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Good news came for Hope Abbott, as David Haller reassured her that her mother's plans to send her to school in Switzerland (proposed after Hope A. objected to her mother's extra "homework") had been averted and her parents asked to give her some space. Garrison Kane was released from medlab following his psychic rebuilding and he and Adrienne Frost agreed on a Not-Date, tentatively re-establishing their friendship. Doug Ramsey continued to show progress with his therapist, Gus Grim.

Angelo Espinosa and Jean-Phillipe Colbert continued their not-relationship, with their bond deepening when the first X-Corps mission to Africa nearly resulted in Angelo being burned alive by a cult.

Elsewhere... an old face - Jennie Stavros - was on the run in Prague; while in England, a young witch and her father's pursuit of revenge drew the attention of X-Force.


Oct 1 - Remy posts about taking North off active duty. Remy updates the Professor on Rachel’s quest for Xorn. X-Corps: Breaking the World:Angelo posts about X-Corps first possible mission. What Am I Doing Here?: Sam emails Kurt about staying for a bit in Kentucky to help fix his mom’s house.

Oct 2 - Haller and Hope A. discuss Hope A.'s recent difficulties with her powers. Haller then posts to the staff comm letting everyone know that Hope A.'s parents have been told to give her some space, and to keep an eye on Hope A. in class to see if her spells get any worse. Doug texts Wade. Lorna and Sue discuss surfing. Sue leaves a cake for Adrienne to cheer her up. Kurt catches Rachel sneaking out of the mansion, and offers to help her.

Oct 3 - Adrienne emails Sue and Maddie offering to take them out to distract them from baseball.

Oct 4 - Marie-Ange posts saying she's going to stop being hermit, and insists someone join her for lunch. Adrienne posts celebrating her victory in fantasy baseball. Maddie texts Marie-Ange insisting they go to the Bronx Zoo.

Oct 5 - Clint texts Billy and Maddie proposing a Bing Crosby marathon. Angelo posts expressing surprise that Mama Lupe had really good vodka and the second-best tacos in New York. Garrison's released from the med lab, and he and Adrienne meet at Harry's.

Oct 6 - Kyle posts complaining about not being able to get a Chris Kluwe jersey in his size. Lorna posts to let everyone know there are pumpkin pancakes in the kitchen. Adrienne emails the Chess Club to see if anyone would be up for extra practice.

Oct 7 -

Oct 8 - Lorna posts about Canadian Thanksgiving and invites everyone to the dinner. Marie-Anges posts that Voldemort’s name in French means Elvis.

Oct 9 - Marie-Anges posts that Wade’s phone plays mariachi music at 4:00 a.m. and asks if he knows where his tacos are. X-Corps: Breaking the World: Sooraya and Angelo chat a little on their flight to the Congo; X-Corps sits down and discuss their findings at the end of their first full day.

Oct 10 - Jubliee posts music to crotchet to and another link about her next crochet project.

Oct 11 - Matt posts a pun about sodium.

Oct 12 -

Oct 13 - Billy posts something in French to demonstrate his new learning. X-Corps: Breaking the World The group goes to the Congo to meet with William Bastion. Tandy reminds people of the Film Fest next weekend and that she has tickets. Doug emails Billy regarding changing Clint’s keyboard to only type in Russian and why.

Oct 14 - Laurie posts that Eamon sent her pictures from their most recent holiday. Maddie leaves real caramel apples at Kyle’s suite with a note “Shhh don’t tell.”; Maddie posts about a tray of ‘caramel apples’ have been left in the kitchen (but they are really onions); Wade salutes the mysterious person that left caramel apples in the kitchen. Angel and Hope A. meet outside, and even Hope A. can't resist Angel's personality. X-Corps: Breaking the World: Ord has names of possible suspects to suggest then asks Angelo to stay behind to meet someone; Ord takes Angelo up to an old monastery in the jungle; Yvette, Jean-Phillipe, John and Sooraya catch up with a grave-robber by the name of Bemba and learn what’s really going on, the group make Bema take them to the monastery and rescue Angelo, who is about to be burned alive by a cult believing he will cause the end of the world.

Oct 15 - Clint texts Maddie about the caramel onions being a success. Molly asks whether the mansionites are doing anything for Hallowe’en. Sooraya emails Angel wanting to vent about Africa. Sooraya meets Angel to talk about Africa. Angel talks to Angelo about Sooraya being worried about him.

Oct 16 - Jean-Phillipe updates X-Corps about the goings-on in Africa. Angelo texts Amanda to tell her about Africa. Maddie posts a photo of Clint taken at Walmart. Jubilee visits Doug’s office and they have a tense conversation about him needing space. Jean-Phillipe and Angelo spend the night together.

Oct 17 - Adrienne posts announcing a baseball viewing party in the common room for the evening. Matt posts asking Kyle to look over drafts of his college essays. Amanda visits Angelo and they talk about Africa and Jean-Phillipe.

Oct 18 - Adrienne asks to borrow Scott’s car on the weekend. Kyle posts about the Tigers ALCS victory over the Yankees. Clint texts Maddie about meeting on the roof with snacks. Tandy posts about not being able to sleep.

Oct 19 - Wade texts Doug about the death of Larry Sloan. Dori posts about losing her squirrel. Kyle and Dori have a discussion about money while going to get post-coital waffles. Warren visits Jennifer Walters, his partner at the law firm, to explain his long absence.

Oct 20 - Johnny posts about squirrel chaos in the laundry room. Laurie asks for a sparring partner for a workout. Matt posts song lyrics in honour of the homecoming dance later. Maddie posts a picture of herself and her date in their homecoming dresses. Sooraya talks about being burned out on the journals. Garrison and Adrienne go to a charity ball.

Oct 21 - Clint posts about seeing the Orionid meteor shower. Matt and Sue attend the homecoming dance and decide they’re boyfriend and girlfriend.

Oct 22 - Marie-Ange ‘conveniently’ runs into Doug after his latest therapy session with Gus Grim and they talk about his progress.

Oct 23 - Jubilee gets the Gangnam style song stuck in her head and decides to share the pain. Hope A. comments on the wedding dress of the Belgian Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy.

Oct 24 -

Oct 25 - Jean emails Scott to ask him to supervise her classes for a little while as she is going to look after her nephew and niece in Annadale-on-Hudson. Adrienne emails Jean and Lorna with a Halloween costume idea and then adds a suggestion to Scott. Charles meets with Hector Baez, his attorney who lets him know he’s retiring and who suggests his replacement.

Oct 26 - Wade emails Marie-Ange to suggest movies instead of costumes for Halloween, considering the previous year’s incident. Laurie reflects on the x_grads comm about the joys of sugar and the pilot episode of Mockingbird Lane.

Oct 27 - Adrienne leaves Jean a birthday gift in her office. Molly, Tandy, Hope A., Sue and Matt go to a haunted house for Halloween. Kurt visits Cammie for her birthday.

Oct 28 - Scott gives Jean a Kindle and a bag of gourmet coffee for her birthday. Wade leaves birthday gifts for Jean and Cammie.

Oct 29 - Operation: A Hammer to Fall: In England, an ambush goes awry.

Oct 30 - Kurt and Angel have fun on the trapeze. Adrienne leaves Vanessa a birthday gift; Vanessa texts her thanks. Katabasis: Prelude: Jennie Stavros has an unpleasant encounter in Prague.

Oct 31 - Laurie has a bad night, but has TV to distract her. Operation: A Hammer To Fall: Recovering after their failed ambush, Topaz and Taboo are attacked in their apartment and barely escape; in New York, Amanda rallies X-Force following a call from Romany Wisdom; X-Force meets and Amanda tells them of a possibly magical gang war in England that could need their intervention; in their new hiding place. Taboo and Topaz have a tense discussion about the events that brought them there and what happens next. Catseye posts a ‘public announcement’ letting people know about the Ghostbusters song and a quote thread ensues.


What Am I Doing Here?

X-Corps: Breaking the World

Operation: A Hammer To Fall


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