Something Wicked

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain mentions or depictions of sexual violence, molestation and/or rape.

Part 2 of the Kwannon Arc.


Something Wicked
Dates run: December 8, 2003 - May 4, 2004
Run By: Jazz and Dex
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"It's supposed to hurt, everything hurts. Pain is life, breathing. And sometimes, pain lets you know that something is horribly wrong. And sometimes teaches you, it must be done by force, if necessary."

Betsy's surgery has some unforeseen complications that almost destroy her, and those around her.


Betsy Braddock, Scott Summers, Doug Ramsey, Manuel de la Rocha, Alison Blaire, Shiro Yoshida, Sarah Morlocke

Kwannon, Nathaniel Essex, Miles Blaire, Charles Xavier


December 8, 2003 - May 4, 2004

Plot Summary

Following Betsy's successful recovery from the emergency surgery which saved her life and restored her sight, a series of small isolated blackouts began to occur. Strange dreams, hallucinations, and moments in which she couldn't account for plagued her. The final straw was during a moment talking to Sarah, during which Betsy forcibly tore out one of her bones, coming to only after the fact.

Reluctantly, she contacted Dr. Nathaniel Essex at Muir, who suggested that the episodes could all be side effects of the surgery as her brain adjusted. The episodes continued, only now Betsy refused to speak of them. Instead, erratic patterns in her behaviour began to concern Scott. He enlisted Doug to watch her body language for clues and Logan volunteered information after being badly cut during a katana spar between them in which Betsy's style was vastly different.

Slowly, Betsy began to manipulate the staff and students around her, in an uncharacteristic manner. While more people began to notice the change in her, she effectively neutralized Doug and Shiro from their suspicions with fairly blatant telepathic manipulation, and recruited Manuel to her side.

In the aftermath of the Love Potion Number Nine incident, it became apparent that something was going seriously wrong. Betsy tracked down Essex at a conference in Baltimore, where the doctor correctly deduced the truth; Betsy had somehow been implanted with the mind of the woman who the Crimson Dawn treatment that saved her life was created from. Essex dominated the woman, Kwannon, into releasing Betsy long enough to speak with him before sending her back.

During a chance encounter in which Kwannon threatened Miles, Alison spoke directly to Charles Xavier and they came to the conclusion that there was another alien personality inside Betsy's head, as opposed to a mental problem of Betsy's own. After sending out a series of e-mails confirming it, and revealing a number of painful secrets to the mansion, Kwannon's escape was thwarted by Xavier, who forced Kwannon behind powerful blocks in Betsy's head and allowed her to regain control. During this time, the extent of her damage on the mansion was determined, including Manuel's assistance in keeping Betsy trapped.

Manuel was confined to the Box for several days while the mansion determined the consequences of his actions. Betsy discovered that despite the block, many of Kwannon's skills and tastes had seeped over, and now her influence would remain an ongoing part of her life.

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The damage caused by Manuel's linking to Marie-Ange was finally discovered and dealt with by David Haller in 2006.


Plotrunner: Jazz and Dex

When this plot commenced, Essex was still a PC. He was retired half-way through the plot.