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Paige 'Husk' Guthrie and Alex 'Havok' Summers both arrived at the school - Paige being Sam's younger sister and Alex being Scott's younger brother. Paige proved very popular, forming several close friendships (Alison, Scott, her roommate Sarah, Piotr and Warren) as well as being drawn to the loner Jono. Several couples got together: Scott and Betsy acted on their attraction with mixed results and Sam and Alison eventually got together after weeks of cluelessness and misunderstandings, including an incident whilst Alison was loopy on painkillers after a horse riding accident. Lorna also developed a crush on Alex, despite trying to talk herself into a 'sensible' course of action. She wrote a letter to herself, outlining the reasons why a relationship wouldn't work and unfortunately that letter was found and read by Alex, causing much angst.

There were several outings for the staff and students to unwind, including trips to an amusement park and New York and Emma Frost took several students (Alex, Sarah and Jono) to a solstice revel. Selene, Black Queen of the Hellfire Club also attended. The release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix caused the school to effectively shut down for a day or two.

Various staff and students were in contact with John via the journals and through the mail and Emma met him in New Haven in order to give him back various possessions he left behind at the school. Pete Wisdom uncovered an illegal mutant organ smuggling ring in Luthiania and closed it down and then discovered there were links to Hong Kong and other countries. He also Happened to someone in the Arctic.

Powers-wise, Kitty gained control of her phasing (and began private study with Nathaniel Essex on various projects), Everett had a power overload that Scott talked him down from and Jono blew up several trees after a bad reaction with Betsy's powers and received a series of containment shirts and jaw prosthestics from Emma Frost. Betsy also approached Essex in relation to curing her blindness and he began his researches into regenerating her eyes.


Jun 1 - The kids spend the day at the amusement park. Sam gets an email from his little sister Paige about her being a mutant and coming to the school. X-Men Mission: Baltimore: Storm, Nightcrawler and Wolverine go to pick up a new student and find Magneto and Pyro are there first. Stanley ends up going with the Brotherhood.

Jun 2 - Pep talks: Pete to Jono, Alison to Jamie. In the wake of the failed mission, Ororo raises concerns about Magneto building another Cerebro and finding a telepath to use it. Xavier retreats to Cerebro for an extended period. Kurt begins his circus classes.

Jun 3 - Kitty meets with Essex and arranges to take advanced classes with him. Paige Guthrie arrives at the school. Kitty learns to control her phasing.

Jun 4 - Cyclops, Cannonball and Kitty go to Hawaii and pick up Alex Summers. Lorna begins teaching philosophy. Terry accidentally tampers with Betsy's laptop.

Jun 5 -

Jun 6 - Emma Frost begins full time teaching.

Jun 7 - Betsy attempts to help Jono and he blows up several trees instead. As well as nearly blowing up Paige.

Jun 8 - Outing to the local skate park. Lorna meets Alex. Trip to the nursery, Scott and Betsy begin their relationship.

Jun 9 - Emma meets with John in New Haven to return his possessions.

Jan 10 -

Jun 11 -

Jun 12 - Kitty's classes with Essex begin.

Jun 13 - Crimson Dawn: Betsy broaches the subject of regenerating her damaged eyes with Essex.

Jun 14 -

Jun 15 -

Jun 16 - Kitty proposes a trip to New York for the students. Alison takes Paige shopping at Sam's request.

Jun 17 -

Jun 18 - Crimson Dawn: Essex examines Betsy's eyes with a view to curing her blindness.

Jun 19 - Alison has a fall from a horse and kisses Sam under the influence of painkillers. Sam wigs. Various students go to New York for the day. Jono gets his containment shirts.

Jun 20 - Pete uncovers evidence of an illegal market in mutant organs and shuts down operations in Lithuania, uncovers operations in Hong Kong.

Jun 21 -

Jun 22 - Emma hosts a Solstice party, Jono, Alex, Sarah attend, with members of the Hellfire Club also present.

Jun 23 -

Jun 24 -

Jun 25 -

Jun 26 - Start of Alison and Sam's relationship.

Jun 27 -

Jun 28 -

Jun 29 -

Jun 30 - Everett has a powers accident, Scott talks him down. Pete happens to somebody in the Arctic.


X-Men Mission: Baltimore

Crimson Dawn

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