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Dates run: May 15 - 23, 2004
Run By: Alan
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"I told you to come alone," he said as they drew closer.

"Yeah, well," Jamie replied, "I don't do so well with directions."

"I could kill the kids right now, just for that." He paused, smiling faintly. "But I won't. It's right that Kitty's here. She should see this, see that I'm the real one."

Marie-Ange's premonitions of Jamie covered in meatloaf seemed like a joke. Until he found himself facing his worst enemy - himself.


Jamie Madrox, Kitty Pryde, Marie-Ange Colbert, Doug Ramsey, Illyana Rasputin, Amanda Sefton, Manuel de la Rocha, Shiro Yoshida, Alex Summers, Clarice Ferguson, Alison Blaire, Nathan Dayspring, Moira MacTaggart, Jubilation Lee, Rahne Sinclair, Shiro Yoshida, Illyana Rasputin, Alex Summers, Sarah Morlocke, Angelo Espinosa

Skippy, Artie Maddicks, Miles Blaire, Charles Xavier


May 15 - 23, 2004

Plot Summary

At a HeliX meeting, Kitty was confronted by a Jamie, claiming to be the original and that the Jamie at the school is a dupe. He spun a wild story about being the original Jamie, lost during the hurricane incident with the wall several months previously, that the dupe who had died had been generated by the impact of the wall, and that he, the 'original', abandoned and lost, had been living on the streets until found and picked up by Mystique and trained by Magneto.

Kitty, confused and frightened, refused to go with the Jamie. Kitty explained to Jamie what had happened and the meeting broke up early. The Professor was consulted, and made an attempt to search for the Jamie - nicknamed 'Skippy' - with Cerebro, however was unsuccessful. Jamie warned the school about the renegade dupe (nicknamed 'Skippy'), and the search continued.

Five days later, Skippy struck. Locking Charles in the Box as he repaired it, he then set about using his dupes to take down the teachers remaining after the majority had left on an X-Men misison. Miles and Artie were taken as hostages to lure Jamie into a confrontation with Skippy, posting to the student community, calling Jamie out. Kitty blocked his journal access and backtracked the signal to the warehouse. Jamie arranged for a rescue party of students to go and save Artie and Miles whilst he and Kitty confronted Skippy.

The rescue at the warehouse was successful with two teams - Alex, Shiro and Jubilee; and Manuel and Amanda - providing distraction whilst Angelo, Sarah, Illyana and Clarice went after the boys. At the quarry, Jamie faced down Skippy, until he was apparently absorbed by the insane dupe, much to Kitty's horror.

Moments later, Skippy exploded, to reveal Jamie. His triumph was short-lived as the absorbed Skippy's memories threatened to overwhelm him and Kitty called in the Professor. Charles managed to help Jamie lock down the memories, although he was unable to remove them, and the entire incident seemed over.

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Marie-Ange foresaw the events of this plot many months before it actually happened, confirming she was in fact precognitive.

Illyana used her powers in front of others for the first time.

This plot was the first time many of the students had been involved in any kind of combat, and many of them had difficulty reconciling themselves to the fact they had potentially killed.

Despite the justifications of some of his fellow students that the Skippies hadn't been real, Jamie refused to believe they were anything but human, and mourned his twisted dupe.

Moira's tests later found that Skippy's DNA had been twisted so much by Magneto's techniques that he would have died in a few more months.


Plotrunner: Alan

This plot came out of a recurring joke about Skippy, Jamie's 'evil' dupe.