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Psi War
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Dates run: August 29, 2017 - September 28, 2017
Run By: Ben
Read the logs: Psi War

Quote from the plot

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Quentin Quire, Jean Grey, Rogue, David Haller, Emma Frost, Topaz, Alex Summers, Cecilia Reyes, Amanda Sefton, Wanda Maximoff, Illyana Rasputin, Stephen Strange, Marie-Ange Colbert, Rachel Kinross-Dayspring.

Parker Matthews, Shadow King


August 29, 2017 - September 28, 2017

Plot Summary

Note: This is a temporary summary only, based on the monthly posts. Edits are required to make it conform to the Wiki narrative standard for plot summaries.

Aug 29 - Jean meets a new patient with unusual symptoms and there’s some light flirting.

Sep 7 - Rogue asks the Phase 1 members of X-Force to investigate this dimension’s Parker Matthews.

Sep 10 - Amanda emails Rogue and the Phase 1 X-Force members with an update that Parker Matthews apparently had some friends in the magical world who haven’t been seen for a while.

Sep 13 - Jean emails Charles looking for guidance regarding telepathy and symptoms of its manifestation in relation to her patient, Parker Matthews; Charles emails Emma and Haller about Jean’s encounter with Parker Matthews.

Sep 14 - Haller and Emma take a closer look at Parker Matthews to discover the origin of his malady, and they learn this Parker Matthews is worlds away from the man they used to know; the Shadow King returns, parasitizing Jean in hopes of consuming her power, causing Haller and Emma to pull out all the stops to fight; Cecilia posts to xp_staff about things becoming complicated; Quentin observes the psychic battle from afar, and Topaz just rolls her eyes; Cecilia makes a journal post acknowledging the medlab’s in a mess.

Sep 16 - After the battle with the Shadow King using her body, Jean wakes up in a hospital bed, and Haller is there to greet her.

Sep 17 - Rogue visits Jean while she is recuperating from the Shadow King battle in the Box and tries to cheer her up.

Sep 19 -Haller emails Amanda to let her know that there was no sign of the Shadow King and suggesting she reproduce the ritual to flush him out of the Astral Plane; a news story is released about an escape from Westchester Correctional Facility involving Randall Bush; Quentin is over the moon about Randall’s escape, Alex not so much.

Sep 20 - Amanda emails Stephen and Wanda asking for their help with the ritual.

Sep 21 - To cleanse the astral plane, Amanda calls on Wanda, Illyana, and Stephen to recreate the grand spell she cast nearly a decade ago; Quentin tries to get uncomfortably close to Jean, but reveals he is hosting the Shadow King when the ritual ends, with the Shadow King racing to the X-Force offices in order to kill the magic users. Jean arrives shortly after and there is a battle involving her, Haller and Amanda while Wanda gets the students to safety; confronted with a terrifying choice as Jean offers herself as a sacrifice to the Shadow King, Quentin is forced to make the ultimate decision; Wanda emails Doug and Marie-Ange asking for them to come to the site of Quentin’s sacrifice with a container.

Sep 22 - Wanda sends an email to all teams letting them know what happened at the Snow Valley offices the previous day; Jean, sure Quentin is still alive, enlists Haller and Emma’s help to track down his psyche; the three of them find Quentin and the Shadow King in the Astral Plane where Quentin has to reclaim scenes from his life before the Shadow King corrupts them and him; finally defeating the Shadow King, Quentin prepares to leave with Jean and the others and ends up in Jean’s head as a psychic ghost; Jean and Quentin are forced together come to an accord and find a new respect for one another.

Sep 23 - Xavin posts to the journals asking what happened, Amanda replies with news of Quentin’s death, unaware his psyche survived and much to Xavin’s shock.

Sep 25 - Jean posts to the teams that Quentin is actually alive... technically: he has no body, but his mind is being hosted in Jean’s; she then lets the rest of the mansion know in a journal post; Gabriel then texts Angel asking for her help in keeping Jean away from him.

Sep 27 - Rachel and Marie-Ange help guide Quentin into his new body, which he soon discovers is missing a key component: his powers.

Sep 28 - Haller checks in on Quentin.

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Plotrunner: Ben

Links to comic/movie/etc influences on the plot (if any), or other OOC notes that are important to the plot. Eg: With Malice Aforethought is a reworking of two Marvel plotlines - Malice and Forge's Neutraliser.