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This page is part of the X-Project "Phase 1" universe - that is, the game from its onset in May 2003 until January 20, 2015.

For X-Corps from January 21, 2015, go to Phase 2.


Teams: X-Corps
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First Seen: June 29, 2012

X-Corps is a humanitarian organization run out of the Xavier Institute with the goal of helping and improving the lives of mutants all over the world.


Angelo Espinosa
Operational Director

John Allerdyce
Pyro (St. John Allerdyce).psd.png
Vice-Director of Operations

Cecilia Reyes
Primary area of focus - Red X and provision of medical treatment to mutants in need.

Jean-Phillipe Colbert
58537 100.png
Focuses on support programs for young, newly manifested mutants.

Sooraya Qadir
Assistant project leader of the Malala's Rose project. A part-time employee, Sooraya's field of interest is mutant education and training in the Islamic world.

Yvette Petrovic
Yvette comic brighter.png
Assistant project leader. Primary area of focus - Red X. After reducing her university hours to part time, Yvette came on board early on in X-Corps' beginnings, using her experience with Red X to focus on mutant roles in emergency relief and similar areas.



During Genosha, Moreau's office sent information via the United Nations regarding arrests for terrorist activities regarding several Elpis officers, including Angelo, John and Amara. As a result, Elpis was forced to disavow their activities and drop them from the organization roles in order to preserve their status as an NGO. At the same time, Nathan Dayspring turned over the day to day affairs as soon as Rachel was kidnapped, and it was the organization's board that took that step. While there was no way Nate wouldn't take them back, a large number of nations who don't like people meddling in their mutant trafficking and exploitation under the protection of the UN used the situation as an excuse to potentially blacklist Elpis if said people were still on the roles. Genosha withdrew the claim and took responsibility for it, but that didn't change the cover excuse, Elpis' ability to do its job severely - if not fatally - curtailed.

Rather than put Nathan through that, Angelo and his team agreed to stay 'fired' in order to protect the NGO. Charles Xavier, on the other hand, had other ideas. If Genosha taught him anything, it was that the X-Men aren't enough. The school isn't enough. If he is to make a positive case for integration and help stop the exploitation of mutants, he needs a visible hand in the game, so to speak. So he contacted Angelo with an offer. What he wanted to do was create an aid agency under a similar model as Elpis (and secretly working hand in hand with it on many things) to extend the ideas and resources of the Xavier Institute in other parts of the developing world. He invited Angelo to come on board as first operational director of the new agency and bring his staff with him. A part of the mansion was remodeled from spare classrooms into office space, which is where they work.

The initial plan put the administrative responsibilities and support for HeliX and Red X under the new group, and for Angelo to help develop the new mission statement. Charles also realized that the X-Men could be part of a positive step forward, and suggested that out of the ranks of the X-Men, a group of them could be designated as 'first responders' for the agency; sort of the initial X-Men deployed when a situation arises or they need more bodies on the ground. These people may or may not end up as staff with other duties with the group, although they would still train and be part of the full team.

Modeling it off of a JFK initiative, Xavier suggested that 'X-Corps' might be a suitable name for the group.

Day to Day

X-Corps functions with a similar mission statement as Elpis, but able to be more under the radar and more direct in their interventions. People working for X-Corps work out of the offices at the mansion during the day, and either live there or commute from their places in the city. In the beginning, they were assisting Elpis or working in partnership with them while they developed their own people and resources. Snow Valley has agreed to pass along information from their contacts on potential issues in other countries that are outside of their mandate as another avenue for them to use. In the end, X-Corps will eventually build an international network to support their mission.


As mentioned, X-Corps will be supported by the X-Men, and many of the members may be both employees of X-Corps and an X-Man at the same time. Those who are both will comprise a sort of base team who normally is tapped to deploy first on X-Corps situations. This means that they will develop some unique and specialized additional training, and train together as a unit as well as part of the regular pool of X-Men.


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X-Corps: Breaking the World


X-Corps was proposed by Dex as part of the aftermath of Genosha and as a way of drawing various disparate elements of the game back in.


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