The Curse

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain the death of a significant character/NPC.


The Curse
Dates run: September 25-29, 2011
Run By: Aura
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"No need to stand up", said with a grin as she lazily passed a hand over her long hair. "Once I collect another soul I will be out of your hair." And now her black eyes were set on Robert.

The Minorus show up and once again things don't go according to plan.


Amanda Sefton, Ororo Munroe, Wanda Maximoff, Remy LeBeau, Marie-Ange Colbert, Doug Ramsey

Minoru Family, Arcana Minoru


September 25-29, 2011

Plot Summary

While in District X, Amanda was accosted by her student's renegade parents, Tina and Robert Minoru. On the run from Arcana Minoru and the First, the pair were desperate for help - their spells were no longer working and it was only a matter of time before Tina's body was forfeited to her ancestor. Amanda was naturally suspicious, but agreed to meet at a time and place of her choosing, with whatever backup she chose.

Two days later, with Ororo and Wanda, Amanda met with the Minorus. Their proposal was simple - Amanda would help them conduct a ritual that would bind Arcana on this plane and inside a magical prison permanently, and in return, the Minorus would provide information on a series of deaths of magic users, possibly related to the Cult of Chthon and its leader, recently encountered by X-Force. Once convinced that Nico would not be involved in any way - or wouldn't have to know her parents had even been seen - Amanda agreed to let them use the channelling spell carved into her back for the ritual.

Preparations made, the Minorus met with Amanda and Wanda, with other members of X-Force (Remy, Marie-Ange and Doug) accompanying them in case anything went wrong. The spell began simply enough with Arcana being summoned, however something went wrong when it was time to seal her in her prison. Somehow she broke the binding magics, possessing Tina and killing Robert, while easily countering X-Force's attempts to take her down. She vanished, leaving Amanda to explain to Nico that not only were her parents dead, but the witch who had already possessed her once was now set loose upon the world.

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The conversation between Amanda and Nico took place off-screen the day after the botched ritual


Plotrunner: Aura