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Moira MacTaggart arrived at the school due to issues with the British government and her mutant reseach facility. Tabitha 'Meltdown' Smith also arrived, unexpectedly turning up at the front gate. Alison Blaire returned from Mexico to a new job as student counsellor and Sam Guthrie returned from time away spent learning to fly the jet. Nathaniel Essex told Betsy Braddock of his intention to leave the school after her surgery and rehabilitation and Bobby Drake made another visit home in an attempt to reconcile with his family which was slightly more successful. Both Marie D'Ancato and Bobby asked for permission to move into the private suites allocated to grad students and teachers. Pete Wisdom returned to England to investigate Moira's problems and made himself such a nuisance he was eventually fired.

Marie had an extended stay in medlab, recovering from the injuries incurred in John Allerdyce's retrieval and told Moira the whole story - she was found by the military and experimented on before escaping. The powers gained from Stanley - flight, invulnerability and super-strength - proved permanent and took considerable time to get used to. Marie-Ange Colbert started having very vivid, strange dreams. Rahne Sinclair started to learn to take on a transitional shape. Doug Ramsey discovered his mutant ability was to understand and speak any language and was freaked out by it. Sam began training in powers-aided flight with Haroun al-Rashid. After a discussion on the journals, Marie-Ange proposed a mutant powers study group for those powers not covered by the official training classes of Flight, Energy Projection and Psionics.

Alison gave her first public performance since her career was ended by her outing herself as a mutant, marked by the first appearance of the school band. Kitty Pryde's parents visited for a weekend and finally met Jamie Madrox. Moira took a group of students and teachers to Muir Island Research Facility, which raised a number of questions and thoughts about mutancy and people's experiences - this visit, plus a post from Angelo Espinosa sparked a several-day discussion/argument and saw many students revealing their manifestation stories. At this time Scott Summers and Marie returned to Alkali Lake to say goodbye to Jean Grey.

During the Muir field trip, Essex conducted the surgery on Betsy, only for her to fall into a coma. Debate raged among the staff as to the ethics of Essex (and Betsy) not informing the school of what was planned. Essex announced he intended to take Betsy to Fort Dix for a second operation in order to bring her out of the coma but was countermanded by Ororo Munroe and Charles Xavier.

The Muir trip ended sooner than planned with the arrival of Hurricane Isabel on the east coast of the United States. The hurricane made landfall on the New York mainland and the entire school turned out to help in rescue and aid efforts. During the storm a wall collapsed onto one of Jamie's dupes and killed him, sending Jamie into psychic shock. He was significantly traumatised after the event and was unable to use his powers for some time.


Sep 1 - Moira MacTaggart arrives at the school. Alison returns from her sabbatical in Mexico and visits Marie in medlab. Scott offers Alison the position of student counsellor.

Sep 2 - Marie-Ange begins having odd dreams.

Sep 3 - Emma emails Scott with concerns about Betsy's emotional state.

Sep 4 -

Sep 5 -

Sep 6 - Sam returns to the school after a prolonged absence whilst receiving flight training and begins powers training with Haroun.

Sep 7 - Crimson Dawn: Essex discloses to Betsy he intends to leave the school after her surgery and rehabilitation.

Sep 8 - Classes begin for the new school year. Marie emails the Professor, Ororo and Scott asking for a room change, about her status with the team and for permission to learn to use a gun.

Sep 9 -

Sep 10 - Moira meets Haroun and in the course of discussion discloses that her son Kevin died as a result of his mutation. Marie-Ange proposes a powers study group for those students not receiving active training.

Sep 11 - Moira examines Marie and finds that Stanley's powers aren't fading. Marie also reveals she was taken by the military after the fall and tests were conducted on her. Pete goes to London to find out why the British government is closing down Muir Island.

Sep 12 -

Sep 13 - Kitty's parents visit. Angelo and the later Muir visit spark a journal-wide discussion of manifestations and what being a mutant means that last several days and gets rather heated.

Sep 14 - Alison's concert and the debut of People Covered In Fish.

Sep 15 - The British government fires Pete.

Sep 16 - Crimson Dawn: Betsy undergoes the surgery on her eyes. Moira takes several students and staff on a fact-finding field trip to Muir Island. Scott returns to Alkali Lake with Marie to say farewell to Jean.

Sep 17 -

Sep 18 - Marie has trouble adjusting to her new Stanley-induced powers. Rahne learns to hold a transitional state for a short period of time.

Sep 19 -

Sep 20 - The field trip returns from Muir early to avoid Hurricane Isabel. Bobby returns home for a visit to try and reconcile with his family. Crimson Dawn: Essex notifies the staff of Betsy's condition

Sep 21 - Hurricane Isabel: The hurricane hits and the school turns out to help. A wall falls on one of Jamie's dupes and kills him.

Sep 22 -

Sep 23 - Crimson Dawn: Scott announces to the school that Betsy is in a coma and her recovery is uncertain; he also speaks to Kitty about her role in the surgery and about keeping Betsy's secret; Essex goes to Seattle for the day to research how to reverse Betsy's condition.

Sep 24 -

Sep 25 -

Sep 26 - Tabitha Smith arrives at the school. Bobby asks to move into a senior's suite.

Sep 27 - Doug discovers his mutant power. Crimson Dawn: Essex announces his intention to move Betsy to Fort Dix for a second operation.

Sep 28 - Alison talks to Jamie and discovers he's been having nightmares and can't use his power since the hurricane.

Sep 29 - Crimson Dawn: Ororo informs Essex he isn't to take Betsy from the school before she has spoken to Professor Xavier.

Sep 30 -


Hurricane Isabel

Crimson Dawn

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