Age of Apocalypse

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain the death of a significant character/NPC.

Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.


Age of Apocalypse
Dates run: August 3, 2013
Run By: Jillian
Read the logs: Age of Apocalypse

“So… the sacrifice was my past life? My little world of lies?” Rachel arched a brow, crossed her arms and frowned heavily. “But how can I sacrifice something that wasn’t even real in the first place?”.

When Rachel Kinross-Dayspring finally tracks down Xorn, her quest is only beginning as she fights to save her world.


Rachel Kinross-Dayspring, Remy LeBeau, Molly Hayes, Sam Guthrie, Wanda Maximoff, Angelo Espinosa, David Haller

Xorn, Nathaniel Essex

Alternate Reality Version: Apocalypse and his Horsemen


August 3, 2013

Plot Summary

Rachel is finally able to find Xorn, but meeting the enigmatic mutant is not as she expected. The omega level mutant sits on a hillside cave in the Andes, slowly fixing the astral plane from the damage wrought to it. Due to Essex’s mutant null status, Xorn is not able to detect falsehood in Rachel's memories, honestly believing that she is from up the spiral from their own dimension. But Xorn has his own reasons for doing anything, and while he agrees to send Rachel 'home', he demands two things - that Rachel chooses who to take immediately, and warns her that of those she sends, one will not come back.

While this throws her for a moment, Rachel makes her decision and puts together a team she hopes would provide her with the greatest tactical advantage – Remy, Angelo, Haller, Molly, Sam and Wanda. Those chosen are immediately psionically ripped out to join her in a sudden transition into her world. As they do, a summary of events of Rachel’s world are shoved into the minds of the ones involved.

The team lands in Rachel’s version of Muir, finding Essex in charge in the face of a massive assault about to fall on them. Essex reveals a secret – a Blackbird prototype that was hidden a few years ago, which had enhanced stealth capacity. Together with Essex, the team leaves Muir as Apocalypse’s forces take the island, destroying Rachel’s home behind her. The Blackbird carries them into New York, and lands on the ruins of the East River.

Essex leads them towards his old lab, but two of Apocalypse's horsemen – Pestilence and Famine – fall on them a short distance from the lab. It does not take long for them to realise that the horsemen are in fact Doug and Marius. They are able to beat back the attack, but it becomes clear that the lab is going to be a one way trip. As the rest of the team hold off their attackers, Rachel and Essex break through to the lab, and he finds a cloning chamber intact. With Rachel's help, they pull a young boy from the tank just as the full fury of Apocalypse hits the team, forcing them to retreat into the lab for a last stand. Essex is triumphant, calling the boy 'Adam', and as Apocalypse's forces slam into the lab, Rachel makes the final realization - Adam isn't a secret weapon. It's the mental imprint of Essex' son, and he finally reveals that this world is an illusion.

As the mindscape melts around them, Essex offers her a farewell - now thoroughly absorbed in his own resurrection of Adam. The fractured world is tearing apart, and Rachel attempts to sacrifice herself to get the others out. They return to their bodies, only seconds having elapsed. Surprisingly, Rachel manifests before Xorn, as he explains the sacrifice was her old life - an illusion that died in order for her to live. She has to come to grips with the fact that Nate and Moira are her parents in this world, and Essex may have saved her from death, but only to manipulate her for his own ends.

Flashback logs

Destruction of the Mansion

(1) Defection of Angel, Yvette and Sue due to Marius’ stolen empathy;

(2) Meggan and Lorna die while Phoenix and Matt survive

Operation of Resistance Forces

(3) Amanda and Billy convince Topaz to turn spy for them after the deaths of her family;

(4) Adrienne kills Tandy whom Emma is fond of, and Emma kills Adrienne

Vigilante Operations

(5) Molly and Wade rescue Rachel from a feral Logan after a failed mission;

(6) Catseye dies at Fred’s hands;

(7) Matt runs a con on Sue before one of her deliveries to Apocalypse

Raid on Hope A.’s brothel by the prelates

(8) Sarah Vale passes information to Hope A.;

(9) Jubilation dies trying to save Clint from Head Prelate Garrison Kane;

(10) Hope A. and Laurie try to escape with loot

Fall of the WCA

(11) Magneto and Johnny die at the hands of Pixie, who gets killed by Scott;

(12) Rage!Jen fights against Feral!Kyle;

(13) Korvus fights against Yvette

Weakening of the Resistance

(14) Medical wing at Muir as Betsy fails to save Frank and Angelo after a particularly stupidly heroic move on their parts [Billy’s death is mentioned];

(15) Jennie kills Tabitha;

(16) War!Paige kills North in his defense of the seawall

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Essex's plans to resurrect his son stem all the way back to Crimson Dawn and his discovery of the process that allowed the echo of Kwannon to be transplanted into Betsy's mind. Since then, his various interactions with the X-Men and X-Force have been part of the grand scheme.


Plotrunner: Jillian

This plot is the X-Project version of the canon Age of Apocalypse arc.

Poster created by Mackinzie

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