Kwannon Arc

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The Kwannon Arc
Dates run: June 13, 2003 - May 4, 2004
Run By: Dex and Jazz
Plots: Crimson Dawn, Something Wicked

"It's supposed to hurt, everything hurts. Pain is life, breathing. And sometimes, pain lets you know that something is horribly wrong. And sometimes teaches you, it must be done by force, if necessary."

A procedure to restore Betsy Braddock's eyesight has unexpected and long-reaching complications.


July 14, 2006 - October 1, 2007

Arc Summary

Blinded while in service with STRIKE, Betsy Braddock arrived at the school, hoping to still be of use as a teacher. Over the course of time, she struck up an odd kind of friendship with Nathaniel Essex, brilliant geneticist and surgeon. Unknown to Betsy, she physically resembled Essex' deceased wife, causing him to be extremely conflicted in her presence. Eventually, upon learning that he believed he could cure her blindness Betsy agreed to be his test subject. Essex also recruited young genius Kitty Pryde to assist him in the procedure.

Essex performed the surgery, believing it to be a success. Unfortunately, Betsy lapsed into a coma after the surgery and in the resulting uproar, Essex' actions were denounced by the staff and he decided it would be best to leave the school. Betsy's care was placed in the hands of Henry McCoy - her coma continued for several months.

Determined to complete his procedure and bring Betsy out of her coma, Essex arranged for several students - Marie-Ange Colbert, Jamie Madrox, Kitty Pryde and Sarah Morlocke - to 'kidnap' Betsy from the medlab and take her to Fort Dix, where he was waiting. Essex performed a groundbreaking new treatment, with a transplant procedure known as "Crimson Dawn" which involved transplanting the brain tissue of a dead telepathic assassin by the name of Kwannon into Betsy's brain, replacing the damaged tissue there. The surgery was a success, with Betsy recovering both from her coma and from her blindness, although the students were punished for their actions and Essex took on a position at Muir Island, no longer welcome at the school.

Over the subsequent months, a number of strange occurrences took place at the school, all revolving around Betsy. It became clear, over time, that something wasn't quite right with her, and Scott Summers enlisted Doug Ramsey to watch her, the young mutant able to read body language. Eventually the truth emerged - Kwannon was now in control of Betsy's body, having manipulated the young empath, Manuel de la Rocha to assist her in locking Betsy into a corner of her own mind. Following the revelation, the X-Men tracked down and captured Kwannon, with Charles Xavier successfully locking the dead assassin inside Betsy's mind and letting the British telepath re-emerge. The damage was already done, however, with most, if not all, of Betsy's personal relationships in tatters and Betsy herself cold and remote.

Arc Plots

Crimson Dawn: Betsy Braddock makes a deal with Nathaniel Essex in a bid to regain her sight.

Something Wicked: Betsy's surgery has some unforeseen complications that almost destroy her, and those around her.

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Plotrunner: Dex and Jazz

The plot was created and begun by Dex, but was concluded without him during an absence from the game.