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A post by Laurie Collins about what medical career she should pursue led to another unpleasant exchange between her and various other residents, resulting in Clarice Ferguson requesting Jean Grey that she no longer work with Laurie (which Jean denied); Doug Ramsey unleashing a lot of pent-up anger; Artie Maddicks calling her a killer and Kyle Gibney suggesting food, sunshine and a nap.

Bobby Drake discussed the possibility of moving out of the mansion to live with Miles Morales while on a trip with Monica Rambeau to get donuts.

Repercussions from revelation of the patchwork universe continued as Amanda Sefton confessed to Jean the real reason she had prevented Jean from sacrificing herself to the Shadow King - fear of him having access to the potential Phoenix Force. Amanda also exchanged truths with Marie-Ange Colbert about their intimate relationship in Roma's illusionary world, resulting in the start of something they agreed wouldn't be labelled, but which was definitely more than their previous friendship.

And on a lighter note, when Maya Lincoln-Lopez insisted on doing one of Garrison Kane's Danger Room scenarios, Garrison shared the resulting series of ass-whoopings with the rest of the team.


Feb 1 -

Feb 2 - Hope A. texts Doug concerning the upcoming visit of her parents. Jean and Amanda discuss the Shadow King and why Amanda stopped Jean from sacrificing herself.

Feb 3 - Laurie posts about her uncertainty concerning where she should work once her fellowship ends. Jean-Phillipe texts Angelo to ask him to keep Marie-Ange from killing Laurie. Jean emails Laurie about her post to check in.

Feb 4 - Maya asks that Kyle and Topaz join her in trying Vegemite.

Feb 5 -

Feb 6 -

Feb 7 - Kyle asks people to join him in celebration of the biggest event on the football calendar, the Superb Owl.

Feb. 8 -

Feb. 9 -

Feb. 10 - Jubilee posts about her time in a neckbrace.

Feb. 11 - Over donuts, Nica and Bobby talk about the other world and Bobby's plans in this one.

Feb. 12 -

Feb. 13 -

Feb. 14 - Laurie informs everyone she's not sorry for her behavior. Clarice informs Jean she won't work with Laurie anymore, but Jean isn't having it. Doug texts Kyle to say he tried.

Feb. 15 - Laurie emails Clarice to propose a truce.

Feb. 16 - Laurie texts saying that she's trying to be better, clearly not amused.

Feb. 17 - Artie texts Clarice for a drink.

Feb. 18 -

Feb. 19 - Matt posts an LGBT video. Maya texts Garrison about Danger Room simulations; Garrison posts a recording from Maya's Danger Room experience.

Feb. 20 -

Feb. 21 -

Feb 22 - Maya posts an AMA about her deafness.

Feb 23 - The biathlon reminds Wanda of why she hates cross country skiing.

Feb 24 -

Feb 25 - Maya is disgusted by the fashion habits of the wealthy. Amanda pins down Marie-Ange and they talk about the other versions of themselves.

Feb. 26 -

Feb. 27 -

Feb. 28 -



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