Hurricane Isabel

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain the death of a significant character/NPC.


Hurricane Isabel
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Dates run: September 21, 2003
Run By: Alan
Read the logs: Hurricane Isabel

He was dead. Hadn't he felt his heart stop, and his lungs, and wasn't that his corpse?

During disaster relief efforts after a hurricane hits the New York coast, Jamie experiences death, first hand.


Jamie Madrox, Kitty Pryde, Lorna Dane, Alison Blaire, Angelo Espinosa, Paige Guthrie, John Allerdyce, Alex Summers, Sarah Morlocke


September 21, 2003

Plot Summary

When Hurricane Isabel makes landfall on the New York coast, the staff and students of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters turn out en masse to help with the relief effort. Various powers came in handy, and the students and staff pushed themselves as hard as they could in order to do as much good as possible.

Jamie proved invaluable with his ability to be in six different places at once and when a small boy ran off to find his family, he sent a dupe after him. As he saw a wall, weakened by the storm, about to fall on the boy, Jamie shoved him out of the way, only to be crushed beneath the bricks himself.

Back at the shelter, all the Jamies who had been present reacted in unison, screaming and running for the door before reintegrating into one Jamie and running as fast as he could to the scene. He was too late, however, and the dupe died, the psychic shock knocking Jamie unconscious.

Jamie was retrieved and brought back to the mansion, where he appeared to make a rapid recovery to his normal self. The incident however had a deeper impact than suspected, Jamie unable to sleep and becoming uncharacteristically snappish and irritable. He was also unable to use his power for some time due to the shock.

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Alison found herself acting more in her new counsellor role than expected as she helped Jamie deal with the trauma.


Plotrunner: Alan

Like most other 2003 plots, Hurricane Isabel was conducted as much in other journals as logs, and so has been collected as memories.