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'''[[December 2018|2018]]:''' Gabriel checks on Artie and discovers just how Not Okay he is.
'''[[December 2018|2018]]:''' Gabriel checks on Artie and discovers just how Not Okay he is.
'''[[December 2019|2019]]:'''
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[[Category: Templates]]

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December 20th


2003: Shinobi and Sarah play strip poker. Lorna's parents arrive to visit their injured daughter. Bobby rejoins the school community.

2004: Jubilee comes looking for a way to help Cain, and she and Amanda talk about many things. Manuel and Amanda... get reacquainted, on Boiler Beach. Miles is mean to Leyu.

2005: Rahne and Nathan have a talk by the lake, about Rachel's flight habits and the loss of Askani. Sometime after Jay storms out of his suite due to having the blowup with Forge, Kyle, and Marius, Jay heads for one place he figures he'll be accepted - Sam's suite. They talk about not much of anything, and Jay goes to take a nap. Bobby goes looking for Terry in the music room and finds someone else he's been wanting to talk to instead; Jay finds out he's not the only one that thinks Terry's dead wrong for standing up for Tommy. Bobby goes to visit Lorna with ice cream.

2006: Kurt and Nathan discuss Mystique and Kurt's faith in her, without satisfactory resolution. Amanda asks Nathan if she can come to Muir for the holidays. Crystal and Kurt and then Crystal and Pietro discuss plans for the Winter Ball.

2007: Forge emails Crystal to warn her that he may have had to name drop his position with the Attilan government, and to invite her to his family's New Year's celebration. Jane and Yvette go to the mall and have a run-in with bigots. Warumbe: Nathan and Ororo go to New York to meet with T'Challa and they foil an assassination attempt by William Moses, although not without taking a beating; T'Challa comes back to the mansion with them for safety. Dani is contemptuous of a group of Lakota Indians who are trying to create their own country.

2008: Nathan discovers his boobytrapped office. Jane delivers catnip to Catseye. Jean-Paul asks Morgan to look after his new pet, Jenner, while he's away for Christmas.

2009: Amanda has a magic session with Nico and discovers even more about the girl's magic that wigs her out. This Devil's Workday: Cammie gets a lead on Brewster House from a homeless mutant kid; Cammie goes to the house, which appears to be some kind of religious half-way house for young homeless people, and winds up being tasered. Doug finds Amanda cleaning her apartment and they discuss their holiday plans while avoiding the discussion of having sex for information in their jobs. Julian talks to Ororo about becoming a trainee.

2010: Megan announces her return. Fianchetto: Back in Denver for Christmas, Doug finds out from his sister Katie that she's gay.

2011: David emails Doug asking for some Romanian translations. Vanessa emails Doug with a similar request for German translations. X-Men Mission: X-Mas in Milwaukee: The FBI take the newly revived Hollis into custody, but the questioning doesn't go too well; Garrison calls in the X-Men to stage a rescue of Hollis by the Super Squad!; the Super Squad - sorry, the X-Men - meet the Great Lakes Avengers; the GLA and the Secret Squad follow "The Professor's" orders in order to turn the tables on their puppet master; Garrison, Terry and Abigail Brand track down Leather Boy and discover the true mastermind behind the GLA - Taskmaster, aka Tony Masters. Meggan posts about finishing her Christmas shopping. Vanessa texts David about the pet names he used for her. Wade stops by Remy's office and asks a question.

2012: Lorna posts to her journal to announce that she will not be cooking on Christmas Day, but that she had made more than enough food for those staying around. Doug makes a journal entry about the end of the world and a well-timed Nintendo announcement. Maddie texts Clint in code. Hope e-mails Maddie about potential gift ideas for Clint. Hope also e-mails Haller about a change of plans and potentially joining the ski trip. Sooraya e-mails Angel about going out for supper on Saturday. Angel e-mails Doug to ask for help in brushing up on her Urdu. Angel makes a journal entry musing about the so-called end of the world. In the Danger Room, Betsy engages in the long process of teaching Haller the art of avoiding death, with the end result of many tennis balls dying for a half-learned lesson. Angelo and Jean-Philippe partake in the watching of a recording of the Miss Universe Pageant, and figure out where they stand with one another.

2013: Adrienne emails Scott asking for help delivering Tandy's Christmas gift - a car.

2014: Molly texts Logan and asks if he would like to watch Frozen with her and Rogue and if she can have one of his cigars. Logan texts Rogue asking about a Logan Snowman. MA posts why no one told her about the Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Cards. Gabriel and Clint go ice skating. Cecilia leaves Arthur a gift outside his door.


2015: Operation: Mutant of the Seas: Jubilee and Cammie turn up a potential connection to that location of the distress signal, a particular area of the Atlantic; Felicia and Gabriel spends too much time in the midst of marketing materials; Emma and North are able to identify the potential owners of the cruise ship.

2016: Gabriel posts about falling asleep on the Metro-North.

2017: Miles celebrates the end of semester and his sheer lack of a social life. Johnny posts about the imminent invasion by one C. Kringle and his plans to take him down. Kyle asks Doug to delete police reports of his night drinking with Clarice and the subsequent bar fight. Clea announces she’s flying back to England for the holidays and that she’s not looking forward to talking about her birth family with her parents. Tandy asks for volunteers at her uncle’s soup kitchen over the holiday period.

2018: Gabriel checks on Artie and discovers just how Not Okay he is.