Miles Blaire

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Miles Blaire
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Portrayed by Cameron Bright
Known Aliases: "Leech"
Affiliations: Former Morlock, West Coast Annex
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Introduction: December 16, 2003

This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Miles Blaire is the adopted son of Alison Blaire, a former Morlock, and a young mutant with the ability to negate other mutant powers. He now lives in California with his new family.


Name: Miles Blaire

Aliases: Leech

Occupation: Student

First appearance: December 16, 2003

Family: Alison Blaire (adoptive mother), Haroun al-Rashid (stepfather)


Miles was discovered by Alison, Angelo Espinosa, Paige Guthrie, and Jonothon Starsmore on a weekend getaway to Mexico. He, as well as some other children, had been used in a traveling carnival freak show, until some local children managed to free him and hide him as the carnival passed through their town. Through some legal acrobatics, Alison managed to bring the young boy, calling himself 'Leech' to the United States and begin adoption proceedings.

While at the school, the newly-named Miles made friends almost everywhere he went, notably with his roommate Artie Maddicks, and through meeting Sarah Morlocke, it was discovered that young Miles was another survivor of the indigent mutant group of Morlocks.

Miles' ability to negate other mutant powers resulted in a number of small accidents with the students and staff around the mansion, and over time he learned to control the range of his power. It also led to a surprising revelation upon meeting Cain Marko, when Miles and Alison learned firsthand that Cain was not a mutant, and were asked to keep Cain's secret, a vow both have held to this day.

In November 2004, Miles had a shocking experience with how dangerous his power could be when Magneto attempted to kidnap Miles from the Salem Center Mall, only to be driven off by Alison and some of the other staff and students. The experience resulted in a powers overload for Alison, and Miles becoming acutely aware of how dangerous life could be.

Over the next two years, Miles grew up surrounded by supportive friends at the school, and adapted to his mother's blossoming relationship with Haroun. Despite their initial troubles getting along, eventually Miles accepted his mother's choice of men, and came to treat Haroun as a father figure.

When Alison and Haroun left Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Miles accompanied his mother to the West Coast Annex, and is being home-schooled currently in California.


Miles generates a constant field that inhibits the function of mutant powers in his immediate vicinity. While this does not protect him from the effects of powers generated outside his area of effect, even mutants as powerful as Charles Xavier have been unable to use their abilities around Miles. He can retract this area of effect to less than an inch, but has never been able to shut it off entirely.


Skippy (plot)

Asgard (plot)

One To The Chest

Sound and Fury


PB: Cameron Bright

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Previously socked by Willow