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November saw the return of a number of old faces. Catseye, having decided to spend some time with the Elpis office in Tel Aviv after hearing word of Nick Gleason's amnesia, returned to New York to continue her education. Scott Summers abruptly returned from the West Coast Annex, much to the surprise (and pleasure) of his wife, Jean Grey. David North, fearing his cover in Europe had been blown, returned to the X-Force offices. And Sooraya Qadir, finding herself targeted by am extremist Muslim in Attilan, who had decided she should marry a mutant of his choosing, sought refuge at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersto avoid further trouble for her friends in Attilan.

There was a new face also, with young telekinetic Madelyne Pryor rescued from being forced to rob a bank by Avalanche - Phase 1. She wound up as Layla Miller's roomie, the pair discovering a fellow trouble-maker in the other. And speaking of trouble makers... Artie Maddicks was picked up by local police and had to be picked up by Sam Guthrie and Wade Wilson before they discovered his fake ID.

Vanessa Carlysle was released from medlab, but she was far from recovered, first stuck in Laura's borrowed form and then reverting to a 'normal' shape after an evening of normalcy with Garrison Kane. Her mental state, too, was of concern, with her turning her apartment into a fortress and her behaviour somewhat erratic. Vanessa, however, refused to listen to cautions and pushed herself on, returning to active work with X-Factor, despite the triggering effects of the domestic violence case she was working on. X-Factor lost a member, with Laura departing to join her boyfriend Kevin Ford on his walkabout for a time; Callisto was offered casual work and Sarah Vale came on board as their volunteer Girl Friday. Warren's fledgling District X legal firm (set up with criminal lawyer Jennifer Walters as his partner) was also put on retainer, despite the awkwardness between Vanessa and Warren after the recent ending of their relationship.

While the situation with Warren was difficult, Vanessa did reconcile with ex Sam Guthrie, who had recently returned from Muir Island. Theresa Cassidy and Bobby Drake found reconciliation much more difficult, both of them having changed a lot during their time apart. Uncomfortable sharing a suite, Terry moved out, moving in with Amara Aquilla and Callie Betto in New York. She did resume ties with former classmate and bandmate, Doug Ramsey, the two flirting on the journals despite Terry's marriage and Doug's relationship with Jubilation Lee, who had drunkenly declared her love for him on the journals after a recent party. The youngest relationship also seemed the most stable; despite cautions from her family and friends, Korvus Rook'shir and Meggan Szardos decided they were 'dating', albeit slowly.

Adrienne Frost gave herself a nasty scare, when a night of drinking with Garrison resulted in them deciding to "just do it and get it over with" and her nerves driving her to buying cocaine in the bathroom of the club, for reasons she couldn't properly explain to herself. A panicked call to Jean-Paul Beaubier the next morning dealt with the unused coke and Adrienne got back in touch with Narcotics Anonymous, talking to fellow former addict, Amanda Sefton for support and deciding to avoid temptation for a while. Garrison had his own problems, with new partner Abigail Brand proving to be an obstacle to X-Men missions; in an investigation of domestic terrorists connected to the Project SuperSoldier program, Garrison was forced to secretly arrange for the team to rescue the 'terrorists' before SHIELD intervened and possibly caused a bloodbath.

Clarice Ferguson had a clash of worlds also, when escaped convict Brennan Mulray turned up as a patient at her hospital and she needed to call the team in to help capture him when hospital security refused to listen to her. The incident motivated her to return to the mansion and the team. Fred Dukes also took on a new role, that of assistant groundskeeper at the mansion, while Nico Minoru joined X-Force, at Amanda's behest.


Nov 1 - Vanessa - still wearing Laura's form - seeks out Laura and admits she can't change back and needs clothes; Vanessa posts to her journal that she's awake and her thanks for various forms of help and that she's not up for a lot just yet; Jean talks to Haller about Vanessa's state of mind and her own issues with the case. Jean-Phillipe is puzzled by a sudden tennis obsession and the purchase of a tennis racket. Matt posts about his regular meeting with his social worker, which went better than he expected, clothes shopping and the weirdness of the Halloween party. Wade visits a headachey Matt after his shopping trip and they talk about Layla's attitude.

Nov 2 - Monet complains about the after-effects of the healing and wonders if this is how 'normal' people feel all the time. Jean emails Adrienne to warn her Vanessa is not herself and might not welcome visitors. Jean-Paul emails Jean to check on her after seeing Vanessa's post and a foreign movie outing is arranged to get Jean out of the mansion. Seeing Tabitha's previous emails, Vanessa emails her in return, not sure of what to say but wanting to acknowledge the contact. Terry, trying to drown herself in work, beer and pub food, winds up at Finnegan's and catching up with Doug. Jean-Paul talks to Warren about hiring him on retainer for X-Factor before talk turns to relationships and becomes maudlin. Molly brings Wade some soup after he helps with Amanda's healing spell for Vanessa, and then measures his head for a hat.

Nov 3 - Warren drops by on Bishop at the X-Factor offices as he's on his way back from packing his stuff in Vanessa's apartment and the two talk about the end of the relationship and the need for X-Factor in the community; Bishop goes to the mansion to visit Vanessa and offers to break her out despite her odd behaviour. Wade teaches Adrienne how to pick locks.

Nov 4 - Sam and Adrienne test out her new love of horses and Adrienne is confused about Sam's niceness. Jean-Paul and Jean head out for their dinner and a movie, but talk at dinner turns somber.

Nov 5 - Vanessa emails Jean-Paul in need of distraction from infomercials; Jean-Paul drops by and there is a lot of talk. Yvette wishes Fred a happy birthday. Sam and Terry meet up while jogging and chat about various things, including Terry's interest in rejoining the team. Amanda announces her yearly Guy Fawkes party on the roof of the brownstone; Jubilee posts while tipsy from Amanda's party, declaring her love for Doug.

Nov 6 - Sarah V. reminds people about the end of daylight saving time. Vanessa leaves a note for Warren (who is dropping by) on her door, asking for Thai food; in the gym, Sam runs across Vanessa beating the heavy bag and they talk about the period post-breakup and actually mend fences. Angelo takes Warren out for mood-improving Mexican food in Salem Center. Korvus and Wade finish tuning up the last of the cars in the garage and make plans for next weekend. Laura and Jean-Paul are working a pretty simple infidelity case when Laura tells Jean-Paul she's leaving.

Nov 7 - Clarice and Warren go out for drinks to catch up, flirt and plan their wedding. Callie posts about Awesome Women in Science for Marie Curie's birthday. Wade makes a journal entry about his awesome new hat and laments the wait for Girl Scout Cookie season.

Nov 8 - Garrison gives Vanessa a ride back to the city and they discuss Garrison's muddy moral compass and the temptations of revenge. Korvus surprises Meggan with a question about their relationship while swimming, they try to straighten things out, and he attempts a prank. Jennifer Walters and Warren go out for drinks and discuss a new partnership.

Nov 9 - Amanda posts to Snow Valley asking for opinions on taking Nico on as a fellow member of the Weird Shite Division with Wanda and Illyana elsewhere. Kurt tracks Korvus down to the woods and they have a friendly chat about Meggan, then they go for breakfast. Bishop's girlfriend Anna brings him dinner and shows concern for his well being in the wake of recent events. Sons of Liberty: Kane and Brand are brought in to speak to Duncan regarding a new case. Lex asks to speak to Layla after class about a certain nickname she's been using. Layla e-mails Kyle after being called out by Lex after class. Kyle posts to x_team addressing Lex about his treatment of Layla. Jean-Paul takes offense to an obnoxious drunk who approaches Adrienne at a new club in the city. In Layla's Algebra class, Bobby gives her an ice pack for her hands after a session on the heavy bags with Kyle.

Nov 10 - Sons of Liberty: Before leaving for California, Kane makes a stop at the Brownstone to speak to Bucky Barnes; Kane e-mails Jean and Kyle to see if they want to accompany him to California to investigate a case. Adrienne stops by Vanessa's apartment to find a squad of men doing work.

Nov 11 - Sons of Liberty: Brand and Kane reach Naslund's apartment and find some disquieting news; Jean and Kyle go to investigate the name on the letter that Kane texted them; Kane e-mails Hank to ask him to get the autopsy report of William Naslund.

Nov 12 - Sam makes a journal entry saying how everything should come in a pumpkin flavored variant. Sons of Liberty: Hank and Bobby dig up some information for Kane regarding the list that Jean and Kyle got from Isaiah Bradley; Kane and Brand have lunch and discuss their progress on the case.

Nov 13 - Wade makes a journal entry questioning people's complex coffee orders, and that he's left roasted pumpkin seeds in the kitchen. Korvus and Wade go looking for a '67 Impala to restore. Matt tries to have a conversation with Korvus again, and it goes badly again. Sons of Liberty: Kane and Brand follow up on the list of names and discover all of them have left town, with signs of a serious struggle at the last house, belonging to an elderly man called Mace; Jean and Kyle visit Bradley again and get information on the extended SuperSoldier program, which all the men on the list were part of.

Nov 14 - Sons of Liberty: Hank and Paige let Garrison know the blood sample he obtained from Mace's house had been altered by a drug manufactured in the 1990s by a company called Kirmon Health in Shaver Lake, California; Brand and Kane arrive in Shaver Lake to discover the company has been seized by persons unknown and Brand calls in SHIELD as an anonymous tip-off against Kane's instructions; the X-Men arrive to take down the insane SuperSoldiers being used to hold the company hostage, before SHIELD does; SHIELD arrives and kills Burnside, the leader of the group.

Nov 15 - Warren takes Jean-Paul to the building in District X he hopes to use as a law firm. Doug shares giant Reeses goodness on the journals with Wade. John/Nick emails Kyle about possible repercussions of the latest Twilight movie on their ability to avoid tween girls patting them.

Nov 16 - Laurie posts about signing up for flying lessons, having had the urge since the Halloween party. Amanda meets Korvus in the gym and does not have "The Talk" with him about Meggan. Jean-Paul surprises Catseye by picking her up from the airport upon her return from Tel Aviv. Sam runs into Layla with an apple-pumpkin strudel and claims her as his new favourite. Catseye announces her return on the journals. Warren and Bishop discuss the possibility of Warren's firm working with X-Factor Investigations. Garrison brings Vanessa Chinese food and Kung Fu and during the evening she reverts back to her own form. Having missed Catseye's announcement, Yvette is surprised by Catseye showing up. Korvus and Sam talk after class about Korvus' issues with casual English.

Nov 17 - Vanessa posts cryptically, upset about something, which is revealed to be her appearance changing to 'normal' looking. Amanda leaves Jubilee a birthday gift; Jubilee demands Birthday Girl Tribute; Wade leaves Jubilee a gift as well. Fred posts in his journal after losing his password. Vanessa visits Callisto at the drop-in centre and offers her work with X-Factor. Yvette drops off some freelance translating work at Elpis and has a talk with Angelo about past misdeeds and his future plans. Meggan and Amanda catch up, Meggan filling in her big sister about the events of Halloween and her new relationship with Korvus.

Nov 18 - Scott returns to the mansion unexpectedly and surprises Jean with the news he's staying indefinitely; Scott announces his return on the journals and on x_team, where he threatens new Danger Room scenarios to test everyone. Jean asks Adrienne out for coffee, needing to get her head around things. Vanessa posts on the journals, asking for volunteers to be a Girl/Guy Friday, to replace Laurie, and Sarah V. volunteers; Vanessa announces on the X-Factor comms that she is going out to interview a potential client, despite concerns about her ability to cope with her new appearance; Jean-Paul tells Bishop to take a break as he is watching over Vanessa. Angelo asks for volunteers to view his latest powers trick. Amanda offers Nico a job as her assistant at Snow Valley. Sarah V. invites Layla to come home with her for Thanksgiving and it goes badly. Shortly after Catseye's return to New York, she and Kyle reconnect and catch up.

Nov 19 - Attempting to just be friends, Adrienne and Garrison go out for drinks at Zeitgeist and drunkenly decide to sleep with each other to end the awkwardness, something which drives Adrienne to buy cocaine for the first time in fifteen years; an alarm at the mansion requiring Garrison's attention means no sex happens; waking up in her own bed, Adrienne is panicked to discover the coke and calls Jean-Paul to dispose of it for her; Adrienne emails Amanda, a fellow addict, for a talk; Emma emails Adrienne, having telepathically 'heard' her reaction to the coke, offering help; Adrienne and Amanda discuss the incident and Adrienne outlines what she's going to do about it. Following the thread on Scott's journal and Kyle's prompting, Layla emails Doug about mustaches but is disappointed by the response. Yvette comes to see Fred in the garage and they wind up talking about mothers. Nico is philosophical about the upcoming changes in her life; Amanda lets the rest of X-Force know Nico has been hired. At the mansion for a Danger Room session, Catseye talks about the issues with John/Nick with Kurt and then catches up over a snack with Sarah V. Jean-Paul meets Angelo and sees his new trick - using his skin as springs underneath his feet and being able to jump high. Jean and Adrienne talk and spill secrets, Adrienne about her addiction and Jean about her miscarriage.

Nov 20 - Sarah V. lets the journals know she's going home for Thanksgiving. Catseye meets Molly on the grounds and Molly is enraptured by her cat forms. Angelo and Fred have lunch, and Angelo has some advice for Fred.

Nov 21 - Wade declares he is deep frying a turkey for Thanksgiving and invites everyone over for the meal (bringing various side dishes) and football in some form. Garrison emails Adrienne, asking her out for dinner, and she tells him about her addiction history. Molly and Wade have lunch in the art room.

Nov 22 - Bishop and Terry meet at the mansion and wind up playing Hearts. Kyle and Fred visit a junkyard, and Kyle ends up offering Fred a job.

Nov 23 - Catseye meets Korvus, he makes her breakfast and she fails to threaten him over Meggan. David North emails Doug and Remy, letting them know things are too hot for him in Europe and that he may be coming back to New York; Doug lets X-Force now North had activated a backup ID and is coming back; Marie-Ange offers to pick him up at the airport. Warren and Vanessa have dinner together and talk about their respective offices working together. Catseye runs into Meggan and in the course of catching up, Catseye decides she needs to have that Talk with Korvus as well. Doug posts the next stage in the Reese's Arms Race, two giant peanut butter cups. Jean-Paul and Scott catch up over beer and pool at Harry's. Sarah and Layla chat over AIM, with Sarah's twin joining in briefly. Dori and Kyle drive to Montana, staying in a motel room that night.

Nov 24 - Marie-Ange picks up North at the airport and there is discussion of what he's missed. Jan wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Adrienne has been knitting and offers hats, mitts and slippers to anyone at the mansion; Adrienne emails Callisto about taking more woollen goodies to the drop in centre in District X. Wade brings North turkey, and the pair talk about various things. Scott spots North on the smoker's porch and is suspicious of the man, but eventually comes around. Meggan and Korvus talk while preparing food, and establish where exactly they stand.

Nov 25 - No Pryor Convictions: Avalanche 'recruits' young telekinetic Madelyn Pryor to help him rob a bank in New York; Doug gets a call from a contact who is concerned about young mutants being forced to rob banks. Clarice shares her Black Friday shopping haul, which includes some truly scary shoes. Jean-Paul emails Bishop, concerned that the job Vanessa is on is triggering her issues.

Nov 26 - Vanessa asks Bishop's help in helping the abused wife of a cop, the case she's working on. Sooraya Qadir emails Charles from Attilan, asking for his help from 'friends' who are trying to marry her off. Sam runs into North while shopping for kitchen supplies and they talk about Sam's ill-advised challenge back when his relationship with Vanessa ended. No Pryor Convictions: Wade, Marie-Ange, Jubilee and Doug look into the bank robberies of the previous night's discussion and identify the robber and his next unwilling accomplice; Doug and Wade break into the bank themselves to get Maddie out; Jubilee and Marie-Ange take on Avalanche and leave a surprise gift for the NYPD; taking Maddie back to the Snow Valley offices, Wade and Doug call in Jean and Haller to help deal with the very confused girl. Korvus helps Scott with his car and reveals he wants to join the X-Men when he is old enough.

Nov 27 - Layla meets her new roomie, Maddie, and there is snark and consumption of strudel; Layla posts to her journal asking for warnings about prospective roommates and gets in an argument with Matt; Layla emails Kyle to thank him for his intervention in the Matt argument. Matt posts about this Thanksgiving, Advent and wanting new music. Artie asks for Thanksgiving leftovers. Sarah V. announces she is back at the school after a family Thanksgiving. Jean asks Marius for help identifying Maddie's powers. North announces his return on the x_snowvalley comm.

Nov 28 - Garrison flies to Attilan to escort Sooraya safely back to the mansion. After Artie gets caught trespassing, Wade and Sam move out to pick him up from the police station, very early in the morning. Scott speaks to Artie about his adventure. Warren and Jean play hookey for the afternoon in New York.

Nov 29 - Wade emails North about finding a cuckoo clock that meets the correct specifications. Scott emails Marie-Ange about North being around. Adrienne posts about the Victoria's Secret fashion show, which sparks varying serious and spirited discussions. Sooraya announces her arrival back at the mansion. Terry needs a place to crash, and Amara welcomes her into her and Callie's apartment to take advantage of the couch. Terry and Doug flirt over email. Callie SMSes Amara about the new redhead in the apartment. After fleeing the journal discussion about how good various mansion men look in plaid, Sam and Garrison have a beer and discuss the craziness of women. Wade and David discuss the cuckoo clock project for Molly's Christmas gift and discover they were both involved in Weapon X as conversation turns professional.

Nov 30 - Jubilee posts about buying Christmas presents for people. Scott informs the staff that Artie has been put on kitchen cleaning duties for three weeks as punishment. Sooraya emails jean and Adrienne. Any Other World: Clarice is observing in the ER when a familiar face is brought in, Brennan Mulwray; Clarice calls in the X-Men to apprehend the electrokinetic. Sam announces he's not going to be wearing flannel around the mansion any more. Adrienne emails Wade about obtaining clothes for Maddie. Scott puts Sharon through her paces in the Danger Room. Maddie introduces herself on the journals and is something of a smart-ass about it. Wade texts Artie about a training session. Wade emails Maddie, Marie-Ange and Adrienne about going shopping for clothes for the teenage girl. Warren and Jennifer Walters meet with X-Factor about being put on a retainer.


Sons of Liberty

No Pryor Convictions

X-Men Mission: Any Other World

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