Congress of Behram

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Congress of Behram
Dates run: April 3-5, 2009
Run By: Dex
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"The situation would be somewhat fluid so I would caution you take take my analysis with a healthy dose of skepticism. I usually try to err on the positive side as to avoid excessive alarmism." He shrugged and blew on the coffee, sending small ripples scattering across the surface of the brown liquid as he tried to cool it. "Briefly I would guess Armageddon would happen, if 'this thing works,' ladies and gentlemen."

X-Force sends a team into a major conference on mutation to try and stop an assassination that could have deadly repercussions if it succeeds.

Part 4 of the Imperium Stratagem.


Remy LeBeau, Morgan Lennox, David North, Jubilation Lee, Jake Gavin

Angelo Espinosa, Kurt Sefton, Crystal Amaquelin, Laurie Collins, Marie-Ange Colbert, Doug Ramsey, Mark Sheppard, Leonard Samson, Emma Frost, Amahl Farouk

William Bastion, Lilandra Neramani, Imperial Guard, Charles Xavier



April 3-5, 2009

Plot Summary

As part of an attempt to limit some of the damage done to India's international reputation thanks to her brother, Lilandra Neramani joined with numerous professionals to hold the first international conference on mutancy and the changes involved in global security: the Erfurt International Symposium on Mutation. Reaching out to specialists all over the world, the conference has been arranged to be held in Erfurt, Germany. It is the first time that some of the major powers have agreed to even send representatives, as well as leading experts in mutants around the world.

Lilandra Neramani's name and the political power of her brother was a powerful draw, and an a-list of experts assembled for the conference, including Lt. Gen. William Bastion. Academics and mutant specialists like Leonard Samson, Amahl Farouk, and Charles Xavier were all invitees to enter the conference and in some cases, advise or participate in some of the panels and sub-committees.

Snow Valley had a few representatives along officially, but unofficially, Remy LeBeau brought a small team along with him for a dangerous reason. William Bastion was been targeted for assassination, and Alexei Vazhin pulled up a reference to Russian technology sold to the Syrians called SIROCCO. SIROCCO appeared to be activated to use one or several Muslim mutant assassins to kill him during the conference.

The repercussions of such an action would be momentous. It would spike anti-mutant and anti-Muslim feeling to dangerous levels in some places, and cause a huge rise in tensions in the UN Protectorate of Pakistan. The support for more draconian measures of countering mutant crime and mutant terrorism would grow, especially with the calculated political killing of one of the highest profile advocates of a new direction in international relations regarding mutants.

During the conference, Morgan Lennox was sent into Erfurt undercover as a member of the local fundamental Muslin groups to try and determine intelligence while Jubilation Lee, Remy LeBeau, Jake Gavin and David North searched the hotel for leads on who or what this SIROCCO involves. Their task was made more difficult by the fact that they could not reveal themselves to local security, or the several members of the Imperial Guard sent as Lilandra's protective detail.

During the weekend, several contacts with SIROCCO were made, sometimes violently, but in each case, they were unable to stop the assassins. However, they did use the various members of the Institute and Snow Valley to provide support while they sought to discover the identities of SIROCCO.

At the final day of the conference, they slipped the information that Bastion and Xavier had a private meeting planned, and when all four members of SIROCCO revealed themselves by tracking Xavier to what they believed was the meeting, the four X-Force members ambushed them. The Russian technology turned out to be a mix of cybernetics designed to augment existing mutant abilities, and X-Force faked a retreat to allow SIROCCO to break off the attack and trap their targets in a private room.

However, Xavier once being pushed through the door had been teleported to the actual meeting place by Kurt Sefton, and instead, SIROCCO went through the door only to find themselves facing Lilandra's security detail; the Imperial Guard.

Meanwhile, Xavier had the opportunity to meet and speak with Lilandra and Bastion, and their conversation brings up a number of interesting points in which they agree. Lilandra turned out not to be happy with her brother D. Ken's viewpoints, or many of his actions. Interestingly enough, it was Farouk's viewpoint that bridges the differences between Xavier's academic, civil concepts of human/mutant peace, Bastion's common sense look at global security and Lilandra's more political state viewpoint. Each left with the commitment to an unofficial future working relationship.

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This marked Jake Gavin's first deployment as a member of X-Force.


Plotrunner: Dex

Erfurt was the site of the famous Congress of Erfurt in 1808, in which Talleyrand began to assemble allies in secretly doublecrossing his own head of state, Napoleon Bonaparte.

Thug Behram was one of the world's most prolific killers, believed to have caused or being involved in up to 931 murders.

The events of this plot still occurred in Phase 2, but specifics, such as which characters were involved, remain fuzzy for the purposes of not breaking the world. ;)