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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Monet St. Croix (disambiguation).

Monet St. Croix - Replaced in Phase 2
Portrayed by Christine Anu
Codename: Monet (formerly $ as a trainee)
Affiliations: X-Men, Elpis, Xavier Institute - graduate student
Birthdate: February 15, 1987
Journal: x_monet

Half-sister to Marius Laverne, Monet's mutation makes her, in a word, perfect. However, returning to Xavier's after failing her first year of college by an unhappy father, she is learning that there is far more to perfection than appearances. She was lost during the Dark Phoenix Saga in 2015.


Character Journal: x_monet

Real Name: Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix

Codename: M

Aliases: None

First Appearance: December 21, 2003

Date of Birth: February 15, 1987

Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia

Citizenship: Australian

Relatives: St. Croix/Laverne Family - Phase 1: Cartier St. Croix (father), Barbara St. Croix; Marius St. Croix (brother, disowned), Nicole and Claudette (younger twin sisters); Marius Laverne (half-brother); 'Grandfather' (maternal grandfather).

Education: High school diploma, completed variously at a range of private schools in Sydney and at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. A year and a half of a fashion design course. Now doing Business. Very slowly and part-time.

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Student

Team Affiliation: None.



Monet is the second-eldest child of Cartier St. Croix, Australian media baron who married an Aboriginal woman named Barbara. Her elder brother Marius St. Croix was disowned for undisclosed reasons, and Monet herself became a rather spoiled, self-absorbed child whose mutant powers only served to heighten her sense of superiority over others. She was expelled from a string of schools of increasing strictness (the last being a Catholic school for girls) and generally proved to be increasingly troublesome to her family. The exception was her young twin sisters, who she adores, and her grandfather, himself a mutant with the ability to teleport and an evil sense of humour.

Monet grew up in Sydney, living in the best suburbs and going to a series of exclusive schools there. She was Cartier's adored eldest daughter and became somewhat spoiled and self absorbed. Cartier became a somewhat distant parent following Marius (the elder)'s disowning and because he was forced to divide his time between his two families. Monet is close to and adores her younger sisters but has grown somewhat apart from much of the rest of her family, after causing numerous media incidents and being sent to a series of ever-increasingly strict schools. Her mother is, if anything, somewhat disappointed by Monet's lack of focus and repeated "incidents", feeling that Monet should be doing more with herself. She had never met her younger brother Marius; she was aware that she also had a bastard half-brother, but refused to acknowledge his existence.

She speaks English and French. Her English has a wandering accent that varies from her mother and grandfather's north Queensland drawl, to a Sydney accent of varying degrees of bogan, something she acquired after years of associating with rugby and AFL players and Sydney media personalities. She has a tendency to slip into a soft trans-Atlantic accent when in formal situations and swears a lot. Her French mirrors Cartier's accent and she is fluent in the language.

Living At The X-Mansion

Following an incident involving her powers, drinking and a rather expensive car, Monet was sent to Xavier's in order to learn some decorum and perhaps gain some empathy for other people. It wasn't the easiest transition in the world - Monet alienated most of her classmates, preferring to associate with the wealthier scions of good families such as Manuel de la Rocha, Jake Gavin (who she knew prior to her attending the school) and Shinobi Shaw. She also had periodic 'zone outs' where she became catatonic for periods of time; her invulnerability made her impossible to move during such incidents.

Monet did enjoy clubbing, and went on several of the non-official clubbing outings. It was on such a trip that she became involved in the Repodemon incident, begrudgingly joining in the battle when her outfit was ruined. Generally, however, she proved difficult to get to know and completely selfish, which did not endear her to the residents.

Out Into The World and Return To Xaviers'

Monet left the school July 19, 2005, having completed high school and enrolled in fashion college in New York. Her half-brother Marius was very relieved to discover this. In November 2006, she was approached by Forge and reluctantly provided the bone-marrow donation that ultimately saved Marius' life, 'curing' the maladaptive aspects of his mutation. At the start of 2007, Monet was asked to leave fashion school after being caught drinking under age three times in the college dorms and accidentally breaking a young man's arm whilst drunk.

At her father's insistence, she enrolled in Business, undertaking her earlier subjects at a less than top tier university, Cartier being of the opinion that sending her to an expensive school would currently be a waste of money. She had her dash with fashion and failed and Cartier has insisted that she obtain a degree in something that may become useful. She also returned to Xavier's following her removal from the fashion design course. In Cartier's opinion, she needed further training in the use of her powers and more active supervision than he was currently able to give her, especially in the wake of Marius' disappearance in Europe. She has been ordered to participate fully in the school community. Her zones outs continue, especially in times of stress.

Since her return, Monet made the acquaintance of her brother, finding him actually sort of cute in a little-brother way - the two bonded over a night of drinking. She was placed as a suitemate to Medusa Amaquelin, who was horrified at the idea of sharing her space and with an apparently insane Australian at that, however once Medusa moved out and returned to Attilan, the two became friends. So too with Crystal Amaquelin, the younger Amaquelin sister, and Illyana Rasputin, with whom Monet shared a love of snark.

The insanity of Xavier's life struck early after Monet's return - dinosaurs struck New York whilst she was shopping with Jean Grey and then Marius and his friends were abducted and made into Hounds by Rory Campbell. The stress caused a number of zone outs, which Monet brushed off as being part of 'her thing' and life continued on. She eventually ended up sharing a suite with Clarice Ferguson and has since formed friendships with Jay and Jane and resumed one with Amanda.

She was briefly captured by Arcade, along with many of the mansion's other younger residents on a trip to Las Vegas.

Her estranged brother Marius St. Croix ran into her in a chance meeting in Sydney in 2007. Dying as a result of his powers, he infected her with psychic "termites", hoping to erase Monet's mind and move into her now empty body. Things went wrong, however, as Monet left Sydney before he cold complete the process.

Unaware of Marius' actions, Monet went on a trip to Afghanistan at Garrison's behest, which quickly devolved into a fight in a refugee camp where she was hit with a psi-bolt that caused Marius' termites to go into hyper drive, attacking not her personality, but the physical structure of her brain, causing problems with her gait, coordination and powers control.

It took some time for the cause of her illness to be discovered, as physical problems such as a potential brain tumor had to be ruled out first. She, Jean and Marius Laverne eventually confronted Marius St Croix about it in Sydney where Jean showed Monet how to enter the astral plane and remove the "termites". Unfortunately, the shock of removing them caused them to spring back into Marius' head, almost liquefying his mind. Many months of recovery followed her return to Xavier's, as did intensive powers training as Monet now needed to relearn all her control over her strength. She had Amanda seek out his background for her, to satisfy her curiosity about how a St Coix could end up in such a position.

She was evacuated from the mansion only days after returning, during Thirteen Days. A fit of boredom brought on by the reduced activity load caused by her illness then sent her to join Elpis. She currently works there part time largely to prove that she won't leave once it gets boring.

Monet wound up attending a Red X conference at Whistler early in 2008 and was there for the avalanche and consequent rescue effort. She also attended the reconstruction effort. She also wound up with a black eye whilst helping to subdue Nathan when the the Shadow King took over the mansion's telepaths

She became involved in Elpis during her recovery. Whilst at first involved purely as something to do, she has since become more involved with the group and still works part-time in the now New York-based office. She traveled to Morocco with Nathan and Catseye for field work and became caught up in some of Nathan's ongoing issues. Monet has since developed a solid friendship with Catseye and sees Nathan as a mentor.

Monet has, since then, become interested in the X-Men and is now on the team and has taken part in many X-Men missions, usually as a heavy hitter and short-range support. She has been forced to acknowledge her telepathy more than she'd like to, particularly following the development and discovery of Trask's brainwashed mutant super soldiers.

Xm monet.jpg

Although she enjoys being on the team, she has found many aspects of the work traumatic. In particular, she has had recurring nightmares since being involved in subduing a deranged Jean-Paul Beaubier during Mnemovore. She has struggled with the knowledge that, because of her limited control over her strength that any physical fight with an opponent could result in serious injury or death purely because she was unable to adequately control her powers, something she recently expressed to Lex, following his frustration at his own powers issues. One of her biggest fears is that she will zone out whilst in the field though she has, to date, only done so in training with Yvette.

She is involved in powers training with Molly and has worked on flight training with Megan.

She is also in a relationship with Kurt Sefton and has been for some time. It's more serious than she would like to admit, though she still has not moved in with him. After all, where would her shoes live? Monet still feels guilty about attempting to injure him whilst possessed by a deranged archeologist in Egypt during The Mummies' Return.

Monet's days were filled by powers training (both on her own and with others), Elpis, her continuing Business studies (which had, at that point, evolved into an MBA), Kurt and her fabulous shoes. It was a good life and she enjoyed it, however all good things must come to an end and by February 2012 she was bored with her relationship, which ended with a rather loud argument on Valentine's Day. In May 2012 she returned to Australia, to put her university learning to 'use', working for her father.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 160 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Other Features: Coffee-coloured complexion, due to her half-Aboriginal heritage.


Monet is able to fly, has super strength and a degree of invulnerability. She is able to fly only within breathable atmosphere and at an upper speed of perhaps 50 kilometres an hour. Her strength is limited to three or four times what it would be were she human. This would, in effect, mean that, providing she can hold onto it, that she can lift up to something between 150 and 200 kilos.

The invulnerability is limited – she still needs to breathe and can be poisoned or infected. She can also be injured as, for example, if she's exposed to sufficient heat for long enough, she will burn.

She is also telepathic and poorly trained in this area, partly due to her lack of telepathic strength. Monet also suffers from "zone outs" whenever she starts receiving too much psionic stimulus. She is, however, unaware that she is receiving when this happens. She has a range of only a few hundred metres and is predominantly a receiver, having only a very short range of sending.

Her powers manifested at a relatively young age and there was very little associated trauma: Monet already knew she was fantastic and this pretty much confirmed it.


None, except a lot of fabulous shoes.

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Monet, upon encountering a semi-comatose Manuel after the Daddy's Girl incident, made him her cabana boy. Her naked cabana boy.





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Player Icon Base: Christine Anu

Meta Trivia

Formerly played by Mel and picked up by Al in March 2007 until May 2012

Monet was portrayed as the "mutant Cordelia from Buffy".