Bad Blood

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain depictions of torture.

Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.


Bad Blood
Dates run: July 23, 2005 - August 25, 2005
Run By: Willow
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And the only person who had been screaming in this room had been herself.

After being wounded by Alison Blaire during the events of Sound and Fury, Sabretooth decides he's going to get his revenge. When he kidnaps Alison and hides her away in a private torture chamber, the X-Men have to hope they can arrange a rescue before it becomes too late.


Alison Blaire, Charles Xavier, Remy LeBeau, Clarice Ferguson, Amanda Sefton, Illyana Rasputin

Cyclops, Cable, Juggernaut, Phoenix, Cannonball, Jetstream



July 23, 2005 - August 25, 2005

Plot Summary

While returning from an information-trading session with Harry Leland, Alison is planning to pass the information retrieved off to Pete Wisdom, but is instead stalked and captured by Victor "Sabretooth" Creed. She is knocked unconscious, and later awakens to find herself hobbled and trapped in a makeshift abbatoir under Ryker's Island Prison. Creed informs her that he intends to repay her for the injuries he suffered while attempting to kidnap Alison's adopted son, Miles, and he intends to make the torture last.

That evening, a call from the police reaches Scott at the mansion, following up on a report from a homeless person who had witnessed Alison's kidnapping. Professor Xavier uses Cerebro to locate Alison, and Cyclops immediately begins to assemble a rescue team consisting of Juggernaut, Cable, Cannonball, and Phoenix. During the rapid flight, Nathan establishes a psychic connection with Xavier, who guides them through Cerebro into the tunnels beneath Ryker's.

At the same time, Xavier contacts Remy, asking him to deliver the package of information that Alison was meant to supply to Pete. Remy agrees, although when he discovers the link to the Hellfire Club, he begins to question his role in working for Xavier.

In the sewer system, Cable leads Juggernaut and Cyclops through the tunnels towards Creed's lair. Jean manages to catch a telepathic glimpse of Alison's peril, and urges the team to hurry. As they approach where Creed has Alison hidden, Sabretooth attempts to ambush the X-Men, only to be met by an optic blast from Cyclops and a near-fatal beating from Juggernaut. During the fight, Creed taunts Juggernaut with the choice of killing him or saving Alison, whom they discover hanging from chains, almost completely exsanguinated and near death.

In the haste to save Alison, Creed is lost in the shuffle and the X-Men rush Alison to the Blackbird. Jean recognizes that they do not have time to get Alison the emergency care she needs at the mansion, and orders Sam to fly the Blackbird directly to a hospital in New York. Once there, Jean contacts David Rosenberg, an old colleague of hers, and gets Alison directly into emergency surgery.

Alerted by Scott, Haroun arrives at the hospital and is met by Jean, who calms him and explains what happened. Accompanied by Nathan, Haroun insists on being at Alison's side, suspecting correctly that these could be her last moments. Cain finds Clarice doing her EMT work at the hospital, and realizing that medicine alone won't help Alison, orders the young girl back to the school to retrieve Amanda. The young witch, surprised by the sudden teleportation, arrives and realizes she doesn't have enough power to heal Alison.

In a last-ditch effort to gather enough power to heal Alison, Illyana is brought to the hospital, and opens a portal to Limbo. In a joint effort and using the Soulsword, Illyana channels the power of Limbo through Amanda, supercharging her with enough magical energy to heal Alison of the mortal damage. In a flash, Alison's body is healed, but Limbo leaves its mark on her, with the massive claw marks Creed inflicted on her back remaining, the marks turned a dark black.

Over the next month, Alison attempts to come to terms with the experience, leaning on her friends, teammate, son, and lover for support before making the decision to rejoin the team once she's medically cleared.

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Trivia and Meta


As a result of the encounter with Sabretooth, Cain has a pointed discussion with Scott about why the X-Men don't kill.

The marks left by the Limbo-enhanced healing were removed from Alison as a result of the climax of Lost In The Woods


Plotrunner: Willow