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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Madelyne Pryor
Portrayed by Holland Roden
Codename: n/a
Affiliations: New Mutants
Birthdate: 4 April, 1997
Journal: x_gobin_queen
Player: Available for Applications

Madelyne Jennifer Pryor knows she is more awesome than you. This is not bragging or being vain, it's just a simple fact.


Character Journal: x_goblin_queen

Real Name: Madelyne Jennifer Pryor

Codename: n/a

Aliases: none

First Appearance: November 25, 2011

Date of Birth: 4 April, 1997

Place of Birth: Omaha, NE

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Major Robert Pryor (father), Pamela Pryor (mother)

Education: Junior in Fall 2013

Relationship Status: Dated Sue Storm

Occupation: Student, Lifeguard

Team Affiliation: New Mutants



Madelyne was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Her father is army and was stationed there at the time, but she doesn’t really consider it her hometown. Because of her father’s job, her family moved around a lot. Every few years it seemed that he would get new orders and the family would follow.

Even though she lived and visited some pretty amazing places, Maddie was unhappy moving so often. It was difficult having to leave everyone and everything behind each time her dad was reassigned. She would act out to show her displeasure: failing a test, getting in trouble for breaking a kid’s nose in a fight (which she never started, but teachers still did not take kindly to broken bones), purposefully getting caught shoplifting, but the army kept sending her father someplace else.

Midway through 7th grade, her father announced that they would be moving yet again. This time, he promised her, they would stay long enough for her to be able to attend all four years of high school in the same place. The only catch was that his new assignment was in Fairbanks, Alaska. To Maddie, this was the worse possible news. Alaska was cold, and she hated the cold, and Fairbanks was in the middle of nowhere. But, with no say in the matter, she glumly followed her family, and spent the entire winter moping around their new house.

During this time, Maddie's powers began to quietly emerge. She noticed that it was easier to get her way, especially when it came to things she really really wanted, but figured her parents felt guilty. And at night, objects would mysteriously rearrange themselves so come morning Maddie would not be able to find them. Her parents chalked it up to her just being disorganized, and the family went about their business.

In an attempt to cheer her up, her parents planned a vacation to New York City. Her father had been requested to attend some meetings at the UN, so why not book some extra days and turn it into a family vacation? Her parents hoped that this would be the trick to getting Maddie out of her glum slump; that they would have fun and be able to spend some time as a family.

What happened, however, was definitely not what they planned for. Maddie was accosted on the street and was blackmailed into helping rob a bank. Luckily, she was saved from having to go through with this crime, and instead learned that she was a mutant. Her parents agreed that the best option for everyone was for her to stay behind and continue at Xavier's and learn about her powers.

Living At The X-Mansion

Having become used to being the new girl, Maddie settled into the mansion with relative ease. She made friends with her new suitemate Layla, as well as fellow students Artie, Sooraya, and Sarah, the latter of whom she roped into helping her dress up the skeleton in Jean's office in a Santa suit and place on the roof for all to see.

Time passed, Maddie went home for Christmas break to gather some more clothing, then returned to start the new year at the mansion. Shortly after returning, the calm was broken and Maddie manifested her powers, breaking a shower in the process. She was then moved to the Box to stay there until she could properly shield herself. In February, she attended a mutant awareness rally, which landed her back in the Box after she tried to calm the panicked crowd and ended up breaking her brain.

After her recovery, Maddie's reign of terror life returned back to her new normal. She did her homework, pulled a prank or two, took Wade on as a mentor for lock picking and punching things, convinced Doug that they needed to go see the Space Shuttle, the usual. She ended up kissing Artie, thinking that he liked her, then freaked out when he freaked out, and ended up sneaking a rooster into the boys' suite with Sarah and Layla at her side.

While attending a rally outside the Genoshan embassy, Maddie was one of those kidnapped and teleported away and imprisoned in Genosha for being an alleged terrorist. When the prison was raided, she managed to escape and join up with a group in the city where she assisted in gathering information on the torture of mutants in government facilities, break into the broadcast center, sneak into the labs before they were destroyed, and remind the adults that, um, hello not all hope was lost and there was another mutate lab after they were struck dumb by some guy named Essex being involved. Then she made a friendship bracelet with threads from astral links while the people they belonged to fought off the crazy guy in his mindscape. Really, if it weren't for her, who knows what would have happened.

During the summer shuffle, Maddie moved from her suite with Layla to play covert babysitter and overt corrupter to Hope A. and Tandy thanks to prompting from Haller and the fact that she wheedled a thousand dollar ice cream sundae out of him. Life was back to normal, and she gained two new minions in the form of Billy and Clint, and as the school year progressed, the three became inseparable. Especially when her roommate Hope A.'s mother became totally unbearable and uber misogynistic and she sought refuge in their room.

Of course, as a result of this, Maddie actually became a good student. Between her English teacher driving her to the city for a mutant-friendly soccer league after Salem Center banned her for being a mutant, and spending time with Clint and Billy (aka the world's biggest nerds), she couldn't escape actually studying and doing her homework. But in case anyone get the wrong idea and fear she had been replaced by a cyborg, she continued pranking and being a handful for all her teachers.

Zits Happen

Then if being a teenager weren't difficult enough, Maddie was kidnapped. Again. Sorta. Her and all the other New Mutants were stalked by some creepy, tall, skinny dudes who stole them away to some weird as all get out world. Once again, it was all up to Maddie to save the day when she busted out of this world in a bubble and ran to Snowvalley to find help then leading the cavalry charge to rescue the others. And thus all the little kiddos were returned to the mansion all in one piece. Individually. Not one clump of New Mutants. Cause that would be weird.

It was also Maddie who discovered that Topaz was using her powers on Tandy and sucking out all the sadness and hurt stirred up first by her mother and stepfather being killed then with the whole Slendermen ordeal. Of course Topaz didn't get why this was a Bad Thing (if she did, she wouldn't have done so in the first place, obviously) so Maddie revealed to the adults what was going on. And Topaz got in trouble. In her defense though, Maddie had given Topaz the opportunity to come clean herself, but Topaz didn't want to do that. Serves her right.

Thankfully that was the only drama that arose. Until Maddie, Billy, and Tandy were all cast as leads in the public school's production of "Bye Bye Birdie" with Billy and Maddie playing teenage lovers. This involved them kissing. Which was fine cause they're good friends and all that and Billy had good oral hygiene. Until Billy started acting weird. Like more so than usual. It was like he was trying to avoid her. Fact was, Maddie turned him gay after all that kissing and Billy had started to think about kissing the dude who played Conrad Birdie (long story short: play ended, they kissed, fireworks went off, blah blah blah). Of course, in retaliation for her actions against him, Billy turned Maddie gay and she started thinking about kissing Sue (but only after she and Matt had broken things off), which she did because, hey, harmless curiosity, and the kiss was awesome enough to turn Sue gay. Or so the joke between all of them goes.

So, against the policy of not dating inside the mansion after she made after she kissed Artie and he freaked out, Maddie and Sue began dating. And along with Tandy and Clint and Billy and Josh, they went to prom and had an awesome time.

And so ended Maddie's Sophomore year at Xavier's.

A Dark Secret

The summer between Sophomore and Junior years was uneventful. Maddie had a job as a lifeguard at the local pool, and her off time was spent hanging out with her friends and Sue. Of course, this being Xavier's, that wouldn't last as Maddie and the other students found themselves attacked by a magical, evil cave full of evil magicky magic. Thankfully that filled the quota of "incredibly weird and unexpected" for the summer, and after a girls' trip to California with all the other girls, where she began her mission: "Operation: Get Topaz (who Maddie admitted to misjudging but a few weeks earlier) to Spend Time Outside the Library" with success.

Life had returned to a semblance of normalcy once again.

Unbeknownst to all her friends, however, Maddie was guarding a deep, dark secret. The teenage mutant was ashamed by her secret, and took great pains in concealing it from all. That was until Topaz discovered Maddie's lost cheerleading skirt in her own pile of laundry. Topaz was sworn to secrecy, but Maddie knew it was only a matter of time before the cat escaped the bag. And escape it did when Sue decided to attend the homecoming bonfire and saw her girlfriend jumping around in a super high ponytail and shaking a pair of pom-poms. Maddie was mortified and came out to everyone, but the whole thing was only a big deal to her. And so the year continued on uneventful, just a normal year for a sixteen year old mutant living in a school for mutants. Things continued along in this vein, with Maddie managing to avoid most of the mansion's dramas. Maddie's tendency to focus on her "normal" school activities and the time she spent away from the mansion began to tell on her relationships with the other mansion residents, including Sue, and in October 2014, Maddie abruptly decided to return home to Alaska, to finish out her senior year in a normal school without demon invasions and superheroes in the basement.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'4

Weight: She's stronger than she looks

Eyes: Green

Hair: Red

Other Features: Both ears pierced


Just your general Telepath/telekinetic hybrid.

She is nowhere as near as powerful as Jean Grey or the other current TK/TPs in terms of her base power. Her telepathy can extend about as far as a football field at max but currently only extends as far as her immediate area (classroom-sized area). She works best with just a few people, because she has trouble sorting through thoughts, but with training she will be able to learn to focus. But her mind control influence weakens the more people she is trying to control and the further she is from the person. It's easiest for her to control people when she has physical contact with them.

She can levitate herself fairly easily and objects up to 300lbs at max, but above double her body weight requires a lot of concentration and she can’t sustain that for very long.


Always wear clean underwear, just in case.

You're never fully dressed without a smile. No one ever said it couldn't be a diabolical, scheming smile.


If she told you, she'd have to kill you.

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Player: Available for Applications



Player Icon Base: Holland Roden

Meta Trivia

Cat introduced Maddie in November 2011 and played her until she left in October 2014.