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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.

For Free Trade - part 4 of the Genosha Arc
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Dates run: May 15-19, 2012
Run By: Dex
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Here. You are laid bare, there is nothing and no one left to protect you. Resist and suffer the consequences.

A rally against the unethical treatment of mutants in Genosha becomes the scene for the unimaginable.


The Kidnapped: Artie Maddicks, Madelyne Pryor, Layla Miller, Korvus Rook'shir, Sooraya Qadir, Sarah Vale, Molly Hayes, Megan Gwynn, _-_Phase_1|Matt Murdock, Meggan Szardos, Yvette Petrovic, Laurie Collins, Marius Laverne, Garrison Kane, Fred Dukes, Jean-Paul Beaubier, Carmilla Black, Callie Betto, Angelo Espinosa, Amara Aquilla, Adrienne Frost.

Those Left Behind: Marie-Ange Colbert, Wade Wilson, Kurt Sefton, Jean Grey, Kyle Gibney, Angelica Jones, Scott Summers, Lorna Dane, Amanda Sefton, Doug Ramsey, Remy LeBeau, Jubilation Lee, Clarice Ferguson

Charles Xavier, Magistrate Braddock, Thomas Moreau, Ambassador Bennett Creighten-Hayes, Genegineer, Sasha Ryan, Magistrates


May 15-19, 2012

Plot Summary

Genosha Part 2.jpg

With the televising of a special report on Genosha and its mutate program, including the interviews with Jenny Ransome and Phillip Moreau that were taken before their disappearance, human rights groups in the US reacted strongly, announcing they were holding a protest outside the Genoshan embassy. Closer to home, the Xavier's students discussed the situation and Adrienne sought permission from Charles to take a group of students to the protest as part of a field trip. He agreed, and the group - along with a number of graduates as chaperones and Garrison there as part of the FBI presence - found themselves in the middle of a far larger protest than anyone could have expected.

At the height of things, a bomb went off at the protest, causing the Xavier's people to cluster together against the panic. A second bomb went off, this time masking the Xaverites vanishing in a strange blue glow, unnoticed by anyone else and leaving behind their clothes, personal effects and most importantly, their phones. On comms duty that day, Kurt raised the alarm on x_team, with Marie-Ange doing the same on x_snowvalley, but no-one was able to get in touch with those who were at the rally. Panic set in, and those remaining battened down the hatches and started the head counting.

Meanwhile, the kidnapped Xavierites found themselves in a concrete room, naked and facing Thomas Moreau, brother to the Genoshan President, as well as Betsy Braddock, now a Magistrate. Jean-Paul grabbed Artie and escaped, while Sooraya turned to sand and escaped into the ventilation shafts. The rest, trying to fight back, had their powers removed by a mutant called Mudd. Confused and shocked at the sudden turn of events, branded as mutant terrorists, the kidnapped mutants were herded into prison cells within the Citadel, paired up randomly and left in cells to contemplate what happened. In the morning, the kidnapped mutants had another meeting with Minister Thomas Moreau, before several of their number were selected for the mutate process. Yvette, Callie, Laurie, Sarah V. and Amara were all made into mutates while Fred, Matt, and Megan went through the process as well. Something went wrong, however and they escaped with their powers returned, although sealed into the mutate skinsuits.

After searching for his missing students via Cerebro, Charles notified everyone that he found the missing group briefly in Genosha, before their mutant signatures winked out. More answers came in the form of a difficult meeting with the Genoshan Ambassador who handed him an ultimatum - stop interfering in Genoshan politics or never see the kidnapped mutants again.

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Trivia and Meta


Cammie was caught up in the kidnapping as she was at the rally in the hopes of a brawl.


Plotrunner: Dex

This arc is the X-Project version of the epic canon storyline X-Tinction Agenda.

The events of this plot still occurred in Phase 2, but specifics, such as which characters were involved, remain fuzzy for the purposes of not breaking the world. ;)