Butterflies and Hurricanes

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Butterflies and Hurricanes
Dates run: June 26, 2010 - August 15, 2010
Run By: Nichole
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He understood that trusting people to do the right thing could lead to people doing very, very bad things - the road to hell was paved with good intentions, that's what his mom'd always said. Before she died. He should've listened to her. He should have listened to anyone but Haven. He'd just wanted to help, though.

If you could live a normal life could you take that opportunity even if it meant you doomed another?


Carmilla Black, Jared Corbo, Kevin Ford, Yvette Petrovic, Vanessa Carlysle, Jean-Paul Beaubier, Crystal Amaquelin, Tabitha Smith and Bobby Drake

Medical support: Henry McCoy, Dr Jean Grey-Summers

Haven, Derek Barnes


June 26, 2010 to August 15, 2010

Plot Summary

While at a street fair in District X Kevin and Cammie ran into Yvette and Jared. Jared didn't get along with Kevin and Cammie so well and while the two are busy giving him the cold shoulder Yvette found something better to do: talk to a woman at a nearby booth. The woman, a holistic doctor named Haven, claimed to be able to rid Yvette of her mutation in the course of their conversation. Yvette, being the thoughtful person she is, mentioned her nearby friends. Cammie, ever the cynic, tried to convince Yvette the woman was full of it but Yvette agreed that having their mutations taken would be something she'd like. Not all optimism, however, Yvette left the booth with the belief that nothing would come of the seemingly impossible offer.

The next morning, however, the four of them all woke up without their mutations. Yvette and Cammie, having physical manifestations of their mutations, were the first to notice with Jared and Kevin not realizing it later on. Inevitably all four were kept overnight in the medlab for testing and observation. The next day Dr. McCoy released them from the medlab with a full bill of health and interesting medical results. None of them had an x-gene anymore. It was as if they were born as normal humans and not as mutants at all.

About a month later Vanessa Carlysle and Bishop began looking into reports of missing people in District X. The cases were the first for X-Factor Investigations and their research all pointed back toward Haven and her holistic clinic after Jean-Paul and the others tracked down the missing people. All of the missing people were accounted for but one and all of those were baseline human, even the ones with extreme physical mutations.

Vanessa took her findings to Xavier who suggested Tabitha might be of some use. After she explained everything to Tabitha the librarian recruited Bobby Drake and the two headed off to speak with Haven as well. In the basement of the clinic, however, Bobby found the unaccounted for missing person. Derek Barnes was stranded in the basement and showing signs of the mutations of all of X-Factor's missing people along with the mansion's Untouchables.

Haven found herself handed over to SHIELD for both what she could do and what she did to Derek while the teenager was brought to mansion to be looked at by the doctors. For the first time in months Derek was able to go outside, but it was down in the medlab where it was discovered by accident that physical contact would reverse what Haven had done. Jared wasn't pleased at all when he got his mutation back and neither was Derek, who was now a danger to anything he came into contact with.

Kevin, Cammie and Yvette all chose to risk becoming victims of their own mutations along with the others Derek had in order to take back their mutations and relieve him of the added burden. Derek, however, didn't agree with their plan since touching him meant hurting them and they were all happier without their mutations anyway. Despite his objections the remaining three Untouchables took back their mutations.

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  • Unbeknownst to any of the four Untouchables, Derek, Haven or the doctors at the mansion the transfer of mutations from their original holder to Derek and back again altered each of the mutations somewhat. Some of the alterations are small but some of them present very big changes to the workings of the mutations.
  • Derek was eventually sent to Muir Island in hopes that Moira and her team could find a way to extract the foreign mutations from him without having the original holders of those mutations take them back willingly as the people at the mansion had.


Plotrunner: Nichole

Haven was socked by Aura.

Derek was socked by Cai.