What Goes Around, Comes Around

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What Goes Around, Comes Around
Dates run: October 29, 2011
Run By: Nat and Cai
Read the logs: What Goes Around, Comes Around

No, something strange is happening. Or at least, stranger than usual. And I'm not entirely sure what.

It's just a typical Halloween for the mansion residents. Except not at all.


Not Effected: Amara Aquilla, Layla Miller, Nico Minoru, Sam Guthrie, Angelica Jones

Effected: Warren Worthington, Adrienne Frost, Wade Wilson, Sarah Vale, Jean Grey, Yvette Petrovic, Kurt Sefton, Garrison Kane, Jean-Phillipe Colbert, Matt Murdock, Meggan Szardos, Laurie Collins, Angelo Espinosa, Kyle Gibney, Doreen Green


October 29, 2011

Plot Summary

Wade decides to throw a Halloween party for the mansion residents - but complications arise with sourcing some of the props for the party. He recruited Callie to create a corn maze for him, and Kyle to help him decorate, but trying to find hay for the hayride provided difficult thanks to the drought. In the end, he struck a deal with the owner of Stonewall, who agreed to host the party and provide the hay, which would be later recycled on the stud.

On the night of the party, some of the attendees bega to act rather strangely. Specifically, they became the persona of their costumes, forgetting their true identities for a time. Amara and Layla noticed the unusual behavior, leading Amara to raise the alarm at the mansion. She got a hold of Sam, who after arranging for Laurie to take over comms for him, quickly brought Nico over Stonewall as Amara suspected magic was involved.

In the meantime, shenanigans ensued. Garrison, as 'Monty the bartender', attempted to get Layla, Angel and Sarah drunk and into their pants. Wade, as 'Earl Montgomery' and Warren as 'Robin, Earl of Locksley' almost come to blows, but soon resolved their differences and 'Robin' agreed to help 'Earl' find his fiancee. A case of mistaken identity ensues when 'Earl' does find who he thinks is his fiancee, Adrienne dressed as a bounty hunter going by the name 'Victoria Secret'. Layla goes looking for Sarah, who is dressed as a steampunk Red Riding Hood. The two girls end up in the corn maze together, hiding from the wolf. Amara sought out Wade, concerned about the older man carrying live firearms. He was not, and she managed to distract him with a request to help her find her sweetheart. Meggan, or 'Amalthea', and Angelo, or 'El Santo', conjure up a spirit to help them track down the Red Bull, which ends up possessing Angelo.

Once Nico and Sam arrived at Stonewall, she was able to determine that the cause of the strange behavior was magic, and after some searching, was able to track down the talisman causing the changes and destroy it. As she did, she noticed that there was some familiar energy to the talisman - belonging to her mentor, Amanda.

Discussions on the journals over the following days put together the last pieces of the mystery together - the talisman was left over from Amanda's magic junkie days, and she'd stashed the talisman at Stonewall. The spell also seemed to having a lasting effect on the residents, some of them mentioning lingering effects from their costume persona.

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Trivia and Meta


While everyone returned to normal, those affected discovered they retained one facet of their fictional selves after the fact:

Adrienne lost her fear of horses;

Yvette discovered she knew every Lady Gaga song ever, and could sing them;

Jean gained a better tolerance toward water;

Meggan developed a Red Bull phobia;

Kyle retained the ability to swear in Chinese;

Angelo learned a moderate amount of information about santeria without having to study;

Matt could still dance like a Blues Brother, but only when wearing the hat (and glasses, though he always wears those);

Wade could still use a lasso, but only when wearing his cowboy hat;

Laurie has the desire to learn to fly;

Garrison will be cursed to be interrupted every time he tries to have sex for the foreseeable future.

Kurt has the ability to drive any ground-based vehicle, but only when dressed in full evening wear and with a female passenger who could pass as a Bond girl.

Jean-Phillipe has developed a love for the sport of tennis, to the point where he is purchasing a racket and playing casually.


Plotrunner: Nat and Cai

The idea for a Halloween party hosted by Wade was Cai's, but when on-list discussion turned to Wacky Fun, Nat became the plot runner for the extended event.

Garrison's character of "Monty" was an homage to the Ryan Reynolds role in Waiting.