Remy's Eleven

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Remy's Eleven
Dates run: December 4th-11th, 2004
Run By: Dex
Read the logs: Remy's Eleven logs

"She's so very loud. My dear, I grew up around videogames. The constant beep, boop, blip of lasers and aliens and that little yellow guy, uh-" Arcade snapped his fingers. "Pac-Man. That was it! Around Pac-Man eating dots and dying. Ms Pac-Man too. Made all the same noises, but she wore a pink bow. So, these days, my physical therapist says I should limit the amount of loud noise around me to cut down my stress. See, I connect noise with work."

Remy leads a team of staff and students in a heist to end all heists - the Las Vegas casino owned by the man known as Arcade.


Remy LeBeau, Doug Ramsey, Nathan Dayspring, Haroun al-Rashid, Clarice Ferguson, Jubilation Lee, Theresa Cassidy, Forge, Wanda Maximoff, Amanda Sefton



December 4th-11th, 2004

Plot Summary

Pete Wisdom discovers that some of Charles Xavier's files, stolen during William Stryker's invasion of the school, are now in the hands of a notorious casino owner who is planning to sale them to the highest bidder. Those files contain enough information to seriously endanger the school, with detailed descriptions of powers and abilities of the students and staff. The casino owner, Jacob 'Arcade' Lowenstein, is very successful and politically connected, so using the X-Men to recover the files is lost as not an option.

Remy creates a possible plan to retrieve the files, but is forced to incorporate the skills of several of the students into it to be effective. Reluctantly, Xavier agrees to allow both Remy and Nathan to take a mixed group of adults and students to Las Vegas to recover the files from the vaults of Arcade's casino, the Excelsior.

The team arrives in Las Vegas, to hear Remy's plan. Jubilee starts working under an assumed name at the casino, Doug and Forge work to get inside the computer security system, and the rest of them start a week long surveillance of the casino floor itself. All of them begin various elements of specialized training to prepare for the actual break in of the vault.

All of the members of the plan deal with their training in different ways, focusing on the job at hand and coming to terms with their new working arrangement. Despite the stress, everyone eventually find themselves ready for the final night of the job.

Remy approaches Arcade, as a representative of an organized security group that specializes in mutants. He points out that people like the Brotherhood of Mutants are interested in the documents that he's holding, and have plans to steal the files prior to Arcade's intended sale. While they speak, an alarm goes off in his private office, indicating a mutant has broken in. He heads to the office with his security staff in tow, to capture Amanda, disguised as a Brotherhood flunky. Arcade orders Remy to shoot her as a precaution that it isn't a setup. Remy is accommodating, and Amanda's glamour simulates her death, as well as splashing a pint of mutant blood from a squibbed pack on to his carpet, blinding his detection system.

As Amanda's corpse is dragged to a cold room for later disposal, Arcade takes Remy back down to the floor to discuss security for the files. Clarice teleports into Arcade's office, stealing the encryption key for the files from Arcade's private safe and joining the rest heading for the vault.

While their attention is focused elsewhere, Amanda's location allows her to use a 'don't see me' amulet to misdirect the staff, escaping the cold room with Jubilee's help and giving them the ability to make it into the elevator shaft unseen. Jubilee and Amanda breach the elevator's upper levels, and quietly drop down the shaft as Forge sets the motion sensors on a refresh, cycling the sensors as they go past. At the bottom of the shaft, they set up devices to disrupt the EM blockers, and through a sewer tunnel 300 metres away, Clarice ports into the shaft with Terry. Terry uses her sonic scream to disable the guards, and negate the noise sensors while Clarice and Jubilee prep the door. They drill holes near the top, by the locking mechanism, and use Jubilee's power to explode the shifting gears. Amanda's magic protects them from the short blasts as the vault opens. The four students steal a hundred and twenty million dollars from the vault, teleporting it out from the elevator bottom and into their waiting van.

As soon as the money is gone, the alarms go off and chaos hits the floor thanks to both Wanda and Forge. In the midst of that, Haroun makes a phone call to Arcade, informing him of his loss and offering a deal for the files. The money for the files. He offers a private location for the deal. Remy points out the dangers, and Arcade informs him that he'll be going, with Arcade's men close behind.

While they monitor the transaction between Remy and Haroun, a 'betrayal' is staged as Haroun guns down Remy, but before Arcade can move in, a dozen 'agents' led by Nathan storm the team. The team portrays a bust by the ATF, on a known 'Brotherhood' agent. After comparing serial numbers on bundles to the casino records, Nate offers an agency escort to Arcade, who refuses (considering the vast illegality of all the things he's been involved in that night). Remy is zipped up in a body bag, and the group leaves the warehouse.

The group prepares for the return to the mansion and the success of a job well done. Someone mentions that Arcade only seemed to recover $110 million of the stolen money. Remy ignores the comment, but a few days later, The Anodyne and Cornucopia Foundation, the Red Cross' Red X, and numerous other pro-mutant right organizations announce record fundraising by anonymous donors.

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Remy's Eleven is the first field mission for the mansion for many of the characters, including Remy.


Plot Runner: Dex

The title of the plot is based off of the movie 'Ocean's Eleven' in which a group of conmen rob 160 million from a casino.

The character of Arcade is strongly based off of Winston King, from the movie 'Confidence'.