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Following the incident at her hospital, Clarice Ferguson decided to move back to the mansion and rejoin the X-Men. X-Force regained another member also, with the return of David North from Europe after his cover was blown, and X-Factor obtained a new Girl Friday. Newly returned Sooraya Qadir decided she wanted to work on her self defence, with Scott Summers suggesting her invulnerable roomie, Yvette Petrovic as a training partner. Angelica Jones took a study placement in England for the rest of the school year.

Theresa Cassidy and husband Bobby Drake continued to try to repair their marriage, but an unspoken attraction and email flirting with Doug Ramsey made things confusing for Terry. Garrison Kane's sex life became non-existent, with the discovery by Amanda Sefton that he had been cursed during the Halloween incident to always be interrupted at the worst moment, and she promised to try and find a 'cure'. Sarah Vale continued to be attracted to Layla Miller, although Layla's difficult personal history around the holidays made her difficult to be around - not to mention the small rodents and bugs around the mansion which kept coming back to life. Layla's powers issues came to a head when she accidentally resurrected a dog out in the woods and collapsed, leading Sarah V. to raise the alarm and Layla to spend time in medlab recuperating.

X-Force were alarmed to discover Rebecca Barnes had escaped, with Wade Wilson in particular taking the news badly and going into hiding briefly. The X-Men had another encounter with the Taskmaster in Milwaukee, with an FBI investigation turning up a "superhero" group known as the Great Lakes Avengers. The X-Men were brought in secretly by Kane and Terry, to avoid Abigail Brand once again turning the situation into a SHIELD incident. X-Factor took on a holiday protection duty job, adding Fred Dukes as extra muscle.

Jean Grey organised a Secret Santa for the New Mutants, and Amara Aquilla roped them into a HeliX soup kitchen over the holidays. And Korvus Rook'shir got a most unexpected Christmas gift - an heirloom sword by the name of Nandaki.


Dec 1 - Sooraya moves into the suite with Yvette and the old/new roommates catch up.

Dec 2 - Clarice posts about the incident at the hospital where she was observing, and about having to speak to the Dean of Students about what happened. Bobby surprises Terry with a date, which goes somewhat awkwardly.

Dec 3 - Angelo and Sooraya have lunch and catch up. Clarice talks to Scott about returning to the team and the mansion. Tabs texts Cammie about being lost on her way meeting Cammie at a bar. Scott makes breakfast for Jean and only narrowly avoids burning the suite down.

Dec 4 - Angelo emails Doug about the men Sooraya had issues with in Attilan. Garrison and Adrienne have fish and chips and discuss tattoos, Victorian clothing and baseball. Wade emails Scott about wanting to talk to him. Terry and Doug meet for breakfast and discuss the personal issues skirted around in their emails.

Dec 5 - Scott encounters Sooraya cooking in the kitchen, and the two talk. Afterwards, Scott emails Yvette about working with Sooraya on some self-defence. Wade talks to Scott about his mishandling of the situation with Artie. Maddie asks Sarah V. to give her iPod a talking to and then convinces her to play a prank involving the school skeleton and a Santa suit. Sarah V. drops in on Yvette to try and find out possible Christmas present ideas and winds up having to explain what 'cybering' means, much to both girls' mortification.

Dec 6 - Jean-Paul brings Warren a gift for his new office and wind up talking about Warren's lack of ability with plants. Sam and Scott meet at the CoffeeQuake and talk about family and the Blackbird. Doug shares a Old Spice Man Christmas greeting to Kyle's home town. Yvette and Amara talk between classes at ESU and Amara mentions her idea to have HeliX members and the New Mutants volunteer at soup kitchens over the holiday. Sooraya's things arrive from Attilan and she asks for help bringing the crate upstairs.

Dec 7 - John resurfaces and demands introductions from the newcomers and returnees; Wade emails Doug about his touchiness on the thread in John's journal. Maddie sends Sarah a coded email about meeting for a prank. Wade posts about watching the Disney version of Robin Hood.

Dec 8 - Amanda and Wade talk about his job opportunities over morning coffee at her apartment. Sooraya emails Angelo about coming back to work part-time for Elpis. Jean asks for whoever put the Biology class skeleton on the roof to bring it back down. Meggan posts about finding insects and spiders that won't die no matter how often she squishes them; Sarah V. posts about something similar with a mouse, inadvertently revealing her role in the skeleton prank in the process and winding up being put on cleaning duty by Jean; Sarah texts Maddie to let her know the jig is up; Jean lets the staff known Sarah is on punishment cleaning duty; Wade emails Sarah with some tips on not being caught while pranking. Sarah V. reports to Bishop at X-Factor as part of her new Girl Friday position and confuses him with geek culture references. Maddie emails Lex about watching the Army vs. Navy football game with her. Jean, Warren, Jean-Paul and Adrienne go to the opera together.

Dec 9 - Sarah V. emails Layla to check up on her, given the resurrected critters around the mansion. Scott reports another sighting of the 'pirate mice', one missing an eye and one missing a leg, this time in the garage. Adrienne visits Vanessa with pizza and they have one of their very rambling discussions, including Adri's role with X-Factor and her return to Narcotics Anonymous. Jean-Paul texts Adrienne to warn her of impending lunch kidnapping. Jubilee posts about Remy and Ororo's marriage and other things David might have missed while he was away. Following Sarah's email, Sarah V. and Layla watch movies together and get more physically close than either does normally.

Dec 10 - Molly rescues Marius from a nasty fall off the roof during Christmas decorating; Marius posts to his journal to let Kyle know the damage is taken care of, spawning a giant thread about his old eating habits, rugby-induced brain damage, various study habits and why you should never ask Marius to do anything involving ladders. Bishop and Scott resume their training sessions. Amara emails Tabitha about getting the New Mutants involved in the soup kitchen idea. Warren and Scott have a beer after a Danger Room session and catch up.

Dec 11 - Sooraya meets Korvus and they discover they have a lot in common. Dori posts an image of a friend's pet toad riding Monkey Joe. Amanda takes Matt out shopping and for lunch. After a night of drinking and being depressed about their love lives, Amanda and Garrison discover he's cursed following a bout of food poisoning at the worst moment.

Dec 12 - Sarah V. asks Meggan about how you know when you like like someone. Amanda posts about her adventures in food poisoning and asks Nico for help researching Garrison's curse (without revealing he is the cursee).

Dec 13 - Fred runs into Dori sneaking out of Kyle's room and after some really obvious hints, realises Dori and Kyle are having sex. Tabitha announces the New Mutants will be helping out at the HeliX soup kitchen during the holiday break. Vanessa posts to x_factorinvestigations about the group being hired as protection detail for several holiday parties held by known mutant Jumbo Carnation, and about hiring Fred as a bouncer to help; Vanessa talks to Fred about the job and him needing a decent suit; Vanessa emails Adrienne, asking her to outfit Fred for his security duties. Operation: зимний солдат: Ororo finds out from Bucky Barnes that his daughter Rebecca has escaped from the special hospital she had been taken to after being captured by X-Force in Russia. Warren invites a number of his friends to spend New Year's Eve at his holiday house in the Colorado Rockies.

Dec 14 - Operation: зимний солдат: Ororo lets the rest of X-Force know Rebecca Barnes has escaped, potentially with help; Marie-Ange emails Wade to let him know about the escape and to be careful; Wade texts Marie-Ange from a safe house and she tells him not to be so paranoid. Amara emails HeliX members about the soup kitchen volunteering. Jean-Paul emails Vanessa about his New Year's plans and availability for the Carnation job. Amanda runs into David at the Snow Valley offices and is perky at him while they catch up. Fred posts about his makeover and various people are impressed by the photo evidence. Sooraya emails Angelo about Elpis and telling Nathan about her experiences on Attilan. Maddie runs into Artie in the kitchen, admires his butt and is introduced to the coffee maker.

Dec 15 - Yvette asks people to wish Angelica a happy birthday. Jean-Paul and Amanda catch up over Chinese. Jan announces National Cupcake Day, as well as other food-related 'days' coming up. Garrison offers an angry Vanessa advice on dealing with her trauma and she actually listens. Sooraya gives Angel a birthday gift.

Dec 16 - Jean decides to run a Secret Santa for the New Mutants and asks for help; Jean tells the New Mutants to contact Yvette and Clarice as the Secret Santa elves with their gifts for their gift-ee. Jean-Paul invites Warren to a District X business owners meeting. Sooraya and Matt meet in the kitchen and she makes lunch for them as they talk.

Dec 17 - Sooraya and Scott begin her powers training. X-Men Mission: X-Mas in Milwaukee: Garrison, Terry and Abigail Brand are sent to Milwaukee to investigate the robbery of a Customs facility.

Dec 18 - Doug talks about the new Star Wars MMO. X-Mas In Milwaukee: The FBI investigation doesn't lead anywhere, so Garrison, Terry and Brand are forced to start thinking creatively.

Dec 19 - David conducts a new hire session with Cammie and manages to survive the experience and give her work. He later shows up at Vanessa's with a bottle of alcohol and coaxes answers out of her. X-Mas In Milwaukee: Creative thinking leads the FBI team to the home of Craig Hollis, who ends up being shot by Brand.

Dec 20 - David emails Doug asking for some Romanian translations. Vanessa emails Doug with a similar request for German translations. X-Mas In Milwaukee: The FBI take the newly revived Hollis into custody, but the questioning doesn't go too well; Garrison calls in the X-Men to stage a rescue of Hollis by the Super Squad!; the Super Squad - sorry, the X-Men - meet the Great Lakes Avengers; the GLA and the Secret Squad follow the Professor's orders in order to turn the tables on their puppet master; Garrison, Terry and Brand track down Leather Boy and discover the true mastermind behind the Great Lake Avengers - Taskmaster, aka Tony Masters. Meggan posts about finishing her Christmas shopping. Vanessa texts David about the pet names he used for her. Wade stops by Remy's office and asks a question.

Dec 21 - Yvette reminds everyone that the student Secret Santa gifts will be handed out after dinner that night. Doug and Jubilee go ice skating. The student Secret Santa gifts are distributed by Clarice and Yvette. Sooraya posts about her first week at Elpis and asks for help with shopping for business clothes. Yvette posts to the grads about Maddie and Artie squabbling on the journals. Vanessa and Haller have lunch, and Haller manages to shed some light on Vanessa's shifting issues.

Dec 22 - Amanda emails Kurt, Korvus and Meggan reminding them about Meggan's birthday dinner. Scott and Haller chat over comms duty. Terry emails Bobby about Christmas plans.

Dec 23 - David texts Wade about the delivery of a clock. Meggan posts about the birthday gift she got from Korvus - a beating plush heart. Yvette approaches Adrienne about helping out a new clothing store in District X. Angelo invites Molly to have dinner with his family for Christmas. Matt thanks his secret Santa for his Christmas present - whoever it was. Korvus and Molly lift weights in the gym. Layla posts about the awesome skateboard she got from her secret Santa.

Dec 24 - Adrienne posts about the gift of a giant plush pig and her plans to spend Christmas with her sister. Amanda posts wishing Kurt a happy birthday and the surprise visit of their family. Meggan thanks her secret Santa. Scott and Jean spend the night in a Manhattan hotel, but as Jean is overcome by nightmares the night doesn't end as happily as they had hoped. Emma and Adrienne share a Christmas which devolves into a fight between the sisters.

Dec 25 - Crystal wishes everyone a Happy Christmas from Attilan. Matt posts about Christmas Eve mass, Christmas in general and Korvus' new sword. Korvus and Doug discuss said sword - the Nandaki, a family heirloom.

Dec 26 - Angelica announced that she had been accepted into a study abroad program in England. Molly posts about Jedi squirrels. Nico asks if it's safe to come out yet after Christmas.

Dec 27 - Clarice moves back into the mansion and ends up sharing a suite with Wade. Sharon comes across Layla in the kitchen and has an encounter with a mouse which refuses to die.

Dec 28 - Scott emails Jean about Layla's recent circumstances and discovers the her sad history at New Year's. Warren leaves for his New Years retreat in Colorado, along with Amanda and Jean-Phillipe (among others). Sooraya contacts Bishop hoping to learn more about different types of guns, a request Bishop is happy to help with. Callie, Meggan and Kyle wheedle Jean-Phillipe into helping with the soup kitchen volunteering.

Dec 29 - Vanessa and Sarah meet in the X-Factor reception area and wind up discussing filing.

Dec 30 - Sarah V and Layla take a walk in the woods during which Layla collapses; Sarah calls Dr. McCoy in a panic.

Dec 31 - Layla wakes up in the infirmary after over-using her powers and sends out a distress call for food and painkillers. Tabitha and Warren discuss the next item on her "Bucket List."


Operation: зимний солдат

X-Men Mission: X-Mas in Milwaukee

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