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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Janet Van Dyne
Trading card wasp.jpg
Portrayed by Nora Zehetner
Codename: 'Wasp'
Affiliations: X-Men, Xavier Institute - Staff
Birthdate: June 1, 1989
Journal: x_wasp
Player: Available for applications

A member of the X-Men, Janet Van Dyne worked at Silver and taught at Xavier's. She is currently an intern with a fashion design house.


Character Journal: x_wasp

Real Name: Janet Van Dyne

Codename: Wasp (as a trainee: Gidget)

Aliases: Jan

First Appearance: March 23,2007

Date of Birth: June 1, 1989

Place of Birth: Cresskill, New Jersey

Citizenship: US

Relatives: Vernon Van Dyne (father)

Education: High school graduate; college senior

Relationship Status: Single; (dated Kyle Gibney)

Occupation: Intern with a fashion design house

Team Affiliation: X-Men



Janet is an only child who grew up in a family semi-accepting of mutants. Her father loves his daughter, but was less than pleased when she grew wings shortly after her 14th birthday and even less pleased when, a year later, she began accidentally shocking people by simply touching them. As she attended Salem High School, know for its anti-mutant reactions as Tommy Jones and Laurie Collins had discovered, she kept these two powers secret.

At seventeen, Janet was reported missing when she seemingly disappeared during a camping trip with friends. The campers had been startled by a bear and believed Janet had slept through the ordeal, but she had actually been so startled that a new aspect of her powers came into play and she shrunk to a one-inch size. Unable to see or hear her, Janet's friends thought she disappeared and told her father. The police were called in and several Xavier's residents decided to help look for the missing teen. Janet stung several of her would-be-rescuers but was simply brushed aside. It was not until her father finally revealed that Janet was a mutant that the Xavier's residents realized they could be looking at a powers mishap. However, it was only when Janet started screaming at the sonically-gifted Theresa Cassidy that she was finally heard and Janet was safely brought back home. Unsure of what to do with a miniscule daughter who did not know how to become human- sized once more, Vernon allowed Janet to stay at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersso they could help her out.

Living At The X-Mansion

Jan settled in quickly at the school, despite the handicap posed by her tiny size. Unable to be heard by anyone except those with enhanced hearing and terrified of being squashed, she communicated largely via the journal system, jumping from key to key to type. She re-established contact with her former boyfriend, Tommy Jones, and made friends. A slight increase in size meant she was able to communicate more easily, and Forge helped with tiny computer keyboards for her to use. During Easter she became known as the Peep Fairy when she sprinkled crumbed pieces of the candy on various people.

As a result of this prank, Jan was assigned a presentation on the History of Peeps, to be given during lunch. The talk became somewhat more dramatic than expected when Jan regained her full size during it. After speaking to her father, she returned home to complete her high school year at her normal school. She still came to the school to continue powers training and visit the friends she had made, and in May 2007, upon discovering that Kyle was missing, Jan spoke with Scott and asked to "sign up" for the team. Shortly after her 18th birthday, Jan became an official trainee along with Marius, Jennie, Kyle, and Forge. Less than two months later, she participated in her first mission. In the fall of 2008, she became a full member of the team. She performed well, although she suffered a broken leg in November 2009 during the mission to recapture escaped felons when she was thrown out of a plane. The injury was doubly painful as she was unable to change size until the bone healed.

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In September 2008, upon finding out that Kyle had never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Jan decided he needed the full Rocky Horror experience and took him to see a midnight showing of the movie, and this became their first date.

During her first year of college, Jan was asked to become an RA at Xavier's. She moved into the room formerly occupied by Marie D'Ancato, sharing a suite with Danielle Moonstar, although she continued to keep a dorm room and alternated nights between the dorm room and the mansion. The following year, she began living at the mansion full-time, eventually having a suite of her own and finding herself as the sole RA after Dani went missing. While Dani returned to the mansion and later took on her role as RA again, Dani did not move back into her old room.

Jan gained an internship starting in the fall semester of 2010 and decided to step down as an RA. With Xavier's permission, she spoke to Yvette Petrovic about taking her place. Jan remained a member of the staff, however, as she filled the position of flight teacher left open by Sam Guthrie's departure prior to the start of the new school year. She began a flirtation with Kevin Ford after her relationship with Kyle ended amicably, which culminated in some fooling around during Laurie's powers mishap in March 2011. She also took on many of the cooking and "welcome wagon" type duties after Lorna Dane left, and became something of a reminder service to the journals, letting people know about upcoming holidays and such.

Her main activities, however, were with the team; she was part of the mission in Chicago, the rescue of Julian's family in LA, the rescue of Molly Hayes and her parents from Nanny and the Orphan Maker and went undercover on a roller derby team, taking the name "Tinkerhell" and winding up with a sprained ankle that kept her the one size for a time.

In May 2011 she graduated from college, inviting Kevin, Kyle and new student Matt Murdock to the ceremony. Her plans for the summer were to vacation, work at the mutant-friendly night club Silver and then take on an additional teaching position at Xavier's with the cooking classes. These plans changed, however, when she was offered and accepted an intern position with a fashion design company, taking a leave of absence from super-heroing.

Physical Characteristics


Height: up to 5' 4", but can shrink to an inch tall

Weight: up to 115 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown and worn short

Other Features: Pierced ears and insect-like wings in all sizes.


Jan has gossamer-looking, insect-like wings. Although they appear to be quite fragile, they are actually strong and quite capable of flight. Jan is also able to shrink to a one-inch size; when she shrinks, she grows stronger. Jan can fold her wings against her back and they will be unnoticed under most clothes. Jan also possesses the ability to generate a bio-electric charge, emitting a "zap" from her hands.


A specialized miniature keyboard and viewscreen to allow Janet to access the mansion's computer systems when shrunk to one inch tall.


Jan's clothes don't grow or shrink with her, much to the entertainment of the boys at her presentation.

In order to avoid hurting anyone, and to avoid being detected as a mutant, Jan had to wear gloves until she learned how to control her "zapping." In addition, Jan's wardrobe reflected the fact that she hid her wings from view.

While Jan can fly when she is full-sized, she has more speed and maneuverability during flight when she is smaller.

Jan tends to sing or hum during missions; she will also toss out quips and quotes from movies and television shows.

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Player Icon Base: Nora Zehetner

Meta Trivia

Jan's entrance was kept a secret - up until her first post to the journals, she was thought to be an NPC. She was played by Cassidy from March 2007 until October 2012. As the original x_wasp journal was not returned, the mods created x_vandyne to maintain game continuity. When the game moved to Dreamwidth, her journal was recreated as x_wasp.