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X-Force were treated to a heroes' welcome by the denizens of New Orleans saved from the hurricane and Marie-Ange was magically cured of her bullet wounds. Ororo lost her powers as a result of her efforts, and Remy received proof of his parentage - and then destroyed it, preferring the identity he had made for himself with his 'family' of teammates.

Jay Guthrie returned to the school reluctantly, having not made it in the music business as he had hoped. Laurie began establishing a cautious relationship with her father, now relocated to New York. Nathan got shot at in Khartoum and upset Angelo by not telling him about the trip. Monet fell mysteriously ill, and her disowned full brother Marius St. Croix was ultimately to blame. Kevin was arrested by Garrison for an outstanding murder warrant, and talks between his lawyer, Nathan, Fred Duncan and the Georgian DA resulted in him being convicted of involuntary manslaughter and paroled to the mansion, much to his disgruntlement. Amanda and Kurt celebrated the wedding of their brother, Stefan, although Kurt still remained in Germany. And Pietro accepted a job offer in Attilan and left the school.

At the end of the month, the X-Men were scrambled to confront Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants - in space. The school was evacuated, and the X-Men discovered getting into orbit and taking down the space laser satellite controls was the easy part as the space station broke up, casting combatants together to survive. The trainees and remaining team were called in to assist in search and rescue, with all of them experiencing rather more than expected.


Oct 1 - New Orleans Is Sinking: Remy re-establishes the Compact between the New Orleans Guilds| Guilds and the Carrib people, and stands down as Guildmaster before confronting Arlen about the lie of Remy's parentage; Arlen gives Remy an envelope containing his true history; Remy finds Ororo in the hospital, exhausted and her powers gone, and tells her about the envelope's contents before destroying it; the poor quarters of New Orleans erupt into a giant street party as X-Force and Ororo are hailed as heroes; at Tante's directive, Amanda uses the power of New Orleans to heal Marie-Ange and boost Illyana's teleportation to bring both girls from New York; Mark and Remy discuss why Mark is with X-Force; Ororo returns to the school, and discusses her situation with Scott. Laurie calls her father and arranges a meeting. Jay Guthrie returns to the mansion, convinced by his mother to go to college after his music career fails.

Oct 2 - Sofia provides hangover remedies following the New Orleans party. Amanda decides to start the bus run again in light of the weekend's events. Jay has reunions with Forge and Terry, but is reticent about his music career. Kevin meets Yvette, and they bond over a shared issue. Marie-Ange and Amanda share breakfast, and questions over what happened in New Orleans.

Oct 3 - Amanda emails Scott, Ororo and Forge about security for the bus run. Jay meets Yvette and things are fine until the subject of Tommy comes up. Laurie hides a pie and challenges people to find it. Laurie gets a lesson in being an X-Man from Logan. Marius trains with Scott in the Danger Room. Jay talks to Ororo about classes.

Oct 4 - Nathan returns from Tel Aviv and Muir, and Angelo is unhappy when he casually mentions going to Khartoum and getting shot at; a talk is fairly unproductive as Angelo feels he is being left behind by those he cares about and Nathan feels stifled. Laurie emails Scott about her status as a trainee. Jennie meets Kevin and catches up with Jay.

Oct 5 - Angelo emails Domino about Nathan's antics and gets no sympathy there either. Forge takes Laurie on a driving lesson. Kevin posts to the journals looking for his soldering iron. Laurie is nervous about her lunch meeting with her father, and Yvette is supportive.

Oct 6 - Laurie makes her first post to the team comms. Angel invites Yvette on a picnic. Nathan meets Noriko and things go better than expected. Amanda invites people to Stefan's wedding. Angelo runs across Angel at the fire station. Wanda receives a reminder of a conference she has to attend in Washington at the end of October. Laurie's lunch is cautiously optimistic. Angelo runs into Kevin on Boiler Beach. Forge runs into Mark at the New York Consumer Electronics Expo and discovers there's more to the DJ than being a goofball. Amanda is almost mugged in New York, and Angelo steps in.

Oct 7 - Carmen Animi Vermium: Logan comes across Monet acting strangely in the kitchen and warns Jean she might be on drugs or ill. Jishin Da!: Charles announces an end of year trip to Japan for a conference open to students and staff.

Oct 8 - Forge organises a Boy's Night Out for the grads. Kevin meets Marius in the wee small hours. Yvette discovers a lack of buoyancy due to her mutation, but Angel is there to rescue her from the lake. Garrison realises Kevin has a warrant out for his arrest and warns Scott before going to arrest him; Fred Duncan tries to talk to Kevin, but doesn't get far; Kevin uses his one phone call to leave a message for his roommate.

Oct 9 - Amanda announces the return of the bus run. Nathan, acting as Kevin's lawyer, goes to see him. Carmen Animi Vermium: Monet complains of an ongoing headache. Yvette wonders where Kevin has gone.

Oct 10 - Scott announces Crystal's imminent return as a staff member. Fred Duncan, Nathan and the Georgian DA come to an agreement as to Kevin's fate, despite opposition from the DA; Kevin reluctantly agrees to the terms - to remain at Xavier's and to warn people about his mutation; Nathan lets the staff know what the situation is. Yvette asks Clarice for makeup advice. Carmen Animi Vermium: Monet's health takes a turn for the worse and Laurie takes her to see Jean; Jean diagnoses some kind of neurological issue, and arranges for further tests in the city.

Oct 11 - Kevin returns to the school and posts about his release conditions, as required. Laurie suggests a Japanese study group for the upcoming Japan trip.

Oct 12 - Carmen Animi Vermium: Monet goes for her tests at the hospital with Clarice. Forge arranges Guys Night Out. Nathan gives Kevin a pet - a fiddler crab called Eddie. Marie and Garrison go to Germany early, and he surprises her with an invention of Forge's that lets him kiss her longer than usual.

Oct 13 - Laurie makes cupcakes. Clarice chooses a major and complains about one of her professors who is a bigot. Kevin and Noriko meet and there is much incomprehension.

Oct 14 - Crystal announces her return as a teacher at the school. Forge is hungover after Guys Night Out and Jono mocks him; Doug emails Forge about his own state. Kevin discovers he has been hit by the Glitter Pixie, aka Clarice. Jono sends Paige flowers and she flails to Forge about which anniversary she's missed. Kyle grumps about not being able to drive alone yet. Pietro and Crystal discuss options. Carmen Animi Vermium: Monet notifies Jean the tests are inconclusive, but that she doesn't have a brain tumour.

Oct 15 - Laurie makes observations on nature and male birds. Mark mocks Doug's hangover on his journal, and everyone joins in. Haller asks Cain to not remove a fallen tree on the grounds so he can get Kevin to practice his powers; Kevin's session goes better than he thought. Cain talks to Crystal about her new status as staff and she asks permission to move into the mansion properly. Wanda has a shopping crisis. Forge asks Clarice for a teleporting favour. Carmen Animi Vermium: Jan encounters an obviously not-well Monet and is confused. Laurie and Terry discuss becoming an X-Man and never have enough hours in the day.

Oct 16 - Laurie creates a furor on the comms by asking why people must drink illegally; she emails Haller asking for advice on people breaking the law; Marius emails Laurie to explain his reasons for underage drinking; Doug emails Scott suggesting someone tell Laurie the Blackbird is also illegal and Scott puts himself very firmly out of the debate; Amanda posts to x_grads asking for those who are underage to keep their illegal activities off the student comms if only for some peace and quiet. Forge returns to the site of his being held hostage by Magneto and finds it's all different. Amanda asks Crystal if she can take the bus run on Saturday, on account of her being in Germany for a wedding.

Oct 17 - Medusa asks Pietro to come to Attilan to consult on security issues; Pietro informs Scott of his impending absence. Jono announces daily jam sessions in the music room. Laurie mentions she's having nightmares.

Oct 19 - Forge helps Kevin with his glitter problem and gives him a key to the machine room for his art projects. Doug is randomly amused. Marius and Jennie train in the Danger Room. Jay is not happy about Eddie, the new 'roommate', and incurs the wrath of various people. Nathan decides to go to Muir Island for the weekend as his week has been unfruitful.

Oct 20 - Forge and Crystal take the bus run and catch up. At Stefan's wedding, Amanda and Kurt talk about being home; Stefan enquires on Angelo's intentions towards his sister; Stefan and Amanda bond and later she and Angelo talk over being left behind and a possible spell that might help.

Oct 21 - Kevin emails Noriko, impressed by the translating program on the journals. Julio posts about his classes with Farouk and learning Japanese. Kyle is angry at Jay about being called chicken for not wanting to fight Magneto or Sabretooth. In Germany, Amanda and Garrison talk about contrasting ways of doing things.

Oct 22 - Doug celebrates INTERNATIONAL CAPSLOCK DAY. Mark gets a haircut and a new piercing; Amanda and Cyndi congratulate him. Ororo is frustrated at not being able to help with the forest fires in California. Pietro hands his security report to Medusa and is offered a permanent job, which he accepts. Kevin meets Sooraya.

Oct 23 - Wanda goes to Washington for a conference. Crystal is mysterious about a package. Terry mourns Pietro's departure. Kyle talks first to Ororo, and then to Haller, about the possibility of college.

Oct 24 - Wanda posts from the conference about having too much fun. Laurie complains about having to study poetry in class. Amanda goes to surprise Angelo for lunch and runs into Jay on the way. Thirteen Days: Val Cooper comes calling in a most unexpected manner, and with serious news of Magneto's latest exploits - the hijacking of an orbital space station which controls a satellite-based laser weapons system; the team is alerted; Forge and Scott discuss ways of getting them to the space station; various residents comment on the helicopter landing on the front lawn; Doug alerts Snow Valley to the issue, having access to the X-Men comm still; the decision is made to evacuate the school as a precautionary measure; Kevin is unhappy with the lack of specific information and accepts an invitation to join the other students at Angel's father's house; Doug emails Mark about wanting to make silly jokes about space lasers; Angelo and Nathan discuss what those who go will be risking; Angelo goes to tell Amanda what is going on, as she's been offline all day; Remy assigns tasks and people try to contact Wanda in Washington; Pete arranges for Emma's jet to bring Wanda back, when she is found. Carmen Animi Vermium: Monet emails several people about what happened between her and her brother, the first Marius. For unknown reasons, Jay decides to sleep in Kevin's bed, and there's an awkward scene.

Oct 25 - Thirteen Days: Clarice and Terry discover the differences in mindset required for this mission; Wanda gets a note telling her to leave Washington, and calls in and Pete tells her to use Emma's plane; arriving back at the office, Wanda discovers the note wasn't sent by X-Force; Jono and Dani help with the evacuation, taking the trainees to the brownstone; Kevin makes breakfast for Angel; Nathan and Jean do zero-gravity training in the Blackbird; Crystal emails several students addressing issues from the journals; in the empty mansion, Haller tries to comfort Charles; Julio finds out from Kyle that Magneto is involved.

Oct 26 - Thirteen Days: Training continues, with Marie and Angelo working on new tricks; at the Jones residence, Kevin gets Yvette involved in a sculpture project to distract them both from the close quarters; Sofia is startled to find she has a houseguest; Forge is curious as to which of the trainee boys it was on Sofia's couch; Scott reminds the X-Men to get sleep between training; Marius reports from the brownstone; Terry provides the trainees with music for their regular PT, much to Tabitha's horror; Forge fits out Angelo with his special uniform for the mission, and they talk about doubts and contributions; Cain goes through his own training run with Nathan in the Danger Room, to prepare for his key role in the mission; Kevin helps Juanita Espinosa out and she offers a respite should things get too much for him and Yvette; Wanda returns from the office to find Laurie and Tabitha are using her apartment; Laurie's father visits for lunch, and Wanda is suspicious of him; Garrison and Scott discuss the wider ethics of the situation, and self-sacrifice; Wanda goes to the mansion for some quiet time and talks to Haller about her personal issues with Magneto; Amanda runs into Logan at Finnegans, hiding from the chaos; Doug sends the trainees out for takeout.

Oct 27 - Thirteen Days: Terry and Scott's turn for training, as they face the challenges of restraining destructive powers in a space-station environment; Laurie and Amanda discuss the harsh realities of the situation; Scott gives the team the night off before they go up in the morning; Angelo has dinner with Nathan and then Amanda comes to the mansion for a last night; Scott and Jean celebrate her birthday, despite the cicumstances; Monet talks to Gail Collins about the frustrations of being an invalid.

Oct 28 - Thirteen Days: Scott posts to x_journal, telling the students how proud their teachers are of them; the X-Men go into space, finding getting there is the easy part; the attack on the station is chaotic and messy, but Scott manages to destroy the laser controls before the station begins to fall apart; scattered X-Men, Brotherhood and cosmonauts crash to Earth, mostly in remote areas; Forge sounds the alert for the remaining team to help with search and rescue; Jean and Terry land in Siberia, fleeing Mystique, Katu and Kamal; Nathan, Angelo and Clarice wind up in Tibet with Toad and Senyaka; Garrison and Marie land in Japan with Magneto, and Garrison's throat is cut as he tries to apprehend the mutant terrorist; Amanda asks Marie-Ange for support when comms are lost; Ororo organises the recovery, using the trainees as well as the remaining X-Men; the evacuees have a movie night, and it's obvious things are tense; Nori uses her own methods to calm her powers; Jay discovers something startling about Kevin's powers. Doug mourns Colorado's loss of the World Series.

Oct 29 - Thirteen Days: Forge and Tabitha arrive in Japan to bring Marie and Garrison back, and find themselves fighting a gaseous member of the Brotherhood who possesses people; Marie asks Logan to be there for her; Haller asks the students to stay away for a little longer whilst everyone is being recovered; Kevin asks for a better approximation of time and agrees with Haller to go to Juanita's house with Yvette; Amanda emails Kurt and tells him to come back from Germany; Kurt tells Stefan he is returning to America; in Australia, Scott tries to keep two cosmonauts alive as they are pursued by a furious Nimrod; Nathan encounters a snow leopard whilst hunting dinner, and makes contact with Charles; Julio finds a hungover Nori in the basement and covers up for her; Jean and Terry are intercepted by Mystique and two other Brotherhood members, and are rescued in the nick of time by Jan and Logan; Jean and Laurie battle to save the life of Katu, whom Logan has nearly killed.

Oct 30 - Kevin takes up Juanita's offer of refuge on his and Yvette's behalf; Toad attacks the injured Clarice and Angelo before being taken down by Kyle and Nathan is rescued from Senyaka by Shiro, before the whole rescue group has to flee the Chinese military; Doug gets reports of a 'god' who has fallen to earth in Sri Lanka and he, Wanda and Amanda decide to go investigate; Kevin is relieved to have more space; in Australia, Marius and Jennie find themselves fighting Nimrod and Bloodhawk, a shapeshifter, in order to rescue Scott and the cosmonauts; Jennie makes a triumphant, if drugged post to the team comm; Laurie lets Amanda know Angelo is all right.

Oct 31 - Thirteen Days: Amanda, Doug and Wanda discover Cain unconscious at the bottom of a crater and bring him back via Emma's jet; Forge notifies the team Cain has been found; Garrison reports on Magneto's powers trick with his clothing; Laurie nurses Kyle, and gets asked on a date; Juanita confronts Nathan about Angelo being hurt; Crystal offers her assistance in the medlab and visits Angelo; Laurie and Forge talk about the whole experience; Cain and Wanda celebrate being alive. Jennie's birthday, and she introduces Wally the Bruise. The day of stoned journal posts - various injured and drugged X-Men exchange stories on the journals. Jan threatens to drop candy on people unless they sign up on her journal not to. Kurt acquires a puppy - one of Lorna's. Laurie flails at her suitemates about Kyle asking her out whilst stoned.


New Orleans Is Sinking

Carmen Animi Vermium

Jishin Da!

Thirteen Days

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