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Moment of Awesome - Inez Temple/Outlaw: Just a routine takedown for bounty hunter Inez, when Alex Summers happens on her.

Inez was tired.

Not physically; her muscles didn't do that, not as quickly as a normal human's would, at any rate, and she'd only been chasing her target for less than two minutes. He probably was tired, but he was still running, though she'd closed the distance to less than half a block.

The bullets he'd shot at her in the first alleyway where they'd met had slowed her some, but that made her all the more angry and determined to catch the son of a beesting.

No, she was just tired of chasing him at this point. It was a futile effort, even he should've realized that by now, but he refused to quit.

He ducked around the corner of a building, pushing an unsuspecting couple out of his way and into hers; another temporary distraction. Inez hurtled over the lady with an apologetic smile and a light shrug of her shoulders, then sprinted forward as soon as her shoes hit the concrete.

The man - who stood taller than her at 6' something, heavier for sure, and heavily garbed in motorcycle gear - was faster than he looked, she gave him credit for that. But that was about all she'd give him credit for. He ducked into another alley, probably hoping she wouldn't see him.

She saw him.

Only a handful of people were on this sidewalk, thankfully, and Inez did her best to gracefully - and safely - blow past them before turning down that alley herself and picking up a steel garbage can that rested against one of the walls.

Time to put this guy down, she thought to herself.

Alex was on his way down the street, looking at the list of coffee orders that he fully prepared to apologize for. Everyone wanted coffee today. And snacks. It must have been time to stock the break room again.

He didn't notice the man, but he saw the blonde woman disappearing into the alley, and frowned. People going into alleys was generally a bad sign, especially alone. Maybe she was trying to lose a tail? He stashed the list in his pocket and crept closer, peeking around the corner to see-

Holy fuck.

She definitely did not need help. But the guy she was preparing to throw the trash can at might.

Pulling back the barrel over her head, Inez hurled it at the man - not with all her might, because she didn't want to turn him into a smear on the alley floor (ok, well, she kinda did but knew she shouldn't) - but enough to send him flying face-first onto the concrete. Which was exactly what he did.

"Dammit, man," she said, slowing down and rubbing her hands together. "Why y'gotta make it so hard?" She wasn't out of breath, but she was out of patience. Reaching down, she picked him up by the collar of his jacket and pushed him against the wall. "Now you're comin' with me." No please or room for debate; his fate was sealed. At least as far as she was concerned, whatever happened to him once she turned him to her employer, well. That was another story, and not hers.

She looked down the alley way and froze when she saw a stranger looking back at her.

"Nothin' t'see here," she said, still holding him, a larger person than herself, against the wall and a few feet off the ground.

Today in XProject:

October 5


2004: Alison and Nathan have a Danger Room session and Nathan is accidentally temporarily blinded by a powers interaction. One To The Chest: Doug starts cracking under the pressure of keeping his secret; Alison becomes concerned about Doug's hermiting; the Red Cross announces it will stop screening donated blood for the X-gene, opening up the donation pool to mutants.

2005: With Malice Aforethought: Forge wakes up in Magneto's clutches and is offered a job; Lorna tries to explain Malice, but Forge only understands when he witnesses her "change" in front of him after Magneto adjusts the collar around her neck; back at the mansion, people (notably his roommate Kyle) begin to panic when they realize that Forge is missing; Madelyn takes Kyle and Wanda to the mall where Forge last was and get access to security tapes that show him going with Lorna; Forge's abduction is announced and security measures taken. Hellfire and Damnation: Remy gets some information from one of Pete Wisdom's men, about his plans. Alison tells Jay about Tommy waking up and he reacts understandably badly. Amanda and Paige argue about Paige's treatment of Angelo

2006: Yvette meets Angelo and they discuss Elpis and humanitarian work; later, she reads poetry with Tommy in the library. Kyle posts his disbelief to his journal and Tommy is surprised by the amount of support he receives; it prompts him to start being more social and leaving the mansion for the first time since his arrival. Angelo gets a trainee name - 'Sancho'. The Gates: Logan and Nathan discuss the Prague situation and what Nathan plans to do.

2007: Angelo emails Domino about Nathan's antics and gets no sympathy there either. Forge takes Laurie on a driving lesson. Kevin posts to the journals looking for his soldering iron. Laurie is nervous about her lunch meeting with her father, and Yvette is supportive.

2008: Betsy announces her pending return to New York, mentioning in passing that Alison is busy recording a new album. Emma announces Frost Enterprises is doing fine despite the financial crash due to her brilliance. Adrienne has to share her company box with a bunch of Cosmo Girl models and is much the worse for wear, especially when the Red Sox lose.

2009: Yvette puts up a poll for her trainee name in her journal so her friends can help with the selection. Afterwards, Yvette walks in on Catseye playing Guitar Hero and they change the game, playing Sonic the Hedgehog to show Catseye who Knuckles is. They talk about the team, dating and the names suggested for her trainee name. A Danger Room run with Garrison sees Jay through another failed test and Garrison doesn't let him out of the room until he agrees to try again. Clarice posts in her journal about how unhappy she is with David Bowie's eyes on a Lego man. Bobby Drake emails the Professor, asking permission to return to the mansion and seek help with a problem.


2011: Layla arrives at the mansion and meets Matt on the steps, discovering they knew each other in elementary school; Layla introduces herself on the journals and proves she'll fit right in. X-Factor Investigation: Cat vs. Bird: Warren and Adrienne discuss the next move in their case.

2012: Clint texts Billy and Maddie proposing a Bing Crosby marathon. Angelo posts expressing surprise that Mama Lupe had really good vodka and the second-best tacos in New York. Garrison's released from the med lab, and he and Adrienne meet at Harry's.



2015: Burn The Witch: Topaz calls Amanda for her weekly check-in and tells her about something maybe strange. Amanda posts a notice about the news she received from Topaz and asks for people to go check it out; Topaz, however, goes and investigates alone; X-Force gets to India; Amanda is horribly unamused to find that Topaz isn't answering her phone; Topaz first wakes up in a cell, then wakes up tied to a stake and is finally rescued by X-Force.

2016: Tabitha posts her joy over rooming with Alison. Bobbi and Warren deal with the morning after. Natasha checks on Clint. Gabriel apologizes to Wade for his birthday shenanigans.

2017: Molly and Nica have a random chat in the rec room about Asgard, teams and powers.

2018: Morningstar: Lorna reminds the XFI team of their team-bonding adventure that afternoon.



2021: Darcy posts about a power mishap, much to the amusement and incredulity of some people. Terry texts Darcy to find out what happened and asks why Doug is yelling about Wade and tacos. Darcy texts Doug to apologize for being a terrible person. Laurie texts Darcy about Artie being the kind of person she'd warned Darcy about.


XProject Announcements and News:

Welcome, 2023! As X-Project enters its 20th year, we have lots to interest our players and readers. New characters, new plots, new events... make sure you keep reading and catch it all!

Two more new characters! Beatrice Davis aka Birdy will be brought in by Isaura and Liam Nelson (who you may remember from this panel of Unstoppable Wasp, Vol 2, No. 7) will be introduced (a little older) by Maureen.

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