Search and Rescue

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain depictions of torture.


Search and Rescue
Dates run: July 16-21, 2006
Run By: Alicia
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The word I am interested in is adamantium, Mr. Summers. Tell me what that means to you.

The events of Alkali Lake come back to haunt Scott as one of Stryker's former lieutenants kidnaps Alex in order to force Scott to give him information about a meeting he witnessed while under the influence of Stryker's serum - a meeting Scott doesn't remember.


Scott Summers, Alex Summers, Betsy Braddock, Forge, Nathan Dayspring, Paige Guthrie.

Storm, Phoenix, Polaris, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Multiple Man, Juggernaut, Tinky Winky, Sunfire, Siryn.

NPCs: Charles Xavier, Daniel Lyman


July 16-21, 2006

Plot Summary

In Hawaii, Alex Summers was approached while surfing by a stranger who claimed to want directions - but then attacked Alex, sedating him. Alex awakened on a plane, and was told that as long as he cooperated and all went well, he would be released unharmed.

The next day, Scott was on a brief shopping trip in downtown Salem Center when he was approached by Daniel Lyman, a former associate of William Stryker - Phase 1. Lyman informed him that he had Alex, providing visual proof, and that he would order him killed unless Scott came with him and provided him with unspecified information. Scott reluctantly agreed, and Alex, still unaware of what was happening or his brother's involvement, was released to return to the mansion. Scott, aware that Lyman had a sniper on a nearby rooftop, agreed to be sedated and taken to a secure location to answer his questions.

Alex headed for the mansion and was rescued by Lorna, driving back from a shopping trip of her own. Back at the mansion, the team quickly discovered that Scott was incommunicado and came to the correct conclusion.

At Lyman's secure location, Scott regained consciousness and finally found out what Lyman wanted. Scott, while brainwashed at Alkali Lake, had witnessed a meeting between Stryker and a scientist on the subject of the adamantium bonding process. Despite being drugged with sodium pentathol, Scott was unable to remember the meeting in question (and wouldn't have told Lyman if he did). Knowing that he was pressed for time and that the Professor would be hunting for Scott with Cerebro, Lyman quickly moved on to physical torture.

Back at the mansion, Ororo found herself having to play the voice of reason to prevent an enraged Jean from heading off on her own to find Scott. She also organized the search, based on a list of Stryker's former holdings acquired from Betsy Braddock. Several locations were checked, including a warehouse in Georgia where Marie and Shiro encountered Kick addicts but no Scott, and a rely station in Nunavut where Clarice and Cain found nothing at all.

Meanwhile, Scott began to hallucinate badly, the torture and the sensory deprivation - not to mention the sunlight deprivation, dangerous for someone with his mutation - taking a severe toll on him. He began to imagine his teammates there in the cell with him, and in one case, thought that one of his interrogators was Marie, leading him to tell her about some of the fragmentary memories the drugs and torture had sparked before he realized he wasn't talking to his teammate. As the days wore on, his hallucinations started to interact strangely with what was going on around him as Scott's subconscious swung between wanting to resist and wanting to give in.

Kurt and Jamie finally discovered Scott's location - an abandoned missile silo in Wyoming. Charles linked both of them to Scott's mind in an attempt to keep him in a comfortable mindscape while the Blackbird raced to the site, but was forced to sever the link when Scott's interrogators began another session.

The X-Men soon arrived, dealing handily with Lyman's men. Jean slipped away in the confusion of the fight, and when she found Scott being tortured, reacted with what could only be termed excessive (if understandably so) force, shutting down their minds and injuring them with debris. The team rushed Scott back to the mansion, where Forge and Amelia Voght determined that he would slip into a coma if he was not exposed to significant amounts of full-spectrum sunlight immediately. Forge suggested the greenhouse, and Scott was moved up there promptly.

In the aftermath of the events in Wyoming, Jean came to realize that she was not indeed fully recovered from her time as Jane. After speaking to Charles, she departed for Tibet, where she could work with friends of his at a monastery there to regain control of herself and her powers, and to come to proper terms with her dark side. Scott remained behind, to focus on his own recovery.

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As a result of the events of this plot, Jean departed for Tibet to regain control over herself and her powers, and Scott went on leave from the X-Men while he recovered. Their respective absences lasted precisely the same length of time.


Plotrunner: Alicia

All of the appearances in Scott's hallucinations were written by the players of the characters in question, constituting a rather unique writing exercise.