One To The Chest

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One To The Chest
Dates run: October 23-24, 2004
Run By: Twiller
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It was so lonely, and tiring, and he was almost to the point where he didn't care what happened on the morrow, because he was just so _tired_.

When Doug takes one of Marie-Ange's visions a little too literally, the consequences are almost fatal.


Doug Ramsey, Rahne Sinclair, Marie-Ange Colbert, Alison Blaire, Jamie Madrox

Cyclops, Jetstream, Nightcrawler

Miles Blaire, Charles Xavier, Trevor the Stalker


October 23-24, 2004

Plot Summary

When Marie-Ange suffered a precognitive overload, foreseeing the events of Collateral Damage back in July 2004, Doug took it upon himself to confiscate her collection of cards, sketches and notebooks relating to her visions, in order to allow her time to rest. Upon examining her notebooks, he was able to piece together another recurring vision of hers, that of himself being shot - Doug's interpretation was that there would be an incident in which Rahne would be targeted, and his intervention would save her.

Over several months, Doug devised a scheme that would not only save Rahne, but potentially also himself. He became withdrawn, citing work on a 'project', but in reality not wanting anyone to stop him for fear that Rahne or someone else would pay the price. His behaviour frustrated and confused his friends, especially Marie-Ange, who asked Scott to not allow Doug to become an X-Man, as she had Seen him in an X-Man uniform being shot.

When the Red Cross announced that it would begin accepting blood donations from mutants, it was seen as a perfect opportunity to provide publicity to the mutant cause. Alison agreed to appear publicly for the first time since her stage career was ended by a stalker, and the X-Men would provide security, especially after receiving information that Magneto might potentially appear. To Doug, it was the last piece of the puzzle.

The night before the blood drive, Doug made his final preparations, including a number of emails that would be sent on a time-delay in the event of his death. At the drive itself, he smuggled one of the Kavlar breastplates from an X-Man uniform under his shirt, and stayed close to Rahne.

Trevor the sniper, the same stalker who had tried to assassinate Alison before she came to the school, struck from one of the rooftops. Frustrated by Alison's failure to present herself as a target, he picked out Rahne as a means of drawing her out. His plan was thwarted by Doug, who, at the first sound of gunfire, shoved Rahne out of the way and took the bullet himself.

Haroun subdued the sniper, nearly beating him to death. The man's life was spared by Kurt, who teleported him out of range and talked his enraged teammate down. Trevor was handed over to the police and Charles Xavier calmed the crowd. However, Doug's life was still in danger: unclear on the mechanics of Kevlar, he had been unaware that the concussive force of a bullet could stop his heart, and only the intervention of Madelyn in giving him CPR saved his life. Marie-Ange had to be sedated by Moira, hysterical at the sight of her boyfriend apparently shot dead. Unconscious for several hours, Doug was unable to halt the sending of the goodbye emails, creating an uproar back at the mansion.

Upon Doug regaining consciousness, various close friends made their opinion of his actions, and especially his secrecy, known - reactions ranged from lectures, to disappointed silence, to teary accusations. Doug learned his lesson, especially after Scott made him undergo the equivalent of X-Man traninee exercises to understand what was truly required to be a hero.

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As a result of Doug's actions, Marie-Ange decided to become a trainee X-Man. Jamie also expressed interest in the idea, although his final decision came much later.

Alison was later required to give evidence to the FBI of what she knew of Trevor the Stalker, although this was delayed by her injuries during Sound and Fury. Trevor was tried and imprisoned.


Plotrunner: Twiller