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Marius "Emplate" Laverne, half-brother to Monet St. Croix, was brought to the school at the request of his father when he was discovered to be X-gene positive. He promptly continued the Xavier's tradition of students attacking teachers when his mutation's need to feed on the marrow of mutants became active and he assaulted Nathan Dayspring, and later Haroun al-Rashid and Rahne Sinclair, to satisfy his body's needs. A side-effect of being able to take on the powers of those he fed on was also discovered. Warren Worthington returned to the mansion and began assisting with classes and giving Nathan legal help with various projects. Tommy Jones awoke from his coma, precipitating a debate into his future, given his situation made it highly dangerous for him to leave the mansion. Jonothon Starsmore got his body back, resulting in glee from Paige Guthrie and an argument between her and Amanda Sefton over Paige's failure to consider Angelo Espinosa's feelings in the matter.

Malice took advantage of Forge's need to escape Paige's glee by kidnapping him from the mall on Magneto's orders. Forge was taken to Florida and discovered he was expected to build a mutant power inhibiter to be used in Magneto's war against humanity. The abduction forced the lockdown of the school and the restriction of students to the grounds, a situation which was taken with as much grace as possible.

Remy LeBeau encountered Pete Wisdom in Hong Kong and the two almost killed each other. Driven by his failure to counter Wisdom's plans and the deaths of half their network of intelligence agents, Remy resigned from his position as Charles Xavier's intel officer and decided to leave the mansion. On telling Amanda, she reacted badly, and the pair ended up sleeping together as Remy tried to reassure her he wasn't leaving her life. The next day he departed to find Lorna Dane, and Amanda and Manuel de la Rocha's relationship ended, with him seeking comfort in Danielle Moonstar. Remy succeeded in tracking Lorna down, but was beaten almost to death and left to die by Malice. Marie-Ange Colbert's vision of his death allowed the alarm to be raised and Betsy Braddock, Jake Gavin and Madelyn Bartlet retrieved him. The medlab staff were unable to save his life, however, and Amanda intervened, using the life-draining that Selene had taught her to fuel a healing spell. Her actions and lack of remorse earned her expulsion, although she remained at the school whilst a new place was to be found for her.

Thanks to Pietro Maximoff's information, the X-Men were able to retrieve both Lorna and Forge, although not before Forge used the Neutralizer to take out her powers and inadvertently his own. Malice's influence was purged from Lorna's mind with Jean Grey's help and she began to try and cope with what she had done. Her visit with Remy resulted in mutual confessions of unacted-on love, and it was this moment that Amanda magically eavesdropped on. Furious and feeling betrayed, she left her room, intending to leave the school, only to run into Manuel. Stealing his life energy again, she tore out their empathic link and teleported away, leaving an uproar.

Nathan began experiencing seizures and was prescribed anti-epilepsy medication. This, plus the continuing absence of Askani, caused him concern. During an fact-finding trip to Kashmir, he encountered his uncle again and received more fragments of his past. A discrepancy in mutant birthrates in Asia also caught his attention.

Haroun's rehabilitation continued, with the incident with Marius giving him the impetus to make an instinctive connection with the new cyberware and leave the medlab shortly after that. Kitty Pryde became the target of a stalker who believed he was a vampire, with him feeding on her during a college Halloween party. Jennie Stavros began contacting her mother upon receiving word from Fred Duncan of her whereabouts and Bobby Drake and Terry Cassidy's on-again, off-again relationship continued. Jay Guthrie and Kyle Gibney began sleeping together.

Jean returned to the team, taking on the new codename of Phoenix. Clarice Ferguson became a trainee. Several missions were executed, including body guarding a mutant artist from the FOH; taking down an Israeli terrorist ring at the request of Charles' former lover, Gabrielle Haller; and helping the Pack evacuate children rescued from an African mutant training facility. Wanda Maximoff and Jean experienced a powers interaction during training.

At the end of the month, Nathan, Wanda and Jean took a field trip of students to Seattle for the G8 conference on mutant issues. The trip began on an ominous note, with tension in the airport and unspecified precognitive twinges from Marie-Ange and Nathan.


Oct. 1 - Amanda and Manuel try to talk through their relationship problems. Forge, Moira and Paige help Jono regain his physical form. Upgrade: Madelyn tries to help a very frustrated Haroun deal with his new hardware. Kashmir Waltz: While in Kashmir, Angelo discovers that Nathan has been experiencing seizures, as well as the reasons behind Nathan's new line of work. Scott suggests that Warren might want to offer his talents to Nathan, in helping with any legal problems the school might have. Tommy wakes from his coma.

Oct. 2 - Kashmir Waltz: In Kashmir, Nathan and Angelo discover that the Kashmiri government is taking young mutants from their homes to "train" them; Nathan's medication is stolen after an altercation with angry villagers. Forge admits to Jay that he has a crush on Paige. Scott suggests that Warren take over the Flight class whilst Haroun is unable. Amanda emails Angelo to tell him about Jono.

Oct. 3 - To celebrate his new body, Paige and Jono go to New York. With Malice Aforethought: Forge leaves the mansion to clear his head after the trip is announced, and is kidnapped by Malice. Kashmir Waltz: Nathan runs into Gideon in Kashmir, and discovers more about his past. Fred Duncan emails Jennie with news of having tracked her mother down to a rehab centre in New Mexico; Jennie gets back into contact with her mother.

Oct. 4 - Terry and Bobby discuss their (lack of) sex life.

Oct. 5 - With Malice Aforethought: Forge wakes up in Magneto's clutches and is offered a job; Lorna tries to explain Malice, but Forge only understands when he witnesses her "change" in front of him after Magneto adjusts the collar around her neck; back at the mansion, people (notably his roommate Kyle) begin to panic when they realize that Forge is missing; Madelyn takes Kyle and Wanda to the mall where Forge last was and get access to security tapes that show him going with Lorna; Forge's abduction is announced and security measures taken. Hellfire and Damnation: Remy gets some information from one of Pete Wisdom's men, about his plans. Alison tells Jay about Tommy waking up and he reacts understandably badly. Amanda and Paige argue about Paige's treatment of Angelo

Oct. 6 - With Malice Aforethought: Forge begins designing a power inhibitor that Magneto can use to threaten those who would stand in his way; the mansion goes into lockdown in response to Forge's abduction. While talking to Jean about some of the problems he's been having, Nathan ends up going back to the medlab after a particularly taxing vision. Terry and Kitty talk about Terry's relationship problems with Bobby; Terry asks Jean for permission to see Tommy.

Oct. 7 - Manuel offers relationship advice to Terry, and offers to talk to Bobby about Terry if Kitty can't get him to talk about what's wrong. Clarice goes to visit universities with her father, but the one they do visit isn't very accepting of mutants, especially purple ones.

Oct. 8 - Bobby decides he needs to sneak out of the mansion with Angelo to get caffeine pills so he can help find Lorna. Scott catches them and tells Bobby that caffeine pills are a slippery slope, and threatens to take him off the X-Men until he goes to see one of the medics about his sleeping problems. Kitty tells Bobby about Terry's concerns, and he decides to fix things between them. Down in the medlab, Jean lectures Bobby for being stupid, and sends him out with pills to help him sleep. Jubilee is more successful in sneaking out, but her date is effectively ended when Cain Marko|Cain shows up at the coffeehouse to bring her home. Alison takes a stir-crazy Haroun out of the medlab for a little sun. X-Men Mission: Mutant Michelangelo: The next X-Men mission is going to be a formal affair.

Oct. 9 - Upgrade: Jamie and Marie-Ange drag Doug to the medlab after he wakes up unable to talk due to powers overexertion. Terry and Bobby finally talk to each other about their relationship. Traitor: Terry confronts Tommy in the medlab after he wakes up. X-Men Mission: Mutant Michelangelo: The X-Men act as bodyguards to an art exhibition by a mutant artist after threats are made. Hellfire and Damnation: Remy and Pete meet unexpectedly in Hong Kong and do their best to almost kill each other. Clarice asks to become a trainee.

Oct. 10 - Jean and Wanda have a Danger Room session and discover Wanda's powers operate on the instinctive level. Clarice visits Tommy and brings him a stuffed rhino. Amanda and Angelo catch up after his trip to Kashmir. Hellfire and Damnation: Remy returns to the mansion after encountering Pete Wisdom in Hong Kong and tells Charles he's resigning from the intel team; Amanda comes to visit and when he tells her she's leaving, she tries to hold onto him the only way she has left; Manuel feels everything through the link and reacts badly.

Oct. 11 - High Cost of Living: Remy emails Betsy and Jake and tells them he has quit; Remy tracks down Malice to Florida, where she almost kills him. With Malice Aforethought: Desperately trying to think of a way out of Magneto's clutches, Forge realises he has to build the Neutralizer as Magneto wants. Kyle and Jay sleep together.

Oct. 12 - With Malice Aforethought: Mystique uses Paige's form to seduce Forge. High Cost of Living: Marie-Ange has a vision of Remy's death and Amanda raises the alarm; Jake, Betsy and Madelyn track him down and bring him back to the mansion where the medlab team struggle to save his life; Amanda intercedes without permission and uses Selene's teachings to drain energy from those around her to partially-heal Remy and is confined to her room as a result; Manuel announces Frank the Lizard is dead as a result of the drain; Nathan talks to Amanda and finds her unrepentant; the staff make the decision to expel her. Jennie visits Tommy.

Oct. 13 - High Cost of Living: Manuel buries Frank the Lizard and Dani helps comfort him in the time-honoured fashion; various people discuss what happened and the general consensus is that Amanda ought to be expelled; an argument breaks out on the journals between Amanda and the rest of the school and her access is cut off; Marie-Ange argues with Scott about the situation; Angelo questions Amanda about her actions and receives unsatisfactory answers; Alison sends a coded email to Dr. Stephen Strange. Marius attacks Nathan and has to be peeled off him by Cain.

Oct. 14 - Scott and Alex talk about the argument with Amanda, and Lorna. Scott meets Tommy and they exchange personal philosophies, which doesn't go well. Paige notices Nathan is 'off' whilst sparring and takes him to medlab. Stoker and Stalkers: Kitty is spotted at college by Vlad, a mutant who believes he is a vampire and he decides to make her his next victim.

Oct. 15 - Jean and Tommy discuss physiotherapy and literature; Terry and Tommy argue about his FOH beliefs. Jean checks on Haroun's recovering mental health with a walk through his mindscape. High Cost of Living: Amanda makes a decision and clears her room of personal ties. With Malice Aforethought: Scott gets an email from Pietro about Lorna and Forge's location.

Oct. 16 - With Malice Aforethought: The team is briefed about what's required to retrieve the two missing residents; they arrive on the day Toad is holding a 'job fair' for new recruits and the team demolishes them; Forge finishes the Neutralizer and uses it against Malice, shorting out his own powers in the process and causing an explosion; the Brotherhood flee, leaving the X-Men to bring Forge and Lorna home; Moira breaks the news to Forge that he's powerless.

Oct. 17 - Marius wakes up and Moira tests her theory that he needs to feed on mutants to survive. With Malice Aforethought: Catseye visits Forge in feline form and he makes a decision to not keep secrets any more; Forge meets Marius; Jean deals with the ghost of Malice, stuck in Lorna's head; Jay visits Forge and finds him in a less than serene state - they fight; Moira eventually releases Forge from the medlab, assuring him he still has a place as her student. Scott meets Marius. Scott and Jean reluctantly agree to postpone the wedding. Moira makes enquiries about getting a personal helicopter or plane to commute between the school and Muir more easily.

Oct. 18 - The security restrictions are lifted. Jamie and Rahne discuss stress relief and what's making them stressed. Scott tells Ororo and Alison about his double agent in the Brotherhood, Pietro. Scott and Jean go for an impromptu vacation for their stress relief. With Malice Aforethought: Alex comforts Lorna in the wake of everything. Stokers and Stalkers: Kitty's stalker continues to follow her. Marius and Haroun meet during Haroun's PT session, and decide to mutually train together. Haroun and Rahne discuss her plans for the future.

Oct. 19 - Jubilee visits Forge in his room and tries to cheer him up. Forge and Paige achieve some resolution, but his future at the school is in doubt as he decides to return home. Before Forge leaves, he and Jay make their peace.

Oct. 20 - Alison visits Lorna after Lorna confesses by email she (as Malice) killed Alison's father. Nathan and Marius are properly introduced. Haroun and Miles play chess. Kitty has a wiggins about her non-mutant abilities and Jamie is there to reassure her. Forge goes home; Catseye distracts herself from Forge's absence with tormenting Marius. Mutants And Molotovs: Nathan broaches the subject of a field trip to Seattle and the G8 summit.

Oct. 21 - Haroun asks Kitty to help with some upgrades to the Blackbird. Marius loses control during a therapy session with Haroun and is taken down by Rahne; in the commotion, Haroun regains control of his 'ware.

Oct. 22 - Scott and Jean return from their vacation. Jean tells Remy the extent of his injuries and the healing - he's effectively crippled for life. Val Cooper visits the Forge family and offers Forge a deal of immunity if he testifies against Magneto. Remy regains consciousness.

Oct. 23 - Marius wakes up from his second coma of the week and finds he's absorbed Rahne's powers by feeding on her. Marie-Ange trains with Nathan in the Danger Room and learns the value of asking for help. Jean is cleared to rejoin the team and picks the name "Phoenix". Upgrade: Haroun finally walks out of the medlab under his own power. The staff discuss Tommy's fate.

Oct. 24 - Nate checks on Rahne. Both Forge and Kyle have STD testing after their respective encounters. Jean and Tommy talk about his future, but he's not too hopeful about it. Stoker and Stalkers: Vlad continues to watch Kitty and discovers Jamie is her boyfriend; he isn't pleased.

Oct. 25 - Who's The Thief: Gabrielle Haller contacts Charles, asking for help with mutant terrorists in Israel who have taken hostages.

Oct. 26 - Who's the Thief: The X-Men go to Israel and work with Sabra to take down the terrorists and rescue the hostages. Forge and Marius experiment with Marius' powers and manage to reboot Forge's own; Catseye exacts retribution for them causing Moira panic. Lost Generations: Nathan's investigations of Asian mutant birthrates uncover something odd. Haroun has a bad mobility day and Alison tells him about her father's death.

Oct. 27 - Lorna confesses on the journals about what she did as Malice and Manuel is the only one to hold her responsible; Alex refuses to believe Lorna was anything but mind-controlled and innocent of wrong-doing; Nathan and Lorna discuss their shared experiences in being directed by others. Stoker and Stalkers: Jamie and Kitty's plans to attend a college Halloween party are overheard by Vlad and he makes plans. Charles notifies Scott and Ororo of an absence for several days.

Oct. 28 - Clarice and Shiro take the next step in their relationship. Air Xavier: The Pack requests the X-Men's help after they rescue a number of children from a training camp in Chad; the team evacuates the Pack and the children, and then Scott outflies the Libyan airforce when they try to intervene. High Cost of Living: Betsy comes to talk to Amanda and discovers her secret; Marie-Ange visits Remy and avoids the subject of what Amanda did.

Oct. 29 - Nathan meets with Colin MacInnis and proposes he and the remaining ex-Mistra operatives join the Pack. High Cost of Living: Lorna and Remy talk for the first time since she crippled him, and they admit they love each other, but won't act on it; Amanda magically eavesdrops on their conversation and reacts badly; she is intercepted by Manuel and rips the link out before teleporting away. Stoker and Stalkers: At the party, Vlad takes advantage of a brief moment to make his move and bite Kitty, imprinting her with a psychic suggestion. Cain gives Marius a tour of the school and learns he's Monet illegitimate half-brother.

Oct. 30 - Stoker and Stalkers: After her fatigue-spell at the party, Jamie insists on Kitty seeing a doctor; Madelyn examines Kitty and suggests it might be related to exam stress and pushing herself too hard. Jamie meets Marius and gives him the Talk about Rahne. Haroun and Nathan discuss Amanda's departure and where she failed. Jennie and Marius meet and become instant friends.

Oct. 31 - Mutants and Molotovs: Nathan, Jean and Wanda take a number of students to Seattle for the G8 summit on mutants; the airport is unsettled and Marie-Ange's precognition is acting up; Angelo and Rahne, later at the hotel, watch the news and see the tension is city-wide; Nathan checks on how Manuel's doing with the broken link.



Kashmir Waltz

With Malice Aforethought

X-Men Mission: Mutant Michelangelo

High Cost Of Living

Stoker and Stalkers

X-Men Mission: Who's The Thief

Lost Generations

X-Men Mission: Air Xavier

Mutants and Molotovs

Hellfire and Damnation

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