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The month began dramatically as Selene made an attempt to escape her prison at the bottom of Jamaica Bay by using Meggan Szardos as a bargaining chip against elder sister Amanda Sefton. X-Force foiled the plan with an elaborate double-cross involving the Hellfire Club, only to be deceived themselves when a secret agreement between the Black and White Courts was revealed: Selene's death in exchange for Belladonna Boudreaux-LeBeau as Black Queen. The deal proved divisive to X-Force, with Doug Ramsey feeling the brunt of his teammates' distrust of all things HFC.

Things barely had time to settle before everyone - Red X, New Mutants, Elpis, X-Men, X-Force and Xavier Institute staff - became embroiled in a highly controversial mission to stop India invading Pakistan when India's Prime Minister, D. Kenneth Neramani revealed his final plan. Pitted against the Imperial Guard as well as Indian troops, Red X, the New Mutants and the staff protected Pakistani refugees from massacre, while the X-Men held back land and sea invasions by Indian troops. In New Delhi, X-Force split into several groups; one to prevent the launching of India's nuclear missles, one to prevent the assassination of imprisoned sister to D. Ken, Lilandra and one to take down D. Ken himself. With Dacoit defeated and finally seeing the tru madness of the man he served, X-Force was able to destroy the M. Corn Crystal - the crystalised brain of the Neramanis' psychic father which had driven D. Ken mad - and kill the would-be dictator. Lilandra stepped in as India's leader and the country was voted into the UN Security Council as part of a deal to ensure peace in the troubled region.

Powerless again after over-exerting herself against the Indian navy, Ororo Munroe found herself deeply conflicted about the danger posed to the school by the X-Men's presence there, and she accepted an invitation to stay with Remy LeBeau at the brownstone. Jean-Paul Beaubier and Kevin Ford, after sharing their deepest issues, decided to try a relationship; ironically, Jake Gavin, Jean-Paul's former lover, made a typically abrupt return around the same time. Vanessa Carlysle continued work to establish her investigative agency, with funding from the Xavier Institute for the above-board matters and Jared Corbo, also an 'untouchable', arrived at the school for powers help.


Apr 1 - John lets Angelo know via SMS that he's having a hard time dealing with his hay fever. A drawing is left by Kevin under Jean-Paul's door. Jean-Paul sends Vanessa a text message asking if she's alive. Jean-Paul leaves Adrienne a letter and a gift for her birthday. Angelo informs everyone via a journal post that John is a wuss about his allergies after John's refusal to take his medication. Revenant: Adrienne Reads Meggan's math homework and sees something profoundly disturbing and when she confronts Meggan on the staircase, things take a turn for the worse as Selene takes control of Meggan's body and pushes Adrienne off the stairs. Having complete control of Meggan's body, Selene heads over to the Endymion House to prepare for coming events. Vanessa finds Adrienne at the bottom of the stairs and helps Adrienne to the med lab where she gets treated by Hank for a concussion. Amanda sends Kurt an urgent email letting him know that Selene has got Meggan -- they arrange to meet up at the office. Amanda leaves a message on the X-Force comms, informing them of the situation and that Heinrich Klar has contacted her with instructions and she is going to do as asked: return Selene's body to the Hellfire Club. Kurt leaves a message on the X-Men comms, informing the team that any attempt to rescue Meggan would only endanger her life and that the X-Force are handling it. Amanda sends Vanessa a text message asking her to meet her at the SV office. X-Force heads over to Central Park West to find Meggan and find one hell of a mess: the American Natural History Museum has been broken into. Meggan and her new friends attempt to steal the stones of Nova Roma but find themselves facing members of the X-Force. During the fight, Kurt teleports Meggan out of the museum and straight to the offices of Snow Valley where a specially prepared restraining circle awaits Meggan. There Kurt attempts to get through to his sister. At Jamaica Bay, Amanda, Jubilee and Amara fulfill their end of the bargain by raising Selene's coffin out of the bay with Vanessa and Bishop covering for them with guns aimed. Selene makes another request, this time for sustenance and with Amanda's permission, she draws energy from the three. Emma and Doug attend a meeting of the Inner Court and strike a deal with Sebastian Shaw: the Black Court will denounce Selene for good if the White Court upholds his choice for Queen -- Belladonna. The ritual to draw Selene's essence out of Meggan begins with Amanda acting as a conduit for the siphoning of energy as once again, Selene draws energy out of the three women. Meggan is freed from Selene's hold and is teleported back to her suite at Xavier's where Kurt does his best to comfort her. Back at the Hellfire Club, Nico disrupts the spell and members of X-Force move in for the attack on Selene. Double-crossed by Shaw, Selene dies at the hands of Belladona. Belladonna's sudden appearance reveals the deal made between the White and Black Courts.

Apr 2 - Julian and Nico have an intimate moment. Nico drops by at Amanda's with questions and the two trade stories about their bitter past. Adrienne sends Jean-Paul an email thanking him for the birthday gift. Adrienne sends Vanessa an email to thank her for the day before and informs Vanessa that her lackeys will be delivering a case of Anchor Steam and a bottle of scotch to the penthouse, and that she has tickets to the Sox home opener on Sunday. Kevin leaves Jean-Paul a drawing under his door. Kurt makes a post on his journal, letting everyone know that Meggan has had a rather unpleasant few days but is safely back at the mansion and is allowed visitors. Crystal announces her plans to head back to Attilan for spring break and offers an invitation to the students to visit the island anytime during their two weeks vacation. Jean-Paul invites Vanessa over to watch a movie called Zombieland and they discuss the virtues and uses of virgins. Emma sends words of encouragement to Doug via email and lets him know that she is always there for him.

Apr 3 - Sometime late at night, Kevin leaves a sketch under Jean-Paul's door. Revenant: Adrienne drops by on Amanda and finds out more about what happened in the Hellfire Club; Meggan apologises to Catseye for being snappy at her previously.

Apr 4 - Vanessa sends an email out to Laurie, Adrienne, Lex and Jean-Paul, letting them know that she is leaving on Sunday to pay her respects to someone close to her. She lets Laurie know that she might have Laurie's boyfriend, Eamon, in tow when she returns. Jan offers to make Peeps Sushi for Easter Sunday. Kevin leaves a drawing of an old couple under Jean-Paul's door. Revenent: Heinrich Klar has stolen Selene's body and finds it is not as dead as thought - Candra has taken up residence.

Apr 5 - Monet complains about the US not allowing Easter vacation days. Catseye asks Kevin to make her a sword for Nick and winds up posing for a sketch. Kevin leaves another picture for Jean-Paul; when Jean-Paul goes to ask Kevin about the pictures as he thinks they're meant for someone else, he and Kevin talk and wind up admitting to a mutual attraction, even though they are both terrified. John and Angelo discuss John's family problems and decide on a road trip to tie up some loose ends. Jean-Paul and Hank work on controlling his blasts and helping him with his PTSD. Revenant: Amanda checks on Meggan and helps change her hair back to the right colour.

Apr 6 - Jubilee lauds the benefits of fast food delivery as she recovers from Selene's draining. Yvette goes to the Salem Centre cemetery to lay flowers on Jada's grave. Jean-Paul interrupts Cammie brooding about Manuel's departure in the empty boathouse. Marie-Ange feeds a still unhealthily-thin Jubilee, who has a disturbing theory about why Doug is so loyal to Emma.

Apr 7 - John texts Amanda about her absence from things and finds out about Selene and Meggan. Jean-Paul asks Logan to share booze with him but the conversation doesn't go well when Logan challenges his attitude about his concussive blasts.

Apr 8 - Yvette comes across Jean-Paul in the woods and is confused by the changes in him; Jean-Paul asks Vanessa to take the alcohol out of his suite and writes Kevin a story. Hank removes Cammie's cast. Vanessa texts Laurie to let her know Eamon and Thom are at her apartment.

Apr 9 - Vanessa and Thom discuss what to do next and he helps her sort out what she needs to do for her private investigation business. Jean-Paul comes across Kevin practicing his powers in the woods and they talk about control and lack of it. Kevin leaves Jean-Paul another picture.

Apr 10

Apr 11 - Jean-Paul leaves Kevin another story.

Apr 12 - Laurie is cheerful on the journals and John objects. Lorna posts about baking lessons and Jan responds.

Apr 13 - Kevin leaves a note and a picture for Jean-Paul. Artie comes back from Attilan and gives Dori some comics about Attilani mutant superheroes.

Apr 14 - John delivers a necklace to Amanda for her birthday, who then sends him an SMS thanking him. Jean-Paul invites Kevin for fried chicken.

Apr 15 -

Apr 16 - Julian and Angel meet in the pool, show off with their powers a little in a splashing war, and then decide to declare a truce. Catseye stalks Cammie in the city, they talk about stealing and then Catseye feeds Cammie. Angelo teaches Catseye how to make Mexican stew. Julian helps move Artie into his new digs, and casts aspersions on Nick's good name. Lakshmibai Raj: Indian and Pakistani media report an earthquake in Kashmir.

Apr 17 - Logan and Cammie talk over shots, about the things they've done, the things they owe and what it means to keep trying.

Apr 18 - Lakshmibai Raj: CNN Reports two explosions in New Delhi, with responsibility being taken by Lashkar-e-Taiba who call for the withdrawl of Indian troops in the Kashmir region; D. Ken and Lilandra Neramani talk about the current position of India, and D. Ken's plans for the future, resulting in Lilandra's arrest.

Apr 19 - Lakshmibai Raj: The Professor requests for volunteers to assist at the refugee camp in North Pakistan.

Apr 20 - Lakshmibai Raj: Jubilee makes a post on the X-Force comms, requesting for further info on India; Charles receives an email from William Bastion regarding Lilandra Neramani's arrest and her brother D. Ken's plans to occupy Pakistan.

Apr 21 - Lakshmibai Raj: Charles holds a meeting in his office and announces his decision to help stop the invasion of Pakistan; Jean-Paul gives Kevin a letter before boarding the plane for India; Charles calls Vanessa into a meeting and makes a request that she helps secure Lilandra's safety.

Apr 22 - Lakshmibai Raj: The first group of Red X, Elpis and staff arrive in Pakistan, and are ferried to the site of the earthquake; the New Mutants and the rest of the volunteers arrive at the refugee camp under the eyes of Hank, Emma and Adrienne; the X-Men meet at a secret location with Bastion to discuss the impossible strategy of stopping an invading army; Callisto and Cammie start the work of trying to restore an engine to working order; John and Jean-Phillipe play crowd control to a desperate group; Farouk and Angelo meet the local bigwigs, and Farouk provides a little practical experience to the process; Jean-Paul, Kevin and Yvette apply some elbow grease to try and refit the train cars to carry as many sick and wounded as possible; the Frost sisters meet with the Red Cross administrator, and show what resources they can really access when necessary; Doreen and Sooraya work to help document the refugees, but cultural issues lead to an ugly confrontation; Nico and Fred help expand the wells for the water supply in unique fashion; Klara and Laura take a trip to the fallow fields near the camp for a little support to the camp food supply; Hank and Laurie join in the fight to save as many of the injured as possible; Meggan and Megan help out raising more tents to shelter refugees, to the surprise of the normal volunteers; Catseye and Nick make an unusual contribution by driving away the feral dog population from the camp.

Apr 23 - Lakshmibai Raj: The train starts moving but trouble begins when a group of mutants attack the train as it reaches close to the India-Pakistani border; John and Jean-Paul attempt to stop efforts to derail the train; Callisto and Yvette face the first invaders on the train, and Yvette nearly gets bested by Mini!Warstar before Kevin steps in; Kevin and Cammie rescue Farouk from a Templar ambush and together they fight off Pulsar; Angelo and Jean-Phillipe attempt to stop the attacks and impending riot on the train and come face to face with Neutron and Magique; Callisto faces the larger half of Warstar, who is trying to destroy the engine.

Apr 24 - Lakshmibai Raj: The first X-Men team goes out to meet the incoming Indian Naval Fleet, as Storm and Buttercup start by slowing them down; Hamster and Monet St. Croix - Phase 1 deal with the two aircraft carriers while Iceman and Cannonball take on the submarine elements; on land, Polaris, Lazybones, and Husk develop a strategy to disable as many tanks as possible and slow the charge; Nightcrawler and Meltdown disable the oncoming armor; Magma (Caldera) and Pants on Fire's powers prove to be a highly effective anti-tank weapon as they take their part of the line; Wolverine leads Dominion and Wildchild behind the lines to sabotage the Indian artillery and logistical train; Wasp and Angel provide the aerial recon for Wolverine's team on the ground, and decide to even the odds as attack helicopter units come into the area; the camp is attacked and Fred and Nico find themselves facing down Titan and Whitenoise; Laurie arrives in time to stop Fred from killing Titan; Adrienne takes charge of helping Laura and Klara against Hardball and Blacklight and has a barn dropped on her; Emma uses Nick to track down Mentor, the leader of the attack, and Voyager, with Emma killing Mentor after a difficult fight; Meggan and Megan are ambushed by Quake, but with Catseye's intervention, they manage to knock him out; Husk, Nightcrawler, Lazybones and Pants on Fire halt an attempt at an air invasion by taking out the planes; Meltdown, Caldera and Polaris take out the command helicopter; Angel directs Wolverine through the convoy to the command center and is disturbed at the deaths that ensue; Wasp, Dominion and Wildchild attack a fuel depot and just avoid blowing themselves up; in the naval battle, M and Cannonball take out the firing ability of several ships and Storm unleashes their final plan, using Buttercup and Iceman to create a vortex of static electricity which Hamster and Storm use to create an electromagnetic charge that knocks out the electrical systems of the entire navy and halts the ships completely.

Apr 25 - Lakshmibai Raj: X-Force infiltrates New Delhi, intent on assassinating D. Ken; Remy, Sarah, Wanda and Amanda go in by helicopter, with Remy kicking Amanda out above New Delhi and hoping her powers catch her, before crashing the helicopter onto the lawn of the Secretariat Building and creating a large diversion; Wanda takes on the guards while Amanda, merged with New Delhi, takes on Gladiator and Remy and Sarah head for D. Ken's office; Jubilee, Sofia and Doug sneak in the back way of the Secretariat Building; Marie-Ange, Bishop and Vanessa go in the side way; the two teams meet and separate again; Marie-Ange, Doug and Sofia secure the situation room, to avoid India's nuclear arsenal being implemented; Jubilee and Bishop help Vanessa rescue Lilandra; Remy and Marrow fight off Commando and a squad of guards in the halls; Wanda has a tough time with Oracle while Amanda enjoys beating up Gladiator far too much; Doug, Sofia and Marie-Ange have a stand off with Nightside and Manta; Zenith and Electron intercept Lilandra, but come off the worst of Jubilee and Bishop; Remy and Sarah reach D. Ken and find he is utterly insane, using the crystalised brain of his mutant father to psionically freeze the would-be assassins; the hold is broken by Amanda hurling Gladiator through the wall and Gladiator seeing the insanity of his leader; Sarah smashes the M. Corn Crystal and Gladiator walks out, leaving D. Ken defenceless; Remy kills D. Ken. Kevin and Jean-Paul talk about the mission on the way home and go on to distract each other; Jean-Paul enlists Vanessa to help keep him awake and she is amused at his new relationship.

Apr 26 - Lakshmibai Raj: Lilandra is announced as India's new leader, the military use of mutants is disavowed, and India is voted into the UN Security Council, part of the deal to bring India to peace; Remy tells the Snow Valley staff they have until Wednesday off work; Amanda is still high from New Delhi, much to the amusement of the journals; Laura complains about her broken shoulder and gets no sympathy from Jean-Paul, causing Kevin to remove his laptop; Jean-Paul texts Vanessa about having a human pillow in the form of Kevin; Laurie asks Hank about doing the rounds of those injured who have been allowed to return to their rooms. Kevin emails Laura and explains about him and Jean-Paul. Jean-Phillipe complains about Laurie's insistence on feeding him. Laurie also feeds Vanessa and they talk about the dangers of Vanessa's lifestyle.

Apr 27 - Angelo complains about his bruised kidneys and taking time off work. Meggan describes what she learned about downed electrical lines and her powers. Amanda finally crashes after her New Delhi high. Hank posts a list of the injured and their statuses. Nico and Kevin go for restorative waffles. Ororo's powers have burned out again and she winds up accepting an invitation to stay with Remy when she is too conflicted about the danger the X-Men pose to the school to return there. Vanessa meets Laura and mimics her to borrow her healing factor; Vanessa emails Jean-Paul about the oddity of mimicking someone who is still wandering around the mansion; Vanessa-as-Laura and Jean-Paul sneak out for food and large amounts of bacon are consumed. Jubilee tracks down Doug and lectures him before insisting on taking him to dinner for his birthday. Jake is caught out by Wanda at one of her favourite bakeries and she grills him about his return.

Apr 28 - Bobby lets people know Terry visited for a belated birthday gift for him. Jean-Paul is cooking in the kitchen when Jake wanders in, without warning and things are very stilted; Jake then runs into Cammie and gets his nose broken for vanishing and takes her out to make up for it as well as suggesting she look at X-Force as a prospective career.

Apr 29 - Jubilee makes an odd journal post, feeling silly. Dungeons and Derangerments: Dori invites a number of the New Mutants to play D&D with her. Nico visits Julian in the medlab and he discovers he can see lines of telekinetic force like Nathan can. Laura meets Jean-Paul on the grounds and confuses him by asking what he's going to do with his life. Yvette and Laurie, writing their India reports, discuss Yvette's role in the X-Men.

Apr 30 - Garrison and Adrienne relax by the pool, compare injuries and talk about the close call Adrienne had in India. Jared Corbo arrives at the school, with Yvette answering the door and being somewhat smitten. Kevin leaves Jean-Paul a note explaining about his addiction to his powers and his relationship with Jay; Jean-Paul seeks Kevin out in his workshop and they agree to try being in a relationship. Vanessa meets with Charles Xavier and discusses her future options, receiving an offer of funding for her investigative agency.



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