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Two new faces appeared this month - Pyotr Rasputin, an artist living in District X ran into Marie-Ange Colbert after stopping a car from plowing into a pro-mutant demonstration and received an invitation to the Institute and Sarah Rushman, the daughter of a local mobster who was given refuge when her anti-mutant aunt began targeting her family. At the same time, Wanda Maximoff went on an extended mission to Germany.

The repercussions from the Olivier mission continued, but this time in a good way as Abigail Brand and Garrison Kane struck a truce in their hostilities and Brand honoured the deal they had made for the X-Men's help and Amanda Sefton was chosen as the point of contact for access to the promised SWORD intel about mutants. It was during an X-Force briefing on this new resource that Artie Maddicks made his antipathy and distrust towards humans very vocal, resulting in a conversation with Kevin Sydney and Artie taking a more analytical role instead of operational runs.

More repercussions from Laurie's defection as well, with Darcy Lewis discovering that she had limited electrokinetic abilities, about the same as her beloved taser.

Controversy arose in the Winter Olympics, with an ice skater testing positive for the X-gene and being disqualified, an action which created much discussion on the journals.


Feb 1 - Darcy's late night wanderings bring her into contact with Garrison. Maya texts Gabriel asking to meet up when he returns.

Feb 2 - Alison posts a journal to clear up any misinformation that may have spread following her attempts to clear some snow.

Feb 3 - Darcy leaves a gift for Jean. Wanda announces to X-Force that she's needed in Germany. Wanda emails Amanda, Clint, Garrison, and Topaz to update them on her out of mansion status. Maya runs into Garrison near the gym, their talk ends on a surprising note.

Feb 4 - Jubilee texts Felicia concerning the new art installation in Central Park. Later, Jubilee meets Garrison at Harry's and they talk about his choices. Kyle and April do some sparring so he can get a feel for her abilities, talk about teams, and then have a jungle run in the Danger Room.

Feb 5 - Jean thanks Darcy for her present.

Feb 6 - In District X, Marie-Ange runs into Pyotr Rasputin after a car attempts the same.

Feb 7 - Darcy complains about winter and static charge.

Feb 8 - Kyle, Arthur, America, and Gabriel meet at fight club, where they run into the boss's daughter - Sarah Rushman. Kevin posts about Sarah and her possible uses to X-Force.

Feb 9 - Sons of Mutancy: Kane reminds Brand of their deal and they come to a kind of truce.

Feb 10 - Sons of Mutancy: Amanda emails Marie-Ange and Kevin about their new gift from SWORD/SHIELD - a pipeline to all their info dealing with mutants.

Feb 11 - Jubilee posts about Kevin smiling and is concerned. Clarice helps Sarah clean out her old apartment. Jean administers Pyotr's physical exam and gets to meet Colossus.

Feb 12 - Jean and Garrison meet at Harry's, and go on an excursion. News out of the Winter Olympics reports that a competitor has been suspended after testing positive for the X-Gene. Gabe, Darcy, and Artie post responses. Alani ponders a chicken coop. Matt and Maya work out training their over-splits and are grateful they are bilateral people and not octopus.

Feb 13 - Kevin talks to Clint about a possible job.

Feb 14 - Hope A. texts Sue about Valentine's Day plans. Felicia posts a picture of herself. Maya talks about a speed dating event she went to. Kevin and Marie-Ange announce their new pipeline to the rest of the team, to mixed reactions. Darcy and Artie discuss their feelings about it on the way to the gym.

Feb 15 - Gabe and Garrison catch up at Harry's. Pyotr Rasputin meets Marie-Ange and several others at Snow Valley, and is offered a place to stay at the mansion.

Feb 16 - Maya posts some self reflection. Betsy and April meet.

Feb 17 - Pyotr introduces himself on the journals. Doug posts a meme about data. Darcy posts a memory from goat yoga.

Feb 18 - Alani meets Pyotr in the gym. Sarah and Matt make plans to hit each other.

Feb 19 - Sarah meets Pyotr, who is momentarily freaked out by the possibility of a mobster.

Feb 20 - Sarah and Matt spar and she reveals her mutation and also meets Maya and Darcy in the process. Matt posts a cartoon about bats using sound to find their food.

Feb 21 - In her exploration, Sarah finds the library and meets its assistant librarian - Alani.

Feb 22 - Roomies April and Pyotr finally meet, they end up bonding over art & family. Gabriel welcomes Sarah to the mansion via booze.

Feb 23 - Pyotr requests help to turn off the voice to text mode on his phone. Kevin stops by Artie’s suite for a discussion about his job.

Feb 24 - Amanda and Darcy share lunch, which leads to an enlightening discovery; Darcy sees Clarice and Jean about her powers issues.

Feb 25 - Maya posts about a TikTok translating Adele’s music into ASL. Terry texts Darcy about options for stew recipes

Feb 26

Feb 27 - Clarice posts about cleaning out Pinterest and Tiktok, and the toxic femininity discovered therein.

Feb 28 - April checks out the library and meets Alani face-to-face. Artie runs into Alani at a bar, where she's gone to drink and process the Winter Olympics news.



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