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Item: Soulsword
First Seen: Limbo (plot)

The sword Illyana Rasputin made in Limbo using an extremely powerful, but extremely difficult, form of magic called creation magic. Creation magic takes a good deal of concentration, skill, and power; it uses part of someone (in Illyana's case, part of her soul) to create an object. What the object is depends on the user's intention.

The Soulsword cuts through any kind of magic, destroying it, unless there is a specific rule of magic that prohibits it (as seen in the Repodemon plot). It is only effective against magic, magical creations, and magical beings (such as demons). Illyana used the Soulsword to strip Belasco of his powers at the end of her stay in Limbo. It has since been taken from her by the demon N'astirh and she is trying to find a way to get it - and her control of Limbo - back.


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