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September was a relatively quieter month, compared to most, any way. Garrison Kane was frustrated in his search for the truth of the Alpha Flight massacre, when a lead took him and a team of X-Men to Hong Kong; in investigating a local businessman, John Sublime, Kane discovered his father's investigative agency and was assisted by a SHIELD agent, Luke Cage, but in the end all they got was another fight with Weapon X and sketchy hints of a mysterious third party involved. Another result of the mission was SHIELD installing their own version of Garrison with the FBI - a mutant agent called Abigail Brand, who made it clear she was digging for information on the Department's relationship with the X-Men.

Vanessa Carlysle remained missing, the news upsetting Adrienne Frost and Sam Guthrie who had been gone when she was taken and which prompted them to offer their help in searching for her. X-Factor also lost its Girl Friday, when Laurie Collins had to quit due to the time demands of school, life and being an X-Man.

Matt Murdock was happy to announce the end of his probation period and his ability to travel unescorted again. Amara Aquilla announced an alternative Homecoming event at Empire State University, partially organised by HeliX (with Yvette Petrovic acting as the local representative), while Wade Wilson set in motion some mysterious plans involving Halloween. An end of summer BBQ proved to be a good chance for the various teams to get together and socialise, with Sarah Vale beginning to wonder about her sexuality and Matt finding support for his addiction issues in the form of former addict, Amanda Sefton.

Things between former lovers, Garrison and Adrienne, continued to be difficult, with Garrison reacting uncharacteristically nastily to Adrienne's presence, resulting in property damage and a scolding from groundskeeper, Kyle Gibney, who wound up hog tied and dumped in the back of Garrison's car. Adrienne sought advice from her friends and tried to keep her distance as much as possible.

At the end of the month, X-Force found themselves once again on the wrong end of Nico's family problems, when an attempt to imprison Arcana Minoru resulted in the deaths of Nico's parents and the release of the demonic ancestor into the world.

Finally, Korvus Rook'shir met with Lilandra and his future at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsterswas planned.


Sep 1 -

Sep 2 - Jan comments on how weird it is not going back to college for classes, but being the one to teach classes. Christian's Angels: Garrison and some of his team use the information they found to set up a meeting with Sublime, with the rest of them left to ambush Sublime's ambush team, Garrison is able to get a limited amount of information about what happened to the members of Alpha Flight before Sublime leaves.

Sep 3 - Wade posts about bison. Amanda and Matt meet at the mansion BBQ and talk addiction. Matt posts about his summer school grades and new timetable. Amanda and Nico talk about what Amanda really does for a job. Callie and Sarah makes plans to hang out, with Callie oblivious to Sarah's awkwardness. Sarah and Yvette later have a heart-to-heart about... well. Matters of the heart. Amara and Sam catch up at the end of summer BBQ.

Sep 4 - Laurie posts about not having time to do ALL THE THINGS, as she has had to drop a subject at college. An elderly lady shows up in the XFI office looking for her grandson, who turns out to be Bishop, surprising both Warren and 'Riley'. Wade texts Marie-Ange about lasagna.

Sep 5 - Doug posts Google's logo commemorating Freddie Mercury's birthday. Sam posts about going on a burger run, goes on the burger run with Kyle, learning that Vanessa is missing and takes Adrienne grocery shopping. Wade catches Angel with fireworks and insists on 'supervising' her with them.

Sep 6 - Following the events in Hong Kong, Garrison finds himself with a new partner: Abigail Brand from SHIELD. Angel and Sam catch up, and she fills him in on what he's missed.

Sep 7 - Jubilee gives Wanda a chibi-fied sketch of herself. Sarah V. gets excited about a steampunk iPad cover.

Sep 8 - Matt announces he is finally off probation and can go into New York unsupervised again. Garrison encounters Adrienne in a skimpy swimsuit and reacts uncharacteristically nastily. Megan and Sarah V. work on their driving test preparation and decide to 'study' by watching Drive instead.

Sep 9 - Adrienne gets excited about Fashion Week and invites people to share her industry tickets. Callie posts about a drunken moose and warns about the dangers of fermented fruit and large herbivores. Jean-Phillipe posts about the Miss Universe Pageant national costumes and drinking and mocking ensue; Amanda texts Angelo and John for sanctuary from the fashion party. Kyle gets in Garrison's face about him punching the stonework, and he ends up tossed into the backseat of Garrison's car for his troubles. Sam and Tabitha swim in the lake together and hatch a plan for a confidence course for the New Mutants.

Sep 10 - Adrienne posts about the perils of exceeding her budget with impromptu drinking parties and asks for help learning how to grocery shop and cook and Sam offers his assistance.

Sep 11 - Sam posts about getting to bed early and morning jogs.

Sep 12 - Doug shares some news about the season 2 premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Amanda and Adrienne get together over drinks and talk about the incident with Garrison and Fashion Week.

Sep 13 - Yvette wishes Laurie a happy birthday on her journal. Crystal welcomes the Xavier students back to school and also wishes Laurie a happy birthday on her journal.

Sep 14 - Wade offers money to anyone who can bring him rhubarb pie and/or muscadine wine.

Sep 15 - Cammie complains about the believability of an episode of Deadliest Warrior on her journal.

Sep 16 - Wade thanks the mysterious generous benefactor who brought him his rhubarb pie and makes plans to take the same to his girlfriend.

Sep 17 -

Sep 18 - Laurie e-mails Bishop to let him know she can't continue being his Girl Friday, thanks to life, school, and X-Men training making her life super busy. Amara makes a journal entry about the upcoming alternative Homecoming dance, to which Yvette has been delegated as a representative on the organizing committee.

Sep 19 - Yvette mentions her discovery of popcorn scattered around the Danger Room observation console.

Sep 20 - Adrienne develops a fear of pythons after watching a TV show. Adrienne and Garrison have an awkward encounter down at Harry's.

Sep 21 - Kyle's student loans are mysteriously paid off. Wade admits possible responsibility for this in an email.

Sep 22 - Jubilee gives Doug a crocheted Nyan cat. Jean emails Hank asking for a shift change in medlab duty for Scott's birthday. Sarah V. posts a video and mentions that she might like to study computer science on graduating.

Sep 23 - Doug ensures that everyone gets to lose the game. What Goes Around, Comes Around: Wade gathers Kyle and Callie to discuss plans for his Halloween party of awesomeness.

Sep 24 -

Sep 25 - Sam posts a note on x-team letting folk know that he's around and available for duty. The Curse: Amanda takes an opportunity to attempt to make a deal with Nico's parents.

Sep 26 - Adrienne posts about baseball.

Sep 27 - Doug and Garrison commiserate about ex-girlfriends. The Curse: Wanda, Amanda and Ororo meet with the Minorus to go over their plan for stopping Arcana for good.

Sep 28 - Tabitha shares The Men of the Stacks with everyone. The Problématique: Bishop emails Adrienne about going to Boston.

Sep 29 - Sam posts about being nice to Adrienne. Korvus talks Lilandra about the truth behind his disappearance and incarceration in Madripoor, and arrangements are made for him to go to Xavier's. The Curse: The showdown between X-Force, the Minorus and Arcana very much does not go to plan, as Arcana kills Nico's parents and is let loose on the world.

Sep 30 - The Problématique: Bishop and Adrienne check out Vanessa's hotel room, but don't come up with much.


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The Curse

The Problématique

What Goes Around, Comes Around

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