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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Carmilla Black
Portrayed by Olivia Thirlby
Codename: Scorpion
Affiliations: X-Force
Birthdate: October 27th, 1989
Journal: Bio-Hazard Girl
Player: Available for applications

"Cammie is full of poison and lies. And poison... but mostly lies." -- Jake Gavin

Former Homecoming Queen, Cammie's mutation resulted in her losing everything. She found a place with X-Force and slowly settled into life as a spy. She is currently on Genosha, providing information on the ongoing situation there.


Character Journal: Bio-Hazard Girl

Real Name: Birth name: Thanasee Rappaccini; Adopted Name: Carmilla Maxine Black

Codename: Scorpion

Aliases: Cammie

First Appearance: Jan 16, 2009

Date of Birth: October 27th, 1989

Place of Birth: Old Town, Madripoor

Citizenship: American by Adoption

Relatives: Monica Rappaccini (Birth Mother), Birth father unknown, Tim & Julia Black (Adopted parents)

Education: GED, some college courses

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Snow Valley receptionist and front desk layabout

Team Affiliation: X-Force



Born to Monica Rappaccini in Madripoor, Carmilla's mother used her as a base for her own experiments. When her employer ordered the project 'scrapped', Monica used his resources to make the 'baby' vanish via Madripoor's loosely regulated adoption system. She called on her friend from college, Julia and her husband Tim to take in the child. All the Black's knew about the child they were adopting was her mother was in a situation where raising a child was nigh impossible and that Cammie was going to be a mutant. Her adoption papers list both her birth and adopted name, but Carmilla has only ever known herself by the name her adopted parents gave her, Carmilla Maxine Black. To her friends she was always Cammie. She had a comfortable childhood, her father working as a doctor in the town clinic and her mother staying at home, despite holding a degree of her own.

Cammie grew up knowing she was adopted though she doesn't know any details of her birth family, the Blacks not disclosing this information at Monica's request. Instead she focused on her life, making friends out of most of the small town where she grew up. In a town where everyone knew everyone else, Cammie could claim friendship with almost the entire town and she was happy and popular. Growing up, she became closer and closer to her childhood sweetheart, Greg.

Worst. Homecoming. Ever.

When she was fourteen, Cammie started noticing odd things, like she suddenly lost of her sense of taste, her hair also tinged a dark green and medication of any kind stopped working on her. She ignored these early signs and went on with life as normal. Her biggest setback was not making the cheerleading squad. She also started dating her childhood sweetheart. In a town with a population smaller than most urban High Schools, it didn't take long for everyone to start making predictions on exactly when the young couple would get married.

Given both Cammie and Greg wanted out of Grand Falls and Vermont someday they laughed it off and let it slide. Things stayed the same until the Homecoming dance Cammie's Sophomore year. What happened there is the subject of an Urban Legend that's made the rounds through most of the North Eastern United States. It starts, "I have a friend who's sister's cousin's brother was there in Grand Falls, Vermont the night the Homecoming Queen killed the King..."

Though the urban legend has ballooned and expanded into something worthy of a teenage horror movie in the last four years, the truth of it is actually extremely simple, but no less tragic. A few minutes after being 'crowned', the king and queen's first dance started, and not even a minute into that, the deadly facet of Carmilla's mutation manifested, sending a concentrated shot of toxins down her left arm and out her left hand and right into her boyfriend, who stiffened and died instantly, leaving Cammie staring down at a very dark green left hand and her dead boyfriend in horror. She also had to deal with a gym full of screaming teenagers, some of whom tried to flee, others who tried to stop her, none of whom wanted to be next and all who suddenly didn't care they had known her all their life. Even her best friend turned on her in those frantic moments.

On the Streets

With the less than understanding reaction of her friends in the aftermath her accident Cammie packed a small bag and turned tail and started running. Though she was convinced she was still wanted for murder in her home town the truth is even with the witnesses, they couldn't narrow down the cause of death enough for Cammie to be formally charged. Without a cause of death there was no murder case.

In the four years Cammie had been running from her past, she made it as far north as northern Canada and as far south as northern Mexico. She tended to migrate with the seasons, heading south for the winters and venturing farther north in the summer. Her two favorite haunts were Chicago in the summer and Houston in the winter, though she's been all over the country. While on the run she learned and learned quickly how to survive. That meant learning when to stand and fight, and learning when it was best to disappear.

In her first two years on the streets Cammie tried just about every street drug she could come across to try to block out the memories that still burned a hole in her brain. When nothing worked, she turned to picking fights she thought she would lose. Some she did, some she didn't, but she never managed to fulfill the latent death wish, even with her big mouth helping her along. It ended up her sense of self-preservation was stronger. Eventually she eased into her life on the streets and between thieving and con jobs she was able to make a living, though it was far from an easy life and she has the scars to prove it.

Phase 1

Bio-Hazard Girl

In January of 2009, Cammie was staying in Houston. One night, during a rainstorm that had been going on for days, she got in a fight with a few locals. One of them pulled a knife on her and put a hole in her side. The resulting bleeding poisoned the flood waters in the city, killing numerous pigeons, squirrels, rats and small pets. The X-Men came to investigate and given the state she was in, it didn't take all that much to get her to agree.

Due to her injury and the nature of her mutation, Cammie spent the first bit of her stay confined to the medlab unsure if she was going to stay. In the end, she decided to and was put in a suite with Jane. Though the start was rocky, the two girls developed something close to a friendship. Which included Cammie calling Jane crazy on a regular basis.

Cammie started to develop friendships around the mansion, though not very many: Jean-Paul, who at first got her to go out for sushi with the New Mutants, Kurt who had been on the initial mission that brought her back and a few others. After a sparring match with Garrison Kane, Cammie started receiving advanced hand-to-hand training from him and Logan, something she enjoyed and excelled at.

Even though she kept telling herself she planned on leaving, Cammie also ended up with two jobs, working both at Elpis and at Adrienne Frost's store in New York.

It wasn't always an easy transition for her. At one point, Callie Betto found a 'have you seen me' style flier for Cammie that she showed to Jean-Paul which led to the him questioning Cammie. Cammie didn't take the question well and punched Jean-Paul, poisoning him and almost killing him before she was able to get him to the medlab. She almost ran away, only to be talked out of it by Kurt. She also went out regularly, picking fights in bars in much the same way she had while on the street.

Rappaccini's Daughter

After the bumps and settling into life as part of a group for the first time since she ran away, Cammie got a shock when what she thought to be the fingers of her parents were sent to her via courier. The box came with a card and calling it she got instructions to come alone to a warehouse back home in Vermont if she didn't want her parents to lose anymore of their parts.

Panicked, Cammie took the box to Kurt who confirmed it did indeed contain two human fingers. Despite his advice she took off on her own, after knocking him out. Hot wiring Angelo's car, Cammie made her way to Vermont and the warehouse only to see that Jake Gavin, who she had met in passing ((and dubbed Ballless)) already there. After a quick misunderstanding, the two found themselves in a very tight situation together. The fingers were Jake's and the whole thing was a ploy from Cammie's birth mother to draw her out.

After Cammie's mom revealed the nature of the experiment and that she was here to 'pick up' her daughter, Cammie refused to go, thoroughly disgusted by what it was her mother had done and was still trying to do. Just when the situation was about to get violent, Kurt and a few of the X-Men intervened, and 'saved the day.' Though the whole experience left Cammie confused and angry.

Returning to the mansion, Cammie went on a personal leave from both her jobs and tried to sort through the revelation that her Mother had been trying to design a weapon with her. She was able to pull herself together enough to help with the Red X clean up of a train wreck, but still sank more into frustration and depression. It was during this time the combative relationship she had developed with Manuel took a physical turn. The death an old friend from the streets took her to Chicago with a reluctant Adrienne to try and solve the mystery of the murder, with Cammie falling into the hands of a religious group calling themselves the Purifiers and having her leg broken (and Adrienne getting her nose broken in a biker bar, looking for her) before the X-Men came in to rescue her. The leg was slow to heal and kept her close to home for a while, as well as reminding her that she couldn't win every fight.

A Wake Up Call

She slowly pulled herself out of her depression but kept up some of her more dangerous habits from before she came to stay at the mansion. One night, a fight she didn't start ended badly when Cammie took a bottle to the chest. She managed to make it to Jake's apartment, and from there back to the mansion. After she came to, a talk with Kurt revealed that Cammie did pretty much consider him family and from there on out she started to reconsider exactly what she was doing with her life. Though she didn't given up her love of fighting and training, Cammie started studying for her GED exam and considered college. There were still parts of her past that needed to be cleaned up, but she was taking the first baby steps.

All that progress, however, was set back with the departure of Manuel. Angry and hurt at the abandonment, Cammie reacted by lashing out, becoming more reclusive and developing a sharper edge to her tongue than before. Jean-Paul, returning from Muir Island attempted to reach her, but had his own issues to deal with. Kevin remained a source of comfort and she had nightmares, she would slip into his bed for comfort. She continued her training with Logan, her gruff mentor proving to be more important to her than she would let on, and when Red X went to Pakistan to help the survivors of an earthquake, Cammie found herself working closely with the equally taciturn Callisto and then aiding her friend Kevin Ford rescuing the extremely odd Amahl Farouk from a Templar attack. It was just the kind of bizarre situation, solved with violence, that Cammie thrived on, and when Jake suggested she consider X-Force as a career option, she took the suggestion seriously. Remy LeBeau, however, proved a tough nut to crack, not as impressed with the idea as Jake was.

Butterflies and Hurricanes

A trip to a street fair in District X with Kevin would prove to change Cammie's life, as an encounter between Yvette Petrovic and Haven, a holistic healer in the area, resulted in the four Untouchables - Cammie, Kevin, Jared and Yvette - losing their powers, apparently permanently. Cammie was outraged and furious at what she saw as interference with her life, taking it out on Yvette on the journals until Kevin and Kurt stepped in.

The freedom from her powers - and the accompanying ability to taste normally again - was not to be permanent. Upon the discovery that their powers had been 'given' to a young mutant by the name of Derek Barnes, all four of the Untouchables took their powers back, seeing them as their burdens to bear, not someone else's, however willing. A strange side-effect of the incident was that Cammie continued to be able to taste normally, as well as her normal ability to consume toxins with no ill effects.

Life for Cammie resumed as normal - cruising the internet for odd videos and links, arguing with her overly peppy roommate, Laura Kinney and periodically offering her for sale on the journals, and going out to bars. Her birthday found her distracting herself from the event with booze and the chance of a fight, but things got more serious than she anticipated when she was abducted by some goons after the price her mother had set on her head. Remy happened to be nearby and rescued her, revealing he had in fact been using her as bait for such an incident in the hope they could track down Monica Rappaccini and possibly New Son. Cammie was less than impressed.

A Change of Scene

2011 began with another loss, this time of her mentor and fighting instructor, Logan, who left without a word. Cammie was furious and betrayed, taking comfort in her random sexual relationship with an acting-out Doug Ramsey and snapping more than usual at Laura, to the point Kevin called her on it. Newcomer Wade Wilson provided a sparring alternate and going out drinking with Tabitha Smith distracted her from her feeling of isolation, but nothing filled the gap.

In February 2011, she was recruited by X-Force for help in a mission potentially involving toxic chemicals. Having survived what turned out to be a test run for her, Cammie joined the team. Much of her learning was on the job, with another mission in Germany going badly wrong and a narrow escape from the Winter Soldier in Russia. Cammie began to prove her worth, however, and was accepted by her more experienced peers, although they had a tendency to rib her whenever the opportunity arose. During the operation to rescue Remy, Cammie was involved in the ambush in London with Amanda Sefton and Marie-Ange Colbert. Her toxic blood proved to be the perfect chemical weapon, especially against Swarm. Cammie was less-than-impressed they had to shoot her to implement it, however.


The year was a roller coaster from beginning to end. It started in February when a good deal of the X-Force team, Cammie included, were mentally regressed to sixteen years old. Unfortunately that was the quiet part, as Cammie ended up being kidnapped in May with a bunch of other Xavierites and associates by the Genoshan government. Once in Genosha, the group was stripped of their powers and thrown in jail. Cammie was part of the group placed on the mutant train, where they were rescued in transit by the Genoshan resistance, and escaped captivity. Cammie later assisted [The Dawn of Liberation | in taking down the monster Moreau]].

The return home was mostly quiet, and Cammie withdrew for the most part, coming out every now and then to go bar-fight trolling with Tabitha. In October she joined a team in London to stop a magic war and rescue a young magic user, and December brought with it a bad decision on Cammie's part that almost led to the death of half her teammates. She picked up a one-night stand at a bar that turned out to be a hired henchmen of Belladonna's. Cammie brought her "date" home, and he let in the rest of the invading team, nearly killing everyone in the Brownstone. This nearly cost Cammie her job, with Remy laying into her in the aftermath and informing her to take the job more seriously, or she was done.


With the last year behind her, Cammie set down with a new determination to not screw up. In April 2013 she went with a team to rescue Artie who had been caught up in Arcade's casino, and in December she helped recover Illyana's lost bloodstones.

For the most part Cammie continued to lead a quiet life, sometimes leaving her solitude to go out with Tabitha (whether it be to a bar or to an adult toy store), and continuing her X-Force training. In December 2014 she helped rescue Wade who had been kidnapped by someone from his past.

The End of the World

When things went to hell in January 2015, Cammie was enlisted to join Ororo's team to help try and find the cause. The mission was interrupted by alternate universe doppleganger's attacking the team. Unfortunately things just got worse, ending with reality falling apart. Cammie was among the group of survivors rescued by Xorn and placed into the new universe he had stitched together.

Phase 2


Cammie, in an attempt to deal with the new reality, overcompensated just a bit, getting into prank wars with Jubilee at the Snow Valley office, which resulted in a scolding from Marie-Ange - something Cammie wasn't too happy about (and wasn't afraid to hide it). She settled down, however, falling into a sort of pattern for her life. In May 2015 she went with a team to investigate the theft of some Chinese artifacts, and they ended up finding the new world's version of the Mandarin.

In December 2015 she went with an X-Force to investigate a cruise ship they suspected was abusing mutants. While there they discovered that the mutates from Genosha were still being used, and in the aftermath Cammie went with Amanda to Genosha to figure out what was happening there. Cammie ended up staying there in order to help the mutants.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 4

Weight: 127lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Dark Green, long and frizzy

Other Features: Carmilla has both ears pierced from top to bottom as well right eyebrow. She has a a small scar that came from a lip ring that got torn out and she's never replaced it. Carmilla's left arm is unusually colored, starting a pale green up by the shoulder to dark green down at the finger tips. The intensity of the shade of her left arm varies based on how much toxin she's currently storing. Even if she's running low, her fingers will still obviously be green at the tips. She normally keeps her left arm tightly bandaged and wears an old fingerless leather glove over the bandages so only her fingers are visible, and that she'll often hide her left hand from view.

She has a few scars in various places over her. The longest is about three inches and vertical down her right arm, starting at the shoulder. It's visible if she's wearing a shirt without sleeves.


Cammie's mutation covers her entire immune and lymphatic systems and her digestive system on a smaller level. She's immune all foreign substances she's come in contact with. This includes all diseases, environmental hazards, poisons, toxins, medications and on a lesser level radiological hazards. Once she's exposed to a substance she'll never be affected by it again. (And initial affects only last a minute at most.) Her body doesn't rid itself of toxins like normally happens, instead storing them in the lymphatic fluids with immunological material also present in the blood.

She has a mutated lymph node in her left arm that stores toxins pulled from her body and sends them down through her arm to be discharged through the skin of her left hand and fingers. This toxic touch can kill someone instantly, though Cammie has control of it down well enough to control how much toxin she puts out through her hand. The ranges vary from next to nothing to instant death. When fighting, the amount she prefers to discharge is enough to cause extreme pain and vomiting. Her mutation leaves the skin of her left arm discolored from light green up by her shoulder to dark green down at her finger tips. A heavy discharge of toxin is accompanied by a sickly green cloud around her left hand. To prevent an involuntary discharge like the one that killed her first boyfriend, Cammie has to discharge half her total volume at least once a week to keep the toxins at manageable levels. Her blood is pitch black and also highly toxic and is lethal if put over someone's open wounds or swallowed. Both her lymphatic poisons and her blood smell horrible.


Ace bandages.


Because of the way her mutation works, it's easy to mistake Cammie for having an extreme case of Pica.

Her favorite "non-foods" include antifreeze and Styrofoam.

Because of her mutation, Cammie doesn't have a normal sense of taste. She can only taste extremely spicy foods or pick up toxicity by how tart or tangy something is.

Cammie enjoys punk music, her favorites being Green Day, Mindless Self Indulgence, Offspring and Guttermouth.

Cammie's sense of humor is crude.

Her manifestation is the subject of a popular urban legend in the North Eastern States.

She will never admit to once trying out for the Cheerleading squad at her high school. She didn't make the cut.

The song that was playing when she manifested was "Unchained Melody" by Randolph Boots. These days, Cammie can't stand that song and won't hang around to listen to it be played.

Cammie's in-game Twitter handle is @scorpionstings and and first appears in the tweets for an in-game event.

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Player Icon Base: Olivia Thirlby

Meta Trivia

Unlike her 616 incarnation Carmilla is not yet a trained martial artist. Nor does she have any connection with SHIELD or other agencies.

Jo originally put in an application for this character over one year before actually being approved, having to put off revising/rewriting the application due to health issues. She played until September 2017, when she became a Player Emeritus.