A Touch Of Brimstone

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain the death of a significant character/NPC.

Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.

A Touch of Brimstone
Dates run: January 13-14, 2015
Run By: Dex
Read the logs: A Touch of Brimstone

Part 1 of the Dark Phoenix Saga.

"YOU LIE!," Jean said, her voice burning with pure rage. She lifted her head, as her hair ignited in flames. Raising her arms, a pair of wings, made of fire, burst from her back, and the head of the phoenix sprung form from her own. It grew exponentially, until it's wingspan was nearly the size of Muir island, heat and flames spewing from its tongue in an otherworldly scream.

Her eyes met Magneto's as she suddenly turned calm. It was like staring into a dark eternity. The voice that came from her lips was like nothing they'd ever heard before.

'"And you will burn for it."

When Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants attack Muir Island, the X-Men go to the rescue. Then it all goes horribly, terribly wrong.


Angelica Jones, Clarice Ferguson, Doreen Green, Garrison Kane, Jean Grey, Jean-Phillipe Colbert, Jennie Stavros, John Allerdyce, Kurt Sefton, Kyle Gibney, Laurie Collins, Logan, Lorna Dane, Marie D'Ancato, Marius Laverne, Matt Murdock, Sam Guthrie, Scott Summers, Sharon Smith, Sooraya Qadir, Tabitha Smith, Yvette Petrovic

Magneto, Brotherhood of Mutants, Dark Riders, Sabretooth, Dragoness, Ash and Rowan, Shalimar Fox, Jessie Kilmartin


January 13-14, 2015

Plot Summary

Visiting Muir, Marius and John were sent to investigate a security alarm and discovered the island complex had been infiltrated by the Brotherhood of Mutants. Marius went to raise the alarm, while John trailed the group into the bowels of Muir's sub-basements.

Back at the mansion, Cyclops alerted the team and sets the mansion on lockdown, setting out the gameplan en route on the Blackbird. Nightcrawler took a team into the sub-basements and they fought off the Brotherhood attempting to break into the safety bunker, where the complex' residents had retreated for safety's sake. Cyclops’ team headed for the front gates to take on the bulk of the Brotherhood there; Phoenix led a smaller team to flank the Brotherhood at the front of the building. Polaris led a team to the security and comms centre, only to discover multiple teleports incoming. Meanwhile, following the Brotherhood, John discovered the Dark Riders were also on site, with a bomb.

Polaris’ team was trapped in the comms centre by members of the former Preservers and Magnetic North, requiring an unusual exit through the ceiling. In the sub-basements, Nightcrawler’s team was ambushed by Tusk, Psynapse and Gauntlet of the Dark Riders, with Meltdown being killed, Wallflower losing an arm, Dust, Bevatron and Nightcrawler all injured before John came in and got them out via Blink, taking a shot himself. At the entrance to the facility, Cyclops and Phoenix’s teams were also ambushed, with Catseye and Penance being killed and Cyclops, Dominion, Wolverine and Firestar injured. Driven by rage over the deaths of her teammates, Phoenix called for the retreat as she went after Magneto. Arriving on the roof, Cannonball and Daredevil were killed, while Roulette and Emplate avenged them by killing Foxbat and Barrage but were also severely injured, leaving Polaris to hold off Magneto. Rogue and Phoenix arrived and confronted Magneto so Polaris could take Roulette and Emplate to the Blackbird. In the midst of the battle, the Dark Rider’s bomb went off and in the air above the ruins Jean manifested the Phoenix and killed Magneto and any remaining Brotherhood and Dark Riders. Once she realised what she had done in a moment of clarity, Jean fled and disappeared, leaving Rogue to meet with the Blackbird and tell them what happened.

The news of the various deaths, both of the X-Men and those who had been on Muir at the time of the explosion, devastated the mansion. The medlab staff were overwhelmed with the various injuries, and the questions remained - why had the Dark Riders bombed Muir, and where was Jean?

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The plot involved the deaths of several characters, whose players had decided to retire them permanently ahead of the relaunch to Phase 2.


Plotrunner: Dex

Subrunner: Rossi

Plot poster by Morag