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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Rahne Sinclair (disambiguation).

Rahne Sinclair - replaced in Phase 2
Wolfsbane Card.jpeg
Portrayed by Emily Browning
Codename: Wolfsbane
Affiliations: Elpis
Birthdate: July 31, 1988
Journal: x_rahne
Player: N/A

Rahne is an employee of Elpis, a student at Westchester College, and a volunteer in the medlab/infirmary and at a local animal shelter. She is currently in Tel Aviv, pursuing her studies and her career.


Character Journal: x_rahne

Real Name: Rahne Sinclair

Codename: n/a

Aliases: n/a

First Appearance: May 20, 2003

Date of Birth: July 31, 1988

Place of Birth: Kinross, Scotland

Citizenship: Scottish

Relatives: Reverend Craig

Education: Graduate of Xavier's, currently studying at Westchester College

Relationship Status: Single. Occasionally pining.

Occupation: Elpis

Team Affiliation: Elpis



Rahne was adopted as an infant by Reverend Craig, a very strict Presbyterian minister. She knows nothing about her birth parents. She grew up very pious, very sheltered, and considerably on the shy side; she's theoretically well versed in apologetics but was never really very good at arguing. Reverend Craig despaired of getting her to debate effectively but did teach her, among other things, to cook, clean, manage money frugally, and play golf.

She manifested during the Great Headache of X2 and, due to complications involving suspected demon possession and the fear (on both sides) that she might hurt someone (or had hurt someone, considering the second headache), she ended up spending a few days in a cage before she figured out how to change back. Though both were suspicious of attributing too much power to symbols or sacred objects, Reverend Craig brought a silver cross on a chain to the cage, and Rahne was comforted by being able to touch it safely. She shifted back the next morning and usually wears the necklace.

Shortly afterward, Moira MacTaggart - Phase 1 came and suggested she be sent to Xavier's.

Living At The X-Mansion

Arriving at Xavier's was something of a shock to Rahne, but she has recovered fairly well. She'll still squirm if she thinks about screaming when she first saw Kurt, though. (He was really nice about it and became a friend, albeit off-camera, and was at one point a crush object but she hopes he never knew that.)

She was a reasonable academic success, though never at a level to compete with classmates such as Paige Guthrie, Kitty Pryde, or Forge. Socially she was fairly quiet and occasionally awkward, though she got along well with Jamie Madrox and several others. Her relationships with Paige and Illyana Rasputin eventually deteriorated, but after a somewhat awkward start she bonded with Amanda Sefton over worrying about Nathan Dayspring. She always admired Dr. MacTaggart greatly, even though she wouldn't emulate some of her personal choices. She avoided getting much involved with Nathaniel Essex partly because his golf invitation was issued for Sunday morning. Her frictions with Monet St. Croix as a roommate led to her spending a significant amount of time in the woods and learning to hunt and eat small game as an outlet for her frustration (and also a nice snack).

She officially began volunteering in the Medlab in December of 2003, though she'd ended up with a few improbable wound-cleaning experiences (Haroun al-Rashid and Sarah Morlocke) before that. She eventually progressed to volunteering at a nearby animal shelter and working as a paid kitchen helper.

Rahne was a friend and a regular donor for Marius Laverne after partially intercepting his marrow-starved attack on Haroun, during which they discovered he was actually pretty calm when his lunch didn't struggle. This helped lead to her invitation to help track him and his companions down after they disappeared in Europe, as she combined the useful functions of tracker, friend, medical training, and a potential marrow-meal with no catastrophe-level powers.


Asgard was something of a turning point for Rahne in several ways. She was rescued from a giant by Hrimhari, prince of Asgard's wolves and alpha of their most prominent (and intelligent) pack. She was treated better than she felt her abilities would deserve due to Hrimhari's favor and, though she didn't realize this at the time, her relative youth -- these were not your average mortal wolves. She learned a great deal about body language, teamwork, and hunting with them, to the point that after her return she found New York deer a feasible solo prey -- although she has also enjoyed hunting with Catseye, Kyle Gibney, and Lockheed, which Hrimhari would probably regard as the weirdest pack ever. She was more confident afterward, but also more restless about feeling people whose authority she didn't recognize were trying to exert dominance over her.

She also spent a great deal of time talking to Hrimhari, finding it strangely comfortable to talk to a wolf-prince in the realm of the Norse gods about such topics as morality, theology, and the eventual end of the world. Quite unintentionally, she fell in love... and at one point went into heat, though she resisted the hormonal urges: if she hadn't, she would probably still be in Asgard. With puppies. She chose instead to return with her friends to her life, education, and work at Xavier's... though she cried once, on Nathan's shoulder, for the companions and the role she'd given up.


In May of 2006, Nathan invited her to work at Elpis, which she found very fulfilling. She adding languages under his tutelage and was involved in the day-to-day work of Elpis as well as a number of more unusual experiences, such as being briefly kidnapped with Sooraya Qadir and roaming Smichov during riots over The Gates. Eventually, in September 2008, she left for the Elpis office in Tel Aviv, to do further study and to learn more about the organisation. She found a kind of pack feeling with her fellow employees (both The Pack and The Reclaimed and decided to remain there and continue her schooling.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 120 lb

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Red (fur: red-brown)

Other Features:


Rahne is a specific metamorph. She can turn into a wolf -- or something very like a wolf, although her vision, at least, is expanded rather than reduced-spectrum. She also has mastered transitional forms and can stop part-way through the transformation at pretty much any point, although this did not come at all naturally to her at first: she worked it out through extensive practice while visiting the children on Muir, who really liked her having fur but required her to have hands! She can therefore get a level of enhanced senses, fur, claws, etc. while still keeping a bipedal form; she can actually get somewhat enhanced senses without very conspicuous changes.

Spending extended periods of time as a wolf reveals effects on her body chemistry that aren't otherwise apparent. She can survive comfortably on a diet of raw meat as a wolf, and will eventually go into heat. As a human, however, she is characteristically omnivorous and is not among the residents with a chocolate problem.

She also has a moderate healing factor associated with the shapeshifting.


Xavier's-issued cell phone, Elpis-issued Laptop of Doom (could probably double as blunt weapon)

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Rahne's social mores differ somewhat in different forms. As a wolf, she's much less physically reserved, though not to the point of putting her nose anywhere impolite. She did once lick Nathan on the cheek. To be polite, she once ate dog food when some of the smaller kids offered it to her early on. (It wasn't bad.)



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Player Icon Base: Emily Browning

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Formerly played by Persephone Kore from May 2003 to September 2008