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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain mentions or depictions of sexual violence, molestation and/or rape.


Dates run: December 18, 2003 - February 28, 2004
Run By: Andrew and Amy
Read the logs: Hellfire

Selene is one of the most powerful mutants you are likely to face, and she won't hesitate to kill you. Try not to engage her directly, and do not let her touch you.

A Hellfire Club function brings with it an unexpected surprise as the missing Alex Summers is located in the clutches of Selene.


Emma Frost, Alex Summers, Shinobi Shaw, Sarah Morlocke, Alison Blaire, Marie D'Ancato, Manuel de la Rocha, Jake Gavin, Shiro Yoshida, Jonothon Starsmore



December 18, 2003 - February 28, 2004

Plot Summary

Following a powers accident that badly burned his girlfriend Lorna Dane, Alex left the school on Christmas Eve. He spent some time on the streets before being picked up by Selene, who had been hunting for a power source to feed from. In Alex she found a mutant whose powers were strong enough to sustain her for some time, and she fed on him regularly, keeping him too drained and doped to fight her.

In February 2004, Emma, Shinobi and Manuel, with escorts, attended at a Hellfire Club function at Endymion House, Selene's home. It was the ceremony to induct Shinobi and Manuel into the Club, under the auspices of the White Court, an act which created something of a stir among the Inner Circle. After a confrontation with an unusually healthy-looking Selene, Emma encountered the stature of Endymion sleeping for which the house was named, and made the connection to a vision Marie-Ange had had, of Alex sleeping in the same pose. Using her telepathy, she confirmed her suspicions: Selene was holding Alex.

Telepathically summoning the staff and students who had accompanied her, Emma quickly outlined a rescue plan. Whilst Jake and Manuel saw to their transport, Shiro and Jono created a diversion that led the other guests away from the house. Alison, Sarah, Shinobi, Emma and Marie made short work of the guards, and whilst Emma retrieved Alex, the other four confronted Selene. Selene's magic made it a very even contest, with only Marie's intervention tipping the stakes - she used her draining powers to momentarily disrupt Selene's concentration and causing the witch to flee. Marie herself was overwhelmed by the transfer and was knocked out, along with Sarah who had had all her excess bones ripped out at once.

The group made their escape, with Alex in tow. Following a brief stay in the infirmary, Alex was released and reintegrated back into the school. He was not without his scars from the incident, however: he maintained an almost-religious fear of Selene, to the point he wouldn't say her name.

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This plot marked the first appearances of several NPCs: Tessa, Black Rook of the Hellfire Club and friend to Shinobi Shaw; Alphonso de la Rocha, father to Manuel and his child-bride Carmelita.

It was Marie-Ange Colbert's pre-cognitive vision that tipped Emma off to Alex's presence in Selene's house, one of the first times one of her visions was helpful before the fact.

As a result of Emma's taking Shinobi as her White Bishop, Sebastian Shaw attempted to convince Cain Marko to work for him against his stepbrother Charles Xavier.


Plotrunner: Andrew and Amy.