police and his friends are waiting for him to offer their support when Julian tells them of his past with Simon and his confusion about why his old friend is attacking him now; Angel posts to the x_team comm to let the team know of the attack on the beach house; Doreen and her grandfather talk after Doreen and her mother move their things to his farm and he reveals that he has a rabbit mutation; Doreen and Julian discuss Julian's past in the Lords of Justice and Doreen's family troubles. Jean-Paul and Nathan go fishing and discuss the events of the summer.

Aug 29 - Victor posts a picture of a sand lizard the students made. Amanda and Wanda meet at Finnegans for drinks and Amanda sinks through the floor and ends up in Madrid. Malibu Madness: Julian does more damage to his already-damaged house and Fred talks him out of further destruction; the students leave Malibu. Jubilee announces movie night at her place. Yvette posts about her return home. Cammie and Tabitha meet at the public library and Tabitha decides at the last moment not to post her ad on Craigs List, but in a fit of frustration hits the keyboard and posts it accidently.

Aug 30 - Emma posts to the Snow Valley comm commenting on the events that have been going on at the brownstone lately and offering some advice and subtle threats to her staff. Sarah announces her return on the journals. Atomic Angel: Nick emails Jay asking to meet to discuss Shiro's strange behaviour since his sister's manifestation. Julian emails Jay and Kyle to tell them that Catseye and Nick are an 'item' and that he has seen Nick getting close to Angel. Jay emails Forge asking him for a meeting to talk about Catseye, Nick, and Angel. The two meet after a long period of avoidance and agree to question Nick about his intentions towards Catseye. Jay and Forge confront Nick about his intentions towards Catseye and though Nick makes the situation incredibly awkward by comparing her to his sister, Forge and Jay recognize he is not trying to take advantage of her and agree to help him figure her out should he need it. Jeanne-Marie gets some company from Kurt when she goes to pray on the roof and the two discuss siblings and forgiveness. Nick is reflecting on his encounter with Forge and Jay when he meets Kyle on the stairs and goes through the whole situation of being threatened about hurting Catseye one more time. Nathan and Jean-Paul discuss Jean-Paul's feelings over the return of his sister to his life and Nathan suggests moving forward rather than dwelling on the past, which leads to a discussion of ghost stories. Adrienne posts announcing her return from Boston.

Aug 31 - Emma emails Jake to advise him not to put his colleagues in danger again. Doreen and Victor discuss Dori's interest in writing and commiserate over being obvious mutants. Amanda goes through the floor while Morgan is helping her carry books out of the Snow Valley library and ends up in Bangkok; Wanda fills Morgan in on Amanda's recent tendency at disappearing. Amanda posts to the Snow Valley comm informing her colleagues that her powers have been causing her to teleport to random cities but that it is nothing to worry about. Victor and Jean-Paul talk about the discrimination Victor encountered being detained at the airport to Malibu; Jake finds Jean-Paul while delivering an apology note to his apartment; Jean-Paul apologizes for his reaction during their break-up which led to Cammie's actions against Jake and they agree to try and be friends. Amara and Tabitha get drunk and visit the kitchen searching for ice-cream and discuss laking Manuel before Lex arrives and tries out his social skills.



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Operation: Dead Letter Office

Home and Native Land

Malibu Madness

Atomic Angel

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