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X-Factor, with Amanda Sefton, David Haller and Meggan Szardos combining magic, telepathy and empathy, finally tracked down and detained the Two Strike Killer, although the answers they received from the killer, Caroline Alito did little to help them understand what she'd done. Alito killed herself in police custody. Shortly after, Jean-Paul Beaubier took on a protection detail that required him to travel extensively for several months, perhaps not entirely a coincidence. Vanessa Carlysle also unwittingly attracted some unwanted attention during a routine break-in into a blood bank to get a sample for a paternity case.

Prom went ahead without drama, although Doreen Green 'forgot' it was on and had to be dragged off her World of Warcraft game by Kyle Gibney (with some help from Doug Ramsey and her guildmates). A celebratory brunch was held the next day and organiser, Yvette Petrovic thanked all those involved. Graduation proceeded without a hitch as well, although Parents' Day was the usual case of running around trying to look like a normal school.

X-Force finally caught a break - and received another mysterious tip - in the search for Remy LeBeau, with a trail of dead operatives leading them to set an ambush against HYDRA in London while a second team went to Munich to rescue him. Marie-Ange Colbert, Amanda Sefton and Carmilla Black were successful in killing Swarm, although they only injured the Fenris twins; Ororo Munroe and Jubilation Lee faced down Brock Rumlow and retrieved Remy while Wanda Maximoff, Doug Ramsey and Emma Frost facing down (and being severely beaten by) a new foe, the Red Skull in the sewers while the mysterious Syn killed off rival Lady Hydra in the confusion. Remy had been extensively tortured and after his release he and Ororo went first to Muir Island and then to Beaumont-Les-Bains to recuperate.

Doug and Marie-Ange continued their verbal skirmishes, each unwilling to forgive the other, while Julian Keller continued to mourn the loss of his relationship with Nico Minoru by being a jerk and Artie Maddicks made himself obnoxious in the wake of the abduction of himself and his fellow students by Annalee and their rescue (despite themselves) by the X-Men. Artie's treatment of Molly Hayes on the journals led to a physical fight with his roommate Matt Murdock and Artie coming out the worse for wear. Matt himself learned a new trick in the tunnels - a kind of sonar using his super-hearing.

And with the July 4th holiday weekend approaching, various plans were made to take some time off. Amanda and Nico went to the Cotswolds, to meet with Homily. Laura Kinney and Kevin Ford made a romantic getaway to Niagara falls (among "don't get accidentally married!" jokes), Warren Worthington invited the mansionites to the Hamptons for a long weekend at the beach and Lex took himself off to the wilderness for a break.


Jun 1 - Jan announces her 22nd birthday; Jean leaves a gift of cake pans; Kevin gives her jewelery boxes with Mario-themed earrings. Piotr asks for student art projects for a show in Salem Center. Aftershocks: Bishop and Vanessa interview family members of the victims in an effort to find a pattern and discover none of the victims was an obvious mutant and in some cases the families didn't know; going over the crime scene photos, Vanessa and Bishop get frustrated trying to form a profile of a killer who doesn't fit any of the usual types. Yvette announces final preparations for prom and asks for more help. Callie tries to cheer up Julian from his post-break up blues and offers clubbing in the city. Kurt is unimpressed by his father's blaming mutants for the E. Coli infestations in Europe.

Jun 2 - Aftershocks: When another victim is found, X-Factor manages to examine the scene with Laura, but she can't track the killer as they've cleaned up and sanitised themselves after the crime; the New York Times reports on the latest killing; following the latest murder, Vanessa emails Amanda, Doug and Haller to ask for updates and in the process, Haller and Amanda agree to try a combination of telepathy and magic together; Haller asks Meggan to assist in the tracking spell with her empathy.

Jun 3 - Aftershocks: A locally-produced District X newletter reports on X-Factor being hired by one of the families to investigate the case; Amanda is less than impressed by Meggan's involvement, but agrees she is needed and they manage to get a trace on their target; Vanessa lets Jean-Paul and Laura know they're on call should Amanda, Haller and Meggan track down the killer; a friend of the most recent victim barges into the X-Factor offices and Laurie is less than adept at handling her; Laurie lets the rest of X-Factor know about her encounter. Sarah V. helps Yvette decorate for Prom and the two get to chat and catch up on things. Laura complains about hearing "Champagne Supernova" often enough to drive her to drink and/or drugs. Operation: Red Letter Day: Jubilee raises the alarm when one of X-Force's contacts in Spain goes missing, later found dead. Xavier's Prom; Kyle texts Doug to see if Dori is playing World of Warcraft instead of attending; Doug logs in and enlists Dori's guildmates to make her go; Kyle turns up at Dori's door to escort her down and cheerfully admits his involvement.

Jun 4 - Kyle announces his satisfaction with how the Prom went and organises a celebratory brunch; Yvette thanks everyone for their help. Aftershocks: Haller lets Vanessa know the tracking spell is ready; Haller, Amanda and Meggan manage to locate the killer, on the way to another victim; Jean-Paul and Laura stop the killer and take her into custody; with the killer refusing to speak, Vanessa and Bishop use her phone and Doug to identify her; Haller assists in questioning the killer to ensure she wasn't working with anyone else; Jean-Paul investigates her apartment and finds evidence of her being a victim of Magneto's attack on San Diego; it's revealed that the killer is a mutant herself, trying to stop another possible Magneto by killing mutants; Meggan and Amanda talk about Meggan's role in the tracking spell and why Amanda is so protective of her; Meggan asks her own questions of the killer, trying to make some sense of things.

Jun 5 -

Jun 6 - Aftershocks: The New York Times Online reports that Caroline Alito, accused of killing up to 22 people in NYC, was found dead in her cell. Yvette makes a journal post asking if anyone has read the article about Alito. Doug e-mails Vanessa about the account numbers Jean-Paul found in Alito's apartment and connections he's uncovered from them.

Jun 7 - Doug returns the mice to Marie-Ange's office and after five minutes of being civil to one another it all falls apart.

Jun 8 - Operation: Red Letter Day: Ororo posts in Snow Valley about a contact in Toulouse being out of touch for several days. Jubilee e-mails Doug, asking him to come by and see her because they need to talk; Jubilee is unimpressed by the cracks made about Marie-Ange's sexuality and lets Doug know judging a woman by her sexual activity is not on.

Jun 9 - Kurt goes shopping with Jean to get a gift for Monet and ends up with a brand new admirer of sorts.

Jun 10 - My Long Forgotten Son: Artie and Annalee meet up again, and an invitation is made. Warren and Jean go for a walk and a flight together through District X. Jean-Paul posts to x_factorinvestigations, letting them know where he'll be thanks to his new protection detail.

Jun 11 - Artie posts to the journals via his phone that he almost overslept and needs a coffee IV stat. My Long Forgotten Son: Artie introduces Nico to his mother and things get odd; later that day, Artie and the New Mutants have a chat and a decision is made to live in the tunnels where it's safe; the New Mutants kids are noticed after they left for the tunnels, and plans are made to get them back; the kids get settled into the Morlock tunnels, only to find someone is after them.

Jun 12 - My Long Forgotten Son: Zephyr chases down Artie and Nico; Callisto and Dominion go after Dori and Molly; Sarah M. pursues Klara and Megan; Nightcrawler and Angel find Meggan; Wildchild and Meltdown round up Matt and Sarah V. Nightcrawler, Dominion, Sarah M., and Callisto confront Annalee; the kids are brought back home.

Jun 13 - Artie picks a fight with everyone on the journals, in particular Kyle, Matt and Kurt. Molly posts to the journals; Artie picks a fight with her and Meggan and Sarah Vale console her. Matt beats up Artie. Jean treats Artie's now cracked ribs. Yvette takes Matt and Molly for icecream and texts Jean-Phillipe to hold the Parents' Day fort. Amanda emails Kurt, saying that it's unfair to blame Artie for the situation in the tunnels. Angelo attempts to forcibly remove Artie from his computer. Kyle texts Doug about the kids' behaviour today and mentions on x_staff that Matt beat up Artie. Megan posts a theraputic debrief of her time in the tunnels. Operation: Red Letter Day: Amanda mentions another lost contact.

Jun 14 - Laurie emails Kyle about Artie's fight on the journals.

Jun 15 - Jubilee says that her hair will be purple this week. Wanda invites those available to the pub for dinner. Jean mentions the luau themed graduation after party. Amanda congratulates Nico on graduating. Operation: Red Letter Day: After announcing her boredom to Doug, Cammie gets some work to do, and confirms that the death of one of X-Force's contacts was in fact a staged robbery. Marie-Ange is nice to her, and then to Doug which confuses everyone. Jean visits Wanda with Chinese food to cheer her up.

Jun 16 - Matt gets to clean out the stables as punishment for beating up Artie and powers training for his newly discovered sonar skills.

Jun 17 - Bishop posts to x_snowvalley updating people on Jean-Paul's doings. Matt goes to talk to Jean about his echo-location power and finds her napping.

Jun 18 - Matt mentions mail he's received from Wade, discusses his punishment work with Kyle. My Long Forgotten Son: Artie discusses his decision to not talk about Annalee with Haller.

Jun 19 -

Jun 20 - Operation: Red Letter Day: Wanda posts about further missing, dead contacts.

Jun 21 - Sarah V. posts about her birthday present from her parents - it arrived late. Molly announces she received a hat from Wade called a beefeater. Warren gives up on reading case law for the time being, and invites everyone away to the Hamptons for the weekend of the 4th of July. Vanessa and Laurie discuss Crystal working for X-Factor Investigations. Operation: Red Letter Day: Marie-Ange posts to Snow Valley, identifying a pattern in the informants they've been losing. Jan announces the arrival of summer, and that she will be going on vacation, working at Silver and then teaching cooking classes when the school year resumes.

Jun 22 - Operation: Red Letter Day: Marie-Ange posts about the plan to find Remy - she, Amanda and Cammie are off to London, and Ororo will be assembling a team to take to Munich.

Jun 23 - Kevin invites Laura to go up to Niagara Falls with him the weekend of the 1st through the holiday. Marie-Ange visits Wade on Muir Island and the two wind up in a priest's hole together.

Jun 24 - Operation: Red Letter Day: Amanda posts about X-Force heading to London for a few days; Amanda, Marie-Ange and Cammie arrive in London to set a trap; Ororo and Jubilee head to Munich and Wanda and Doug receive a surprising tip. Callie posts about the legalization of gay marriage in New York.

Jun 25 - Operation: Red Letter Day: Marie-Ange posts about the state of play, and directs everyone not already in the field to join Jubilee and Ororo in Munich to bring Remy home.

Jun 26 - Operation: Red Letter Day: X-Force break into the facility supposedly holding Remy; Marie-Ange, Amanda and Cammie spring a trap for HYDRA in London and manage to kill Swarm (though not the Fenris twins); Wanda, Doug and Emma meet the Master of HYDRA, the Red Skull, and the Contessa is killed by Synthia, his daughter; Jubilee and Ororo find Remy; Jubilee lets all of X-Force know they've found Remy; Amanda posts the same thing on the general journal network. Vanessa tries to put together an assortment of clothing possibilities for a break in she's planning the next day but Warren has other ideas about where her focus should be.

Jun 27 - Jean texts Wanda to see if she wants a drink, and emails Amanda to get details on the injured parties. Doug posts about hating a new bad guy. The Problématique: Vanessa breaks into a blood bank to steal a sample for a paternity case of hers but she's spotted on the security cameras along with the guy whose mimic she picked up and she gets a tail from an unanticipated source as a result.

Jun 28 Molly emails Warren about what she needs to take to the Hamptons; Kevin asks for help relocating his unsold sculptures from the gallery back to the mansion. Sarah V. has sudden ice cream cravings and goes with Megan to play mini-golf; they talk about the future and summer vacation. Broken and traumatised by her encounter with the Baron, Wanda seeks comfort from Garrison.

Jun 29 - Amanda asks Nico to go with her to the Cotswolds to meet with Homily. Matt has a migraine and tries to get drugs from people before Jean steps in. On Muir, Remy and Ororo spend time together in the aftermath of his capture and torture. Dori and her younger brother discuss why he came to her graduation and what's happened in their family over the last few years. Amanda attempts to do a little bit of healing to give Wanda a much needed boost, but things don't go quite as according to plan.

Jun 30 - Warren announces the departure of those going to the Hamptons for the holiday weekend. Crystal wishes those leaving a good weekend. Don't Close Your Eyes: Kurt runs into Jean leaving the Professor's office doing some "last minute work". Jubilee emails Doug to let him know she's back in New York and will be visiting the mansion the next day. Lex announces he is going into the wilderness for the weekend.



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My Long Forgotten Son

The Problématique

Don't Close Your Eyes

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