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'''[[December 2018|2018]]:''' [[Bobby Drake|Bobby]] makes a journal entry about [https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6413569/Man-reveals-mindblowing-secret-eight-diamonds-card-Twitter.html#i-90b64c75824af3e9 the figure 8 in the 8 of diamonds card].
'''[[December 2018|2018]]:''' [[Bobby Drake|Bobby]] makes a journal entry about [https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6413569/Man-reveals-mindblowing-secret-eight-diamonds-card-Twitter.html#i-90b64c75824af3e9 the figure 8 in the 8 of diamonds card].
'''[[December 2019|2019]]:''' Hope takes Betsy out for wine and catching up, only for them to witness a startling turn of events.
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December 14th


2003: Emma begins recruiting her New Hellions starting with Sarah. She also discusses the Hellfire Club with Shinobi and he pledges himself to the White Court.

2004: Shattered: While helping Alison with an experiment to gain control of her laser powers, something goes horribly awry and changes Cain Marko forever; it takes intervention from Moira, Nathan, Amanda and Xavier to save him; Dr. Stephen Strange brings Amanda the Orb of Fortis to recharge with. Kitty takes Manuel dancing.

2005: Lost Generations: A chance encounter in the teacher's lounge between Nathan and Jean turns into a discussion of his Southeast Asian mystery; Jean is as disturbed about the numbers as Moira was, and offers her help, while gently introducing Nathan to the truth that annoying UN bureaucrats can be managed in ways that don't involve looming or other forms of intimidation. The subject of Askani also comes up, but only briefly. Kitty finds college finals easier than midterms, and muses on the events of Stoker and Stalkers and her reaction to them. Wanda begs for aspirin and is obliged by Rahne. Kyle begs Paige and Sam for help buying Jay a Christmas present. Amelia Voght arrives at the school to act as permanent doctor.

2006: Sofia, Nathan and Rachel have lunch. Angel has a language lesson with Doug and her one-day crush on him is discussed. Crystal suggests to Tommy that he make jewelry for people to wear at the Winter Ball and he agrees. Yvette has a nightmare and Laurie suffers some cuts trying to comfort her. Living Pele: Pele awakens the volcanoes of Hawaii and forces the non-native inhabitants to leave; Scott and Lorna catch the incident on the news and worry about Alex, who is unable to be contacted.

2007: V=IR: Forge discovers Milan wasn't lying about his coding device, despite the impossibility of it, and calls Doug in to help him check it out. Jean-Phillipe comes across Noriko and they utterly fail to communicate.

2008: Laurie texts Jennie while very drunk; the next morning, Morgan takes care of a hungover Laurie and then runs into Jean-Paul who propositions her - in a male form, of course. Manuel emails Kyle about a request. Bishop emails Wanda, blaming him for a stream of bad luck related to appliances. Wanda tells Amanda she needs her to go to Germany to meet a contact, and lets Remy know it's a ruse. Jennie asks Forge if Laurie got back in and discovers she came home very late. Sam meets up with Morgan again and winds up watching a movie with her. Adrienne crashes after working the Christmas rush at her store. Kevin runs into Sam while leaving a letter for Jay and they talk; Sam helps Kevin set up the memorial sculpture before he leaves; Kevin leaves a number of letters and artwork to those residents he hasn't said a proper goodbye to. Jennie talks to Scott about nightmares of Ahab.

2009: Meeting Kurt in the gym, Tabitha gets an idea for Christmas vacation for those without family to return to; Tabitha emails a number of people about her plans to go to Puerto Rico. Cammie passes her GED and announces she is a high school graduate and to celebrate, torments Kevin with a spatula and a bottle of syrup. Lex shows up at Morgan's apartment to cook her dinner and gets the philosophical puzzle of her multiple facets instead. Nico intervenes when Dori encounters an anti-mutant customer at the comics shop.

2010: John texts Angelo asking if accepting the rat means Amara is into him. Jean asks for help with Christmas shopping. Fianchetto: Vanessa and Laura find what is possibly one of Telford Porter's safehouses and stake it out to be sure; Bishop reports finding Porter's brothel in Madripoor.

2011: Operation: зимний солдат: Ororo lets the rest of X-Force know Rebecca Barnes has escaped, potentially with help; Marie-Ange emails Wade to let him know about the escape and to be careful; Wade texts Marie-Ange from a safe house and she tells him not to be so paranoid. Amara emails HeliX members about the soup kitchen volunteering. Jean-Paul emails Vanessa about his New Year's plans and availability for the Carnation job. Amanda runs into David at the Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs offices and is perky at him while they catch up. Fred posts about his makeover and various people are impressed by the photo evidence. Sooraya emails Angelo about Elpis and telling Nathan about her experiences on Attilan. Maddie runs into Artie in the kitchen, admires his butt and is introduced to the coffee maker.

2012: Wade texts Marie-Ange with an offer of curry. Lorna texts Wade about Angel’s birthday gift. Clint emails Kyle about his extra credit assignment. Clarice uses her wiles to get food from Lorna, then eats and runs.


2014: Jubilee posts asking for entertainment.


2015: John makes a journal entry about looking at someone you’ve known for years and seeing them as all kinds of different. Quentin texts Gabriel about good tattoo parlors in NYC. Xavin and Jean-Paul take a break from the mansion to visit a mall courtesy of image inducers, where impromptu plans for the weekend after Christmas are made. Cecilia posts to the medlab staff giving them a heads up she’ll be out most of this week. Wade texts Doug and Marie-Ange looking for Asopao for Cece. Miles enlists Jennie's help with his new possible-girlfriend.

2016: Laurie muses her random thoughts leading to a discussion about the fear of having to tell people that their loved ones have died. Lorna receives a present from Magneto, but Alex suggests blowing it up.

2017: Bobby posts asking if it’s winter break yet cause all he wants to do is stay at home doing homework...er, playing games. Maya posts that she’s back at the mansion and encourages Warren to go work in a soup kitchen for Christmas.

2018: Bobby makes a journal entry about the figure 8 in the 8 of diamonds card.

2019: Hope takes Betsy out for wine and catching up, only for them to witness a startling turn of events.