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Apocalypse - deceased
Portrayed by Chiwetel Ejiofor
Known Aliases: Apocalypse
Affiliations: Horsemen
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: Day Zero

A mutant supremacist with immense power, Apocalypse orchestrated an invasion of Manhattan Island in the fall of 2008, causing catastrophic fear and destruction. With his Horsemen, he was one of the most dangerous foes that the X-Men have faced, until his second - and final - death at the hands of Dark Phoenix in India in January 2015.


Name: Unknown

Aliases: Apocalypse

Affiliation: The Horsemen

First appearance: October 25, 2008

Family: Unknown


The past of the man known as Apocalypse is unknown. Judging from his ethnicity and accent, SHIELD places his origins somewhere in Central Africa, possibly Nigeria. He first came to the attention of various intelligence communities when he was sighted at numerous sites of mutant terrorism over the first half of 2008. It is now known that he was scouting and recruiting a team of powerful mutants that he called the Horsemen.

In October of 2008, Apocalypse attacked Manhattan Island, raising a citadel of metal and concrete from the ruins of Madison Square Garden and claiming the island as a new mutant nation. He and the Horsemen waged a campaign of terror and fear for four days before the X-Men, X-Force and others brought him down and defeated him.

Shortly after his defeat and incarceration by SHIELD, Apocalypse was freed by Sabretooth and a group of mutants called the Dark Riders. After a melee at the Blue Area mutant commune, Apocalypse was confronted by four mutants who had been modified by Blaquesmith, his former comrade. In the fracas, he was thought dead, beheaded by Jay Guthrie.

In truth, the Apocalypse that was killed was a genetically-identical clone, created by Nathaniel Essex in exchange for samples of the genetic material of Sabretooth and the Dark Riders. Recovering from his ordeal alive and well, Apocalypse's continued survival was at that time a secret known only to Essex, and his next actions remained to be seen.

His "resurrection" was discovered in January 2015 following the Dark Riders' part in the destruction of Muir Island and the deaths of everyone there as well as several X-Men. Investigations by members of X-Force, X-Factor and X-Corps revealed the Dark Riders with a very much alive Apocalypse in Africa - the destruction of Muir was part of a more detailed plan to attract and potentially harness the power of the Phoenix, a legendary cosmic force said to be able to protect against the Celestials, a race of mythical beings said to one day return and destroy the planet. They did indeed attract the Phoenix, but she was much more than they could handle. Apocalypse - and the Dark Riders - was killed when Dark Phoenix destroyed the Indian city of Visakhapatnam.


The extent of Apocalypse's powers are unknown at this time. He has intimated that his powers are tied directly to the faith others place in him; with a mob of loyal mutants supporting him, he was nigh-invincible. Whether through mutant powers or other means, he has exhibited an ability to alter and increase the mutant abilities of others, as he has done with his Horsemen. He has also displayed a superhuman level of tenacity and durability, even when weakened, though the upper limits of his power are still unknown.


Day Zero

Mechanisms of Revenge

Ashes and Mist (alternate reality version)

Age of Apocalypse (alternate reality version)

Fires From The Ashes


In the Ashes and Mist world, Apocalypse attacked New York in 2013, a year after the Genosha incident. He was successful in his attack and eventually took control of the United States.

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Formerly socked by Nute

PB: Chiwetel Ejiofor