My Long Forgotten Son

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My Long Forgotten Son
Dates run: April 21 - June 12, 2011
Run By: Al
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"We could go deeper into the tunnels?" she suggested. "It's dry and safe there. Just like old times." Her face fell. "Of course, it's not exactly the same. There's so few of us left now."

Artie reconnects with his past and discovers that it isn't all that he thought it was.


Artie Maddicks, Nico Minoru, Meggan Szardos, Klara Prast, Molly Hayes, Megan Gwynn, Matt Murdock, Sarah Vale, Doreen Green

Nightcrawler, Wildchild, Zephyr, Angel, Meltdown, Dominion, Sarah Morlocke, Callisto



April 21 - June 12, 2011

Plot Summary

Artie posts to the journals, revealing that he's remembering more about his childhood than ever before, in particular, memories about his life with the Morlocks, with his old foster mother Annalee and the Morlock Massacre. At the same time, he's getting into trouble at school and fighting, at other times attempting to buy alcohol with Matt while under-age, acts fuelled by the discontent raised by his returning memories.

He runs into Annalee, now living on the streets in District X and has an awkward first meeting with her. It quickly turns into a friendship with Annalee, who is terrified at the thought of losing her son again, using her powers to create a deep and abiding sense of loyalty toward her in Artie. He begins to cut school in order to visit her and starts using his powers to run small scams to get the money he needs to properly look after her so that she doesn't, as he said, have to eat "dumpster food".

This state of affairs continues for about a month before Artie visits Sarah M. after a powers training session to talk to her about reconnecting with Annalee and isn't happy with the response as she says that there's nothing left for them in that life and advises him to move on. Artie ignores her and, a week later, while visiting Annalee, he tells her about some of the less safe elements of his life at the mansion. Ten days later, the next time they meet, she offers to let him come and live in the Tunnels again, this time reinforcing the offer with her empathy. Artie is left believing that the only sensible course of action is to lure the other New Mutants into the Tunnels where Annalee will turn them into Morlocks, recreating the family she lost in the Massacre.

Artie introduces Nico to his mother a couple of days later while at a District X working bee and there's an interaction between her powers and Annalee's, with Nico's powers boosting the range and strength of Annalee's powers to previously unseen heights. Later that day, Artie and the New Mutants have a chat and decide to move down to the Tunnels like Annalee wants.

The kid's exit is noticed, with Callisto and Tabitha calling the mansion and plans are made to get them back while the kids get settled into the Morlock tunnels. Before long, they realise that someone is coming after them and all become infected with Annalee's paranoia, deciding that the only thing to do is split up. The X-Men (along with Callisto and Sarah Morlock) chasing the kids similarly split up, all hampered by a reluctance to hurt children who believe they are fighting for their lives in a repeat of the Massacre. Crystal chases down Artie and Nico; Callisto and Garrison go after Dori and Molly; Sarah M. pursues Klara and Megan; Kyle and Tabitha round up Matt and Sarah V and Kurt and Warren find Meggan who has managed to break free of Annalee's influence and lets the X-Men know what's going on. They regroup, with Kurt, Garrison, Sarah Morlock, and Callisto confront Annalee, eventually taking her into FBI and later SHIELD custody while the kids are (reluctantly) brought back home.

The next day, back in the Mansion, Artie picks a fight with everyone on the journals, in particular Kyle, Matt and Kurt, who blamed Artie for the whole situation. Molly posts to the journals and Artie picks a fight with her, too. Matt beats up Artie in response to his behaviour toward Molly while Jean treats Artie's now cracked ribs. Amanda emails Kurt, saying that it's unfair to blame Artie for the situation in the tunnels.

In August, Annalee was declared unfit to stand trial and remanded to psychiatric hospital.

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Artie was furious at being 'rescued' and wound up in a fight with his roommate Matt over his reaction and bullying of Molly.


Plotrunner: Al

This plot still occurred in Phase 2, but specifics, such as which characters were involved, remain fuzzy for the purposes of not breaking the world. ;)