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New arrival Korvus Rook'shir made his self-introduction on the journals, joined a few days later by another new student, Layla Miller, while old faces Theresa Cassidy returned from Ireland to work with the FBI and to try and find out where her marriage to Bobby Drake stood, Jean-Paul Beaubier returned from Europe and Clarice Ferguson made her presence felt on the journals again. There was another homecoming as well, although perhaps not as simple as hoped - Vanessa Carlysle was rescued in Prague after weeks of torture at the hands of the New Son organisation. Her condition was critical enough to warrant a medically-induced coma and, at the end of the month, a magical Healing from Amanda Sefton, but it was her mental state which was of more concern.

Warren Worthington brought in an old legal friend, Jennifer Walters, to help with a teenage delinquent matter, with Callisto showing her skill with troubled youth in convincing troubled mutant teen, Townshend Horgan, to return home. The success of the case had Warren re-considering his plan of setting up a legal firm in District X, with Jennifer as his partner.

The students had a busy month, with the seniors invited to the HeliX Alternative Homecoming at Empire State University; Korvus asked Meggan Szardos to be his partner, beginning their dating relationship. Doreen Green and Kyle Gibney also attended, with Dori thrilled to be introduced to Kyle's friends as his girlfriend. Parents' Weekend was more difficult, especially for the students with no families. Wade Wilson and Marie-Ange Colbert teamed up to take those students out for a movie and a pizza, which proved to be a successful distraction. Layla, already fitting into the school well, joined forces with Sarah Vale and Doug Ramsey to prank Kyle's phone, programming it to play the Weird Al Yankovic song "Yoda" upon command. While Sarah was unable to keep a straight face under questioning, it was deemed an Awesome Prank.

Wanda Maximoff had a less pleasant month, as, in the aftermath of the attack by the Chthon cult, she and Amanda went to England, where Dr. Stephen Strange had completed his inventory of Agatha Harkness' private occult collection. The discovery that her son, Nicholas Harkness, was the leader of the cult and the man who had killed several magic users with the ring known as the Devourer led an enraged Wanda to go to Agatha's house to confront her; only to discover that the followers of Chthon had beaten her to it and had kidnapped Agatha. It was a serious blow to Wanda, and even the resurrection of her relationship with Stephen Strange could not assuage her anger and guilt.

Finally, the Halloween Curse made an appearance again, with an old artifact from Amanda's addiction days, left forgotten at Stonewall turning up again and bewitching the participants of the Halloween party at the horse stud into believing they were their costumes. Nico Minoru was able to reverse the process, but there were long-lasting effects. Some were good - Adrienne Frost lost her fear of horses, for example - some were bad - Garrison Kane was to discover his sex life was about to become an 80s farce - and some where just plain weird, such as Matt Murdock discovering he could dance and sing like a Blues Brother, but only when he wore the hat and sunglasses.


Oct 1 - Korvus, Xavier's newest student, meets his new roommate Artie. The Problématique: Bishop emails Wanda, Garrison, Doug, Lex, Warren and Jean about not finding much in Vanessa's hotel room in Boston. Korvus makes his first post on the network introducing himself. Korvus asks his fellow students for help speaking casually, as his English is quite formal. Matt and Wade go on a hunt for onion rings that Matt and Kyle could eat.

Oct 2 -

Oct 3 - Laurie emails Bishop about the status of the investigation into Vanessa's disappearance. Jubilee delivers a crocheted goat to Adrienne, as previously discussed. Yvette announces Empire State University's Alternative Homecoming and invites the senior class of Xavier's as well. Kyle meets with potential new student Layla Miller and her social worker to give her the talk about Xavier's and learns her powers are on the creepy side. Matt and Korvus talk about Korvus' speech patterns and manage to resolve the tension between them with some honesty. Meggan runs into Korvus in the library and she agrees to help him acclimatise. Cat vs. Bird: Warren asks Adrienne for help on a missing child case for X-Factor.

Oct 4 - Wade announces Taco Appreciation Day and invites people to join him in the kitchen for taco-y goodness. Cat vs. Bird: Adrienne and Warren track their missing teen to a shelter for mutants and run across Callisto, who reluctantly agrees to help.

Oct 5 - Layla arrives at the mansion and meets Matt on the steps, discovering they knew each other in elementary school; Layla introduces herself on the journals and proves she'll fit right in. Cat vs. Bird: Warren and Adrienne discuss the next move in their case.

Oct 6 - Layla has her first German class and is enraptured by Kurt. Korvus asks Meggan to be his date for the Homecoming dance, after some cultural confusion. Cat vs. Bird: Warren recruits his old friend Jennifer Walters to help out with his case; Callisto finds the missing teenager; Warren, Callisto, Adrienne and Jennifer meet with Townshend and his parents to discuss his legal options.

Oct 7 - Layla meets Artie and there is some prickliness about Artie's lack of height before they find some more common ground. Molly brings Matt lunch and they talk about his addiction issues.

Oct 8 - The Problématique: Garrison emails Bishop some security footage from an airport that shows Vanessa being flown out of the country; Bishop sends the footage to Doug for analysis and Doug determines Vanessa is likely to be in Prague. Marie-Ange provides birthday cake for Remy and her co-workers. Layla is bored and asks Artie to go to Salem Center with her via pictures. Korvus and Wade meet up in the garage to make the mansion's first amphibious VW Beetle and they talk about a few different things, beneficial sexism included.

Oct 9 - Jean and Angelo use a Danger Room hologrammic snake to help Adrienne face her fears; Angelo posts about the dancing snake being Jean's fault and Adrienne panics about the video being sold to the highest bidder before Angelo reassures her he won't. Abigail Brand visits Garrison's desk to let him know - obliquely - she's aware of him using FBI resources for 'personal' matters. Matt and Kyle go jogging together and discuss various issues they are having.

Oct 10 - Laurie posts about how little time she has even after quitting her job with X-Factor. Layla finds boiler beach and Adrienne, and odd conversation ensues. Layla finds Kurt in the gym and extorts more awesomeness from her favorite teacher. Layla makes a journal entry saying Kurt is her favorite, and warns about possibly burning some cookies.

Oct 11 - Angel announces on her journal that she has a date for the upcoming alternative Homecoming. The Problématique: Doug e-mails Bishop about refining the info he received, and that they're getting closer; Bishop e-mails Doug, Lex, Jean, and Wanda with a solid lead on Vanessa's position; those connected to XFI are called to a meeting by Bishop to update them; Warren e-mails Monet with the update on Vanessa's location and asks if she's in to help; Doug asks Emma for a temporary donation to the rescue effort for Vanessa; Doug posts to Snow Valley to give a heads up that he and Wanda are leaving for Prague to meet Bishop re: the new lead on Vanessa; Warren posts to x_team to let people know they've got a solid lead on Vanessa's whereabouts. Adrienne and Garrison discuss the latest lead in Vanessa's case.

Oct 12 - The Problématique: The team plans their rescue strategy; Lex and Bishop find a potential facility and snatch an armed guard to interrogate him; Bishop and Lex torture a guard to find out whether Vanessa is in the facility; Lex and Doug sneak up to the facility to tap into the cameras for interior surveillance; The assembled team works on a plan to rescue Vanessa; Warren announces on x_team that they've found Vanessa and they're going in to get her; Doug lets Snow Valley know they've located Vanessa and are headed in to retrieve her. Meggan e-mails Korvus to let him know her dress' color for the upcoming alternative Homecoming.

Oct 13 - Amanda finds Bobby literally in the gutter and drags him home for sobering up. The Problématique: Warren and Jean clear the perimeter so the others can find their way inside; With the guards outside taken care of, Lex and Doug move in to take over the security station inside; Bishop and Laura follow her nose in search of their partner; Monet and Wanda set off the alarms and unintentionally take out the telepathy nullifier; Jean's telepathy finally reaches out to touch someone... only it's touching everyone; With an antsy Laura outside of Vanessa's technologically locked door with her boss, Lex scrambles to find a way to get them inside; With her telepathy back on Jean locates Bishop and Laura's minds and follows them to her friend; Doug passes on the news that Vanessa has been located and obtained, then directs Wanda and Monet to the servers where they can hopefully find out who was in charge and what they were doing with Vanessa and the others here; The group finds their way out of the facility, Vanessa in tow but unconscious, and Doug and Lex take it upon themselves to manually lock everyone in the building before blowing all of the electricity; The rescue team returns with Vanessa, and things take a turn; Warren posts in x_journal to let people know they've got Vanessa back, and she's in bad shape but hopefully will recover. Nick/John makes a journal entry about seeing Ringer and how it seems relevant to his life, and asks if anyone's up for a marathon of it this weekend. Adrienne mails Jean to check in on her. Doug makes a journal entry to say they got Vanessa back and how tired he is. Operation: Dasavatharam: Wanda makes a journal entry announcing both her return and her imminent departure to England the next morning, asking Amanda to come with her. Terry returns, and the first face Terry sees is a friendly face, sort of. There may be a reason Bobby and Terry are having relationship trouble, as it's not exactly a smooth welcome home when she first sees him.

Oct 14 - Jean makes a journal entry asking for no visitors for Vanessa until she's had a chance to recover some and wake up. Jean texts Hank to say she needs a nap and to contact her if he needs anything. Sarah Vale makes a journal entry saying she's bad at picking out Hallowe'en costumes and solicits advice and ideas. Operation: Dasavatharam: Amanda announces her departure to England in her journal. Amanda e-mails Marie-Ange, Wade, and Doug to ask them to keep an eye out on Adrienne for her. Wade texts Adrienne to see if she wants to grab a bite to eat. Sam bumps into an exhausted Jean while pacing the halls and they talk briefly before she has to crash.

Oct 15 - Jean and Warren have an exhausted conversation at two in the morning. Jean-Paul leaves a voicemail for Adrienne in French asking what's going on with Vanessa. Adrienne texts Angelo to ask him to check up on Warren. Angelo e-mails Warren to check up on him and see how he's doing. Warren e-mails Adrienne to tell her off following his e-mail exchanges with Angelo. Kyle makes an entry about his beloved Tigers losing their series against the Texas Rangers. Jean-Paul calls Jean to check on Vanessa's status more directly, then begins the long trek back to the mansion from Denmark. Wade sends Warren a text to find out where he is. Layla makes a banner based on a weird conversation with Kyle. Adrienne meets Jean-Paul when he arrives at the mansion and she better updates him in person. Sam and Kurt get a chance to catch up a little in their suite about everything that's been going on in their respective lives, good and bad, before Sam volunteers to make them a snack. After being out drinking at Harry's with Angelo and cutting out early thanks to the baseball crowd, a rather inebriated Warren ends up in Wade's suite for more scotch and a discussion about violence. Kyle and Dori attend ESU's alternative homecoming and Dori squees when Kyle refers to her as his girlfriend. Korvus takes Meggan to Homecoming at ESU. Things are awkward at first, before they decide to dance and talk about various things, including powers and Halloween costumes.

Oct 16 - Amara makes a journal entry congratulating Yvette on a great job with the alternative homecoming. Terry makes a journal entry announcing her return to Xavier's. Vanessa regains consciousness for the first time but it's not the happy homecoming moment anyone hoped for. Tabby e-mails Vanessa, hoping she gets better soon. Kurt and Sarah V. talk after one of their fencing lessons together, and Kurt comes up with a suggestion that Sarah absolutely loves. Jean e-mails Adrienne and Warren about Vanessa's condition and that soon she'll be allowed visitors, giving them the first heads up, and warning them to behave while with her. Jean announces to x_journal that Vanessa can receive visitors starting tomorrow morning. Jean-Paul texts Jean to see if she's free to speak. Sam e-mails Jean to inquire about possibly visiting Vanessa, asking for her opinion on whether that's for the best right now or not. Doug e-mails Dori about WoW and her location in the game. Jean and Jean-Paul discuss Vanessa in person this time and make arrangements for tomorrow.

Oct 17 - Remy and Ororo take a side trip to get a few things for their apartment on a trip that takes them a little further away than IKEA. Terry and Wade meet over cookies. Kyle SMSs Dori about skipping out early on the dance for the baseball. Lalya is very sad about the fact that other people ate all the cookies Jean-Paul made before she got any. Matt posts about the cookies. Sam emails Jean, thanking her for the updates on Vanessa. Operation: Dasavatharam: Amanda, Wanda and Doc Strange learn about Agatha Harkness's links to the cult and discover that Agatha is missing; Amanda posts about the madness of calling any trip to England a "simple" research trip.

Oct 18 - Terry and Adrienne chat about their respective returns to the mansion.

Oct 19 - Wade invites Meggan, Matt, Korvus, Molly and Artie to the movies with himself and Marie Ange to take their minds off Parents' Weekend. Kyle sends blood samples to Moira MacTaggart to have his paternity and relationship to Wade tested. Yvette posts about Parents' Weekend and people's definitions of family. Amara sends muffins to the X-Factor offices. Jean-Phillipe gives Kyle fashion advice to help with job interviews.

Oct 20 - Layla enlists the help of Sarah and Doug to first steal Kyle's phone and then booby trap it with trick mp3s. Kyle mentions on the journals that his phone is missing. Layla emails Artie about Parents' Weekend, the Morlocks and Yvette's sexuality.

Oct 21 - Xavier announces Parents' Weekend. Operation: Dasavatharam: Strange confronts Wanda's not-coping on the roof, leading to a rekindling of their relationship. Wade and Marie-Ange take Molly, Matt, Meggan, Artie and Korvus to see Real Steel and then pizza to avoid Parents' Day.

Oct 22 - Sam catches Dori sexting Kyle and learns about their relationship and Dori's college attendance. Sam chats to Kurt, asking him if he's aware of Dori and Kyle's relationship. Teresa SMS's Bobby, asking him where he is; she and Bobby talk about the rocky state of their relationship before Terry SMS's the girls to ask for somewhere to stay for a few days. Terry moves in with Crystal following her... discussion with Bobby and the two of them catch up. Cammie talks about her inability to stop playing Minecraft. Layla and Sarah V. visit New York, flirt adorably and visit an adult shop to buy Sarah's corset for her Halloween costume. Layla sets off Kyle's phone to play Al Yankovic's "Yoda" song while Artie videos Kyle's reaction and Sarah just happens to be passing by; it is deemed a successful prank. Layla runs into Cammie in District X and helps her get laid.

Oct 23 - Amanda gives Nico, Matt and Meggan presents for Parents' Day. Wade emails Adrienne about the Halloween party. Adrienne and Jean-Paul share a late night conversation.

Oct 24 - Wade emails Amanda, thanking her for the choice of Stonewall for the Halloween party. Meggan and Sarah V. compare Halloween costumes. Yvette asks Laura for help with her costume idea and fashion in general.

Oct 25 - Jean-Paul emails Adrienne and Warren about Jean's birthday. Sam posts to the journals about pumpkin doughnuts. Wade announces the upcoming Halloween festivities in the journals; Tabitha admits to being too afraid of Marie-Ange to flirt with him. Wade and Marie-Ange SMS each other about this while Tabitha and Cammie also SMS each other about it. Adrienne and Warren run into each other in the kitchen, and their differences are forgotten as they bond over a mutual love of opera.

Oct 26 - Sam emails Adrienne, checking in to see how she is and offering her some company. Meggan finds some old keys for Sarah V's costume. Matt posts about the anniversary of Day Zero. Sarah posts a thank you to Meggan. Clarice re-appears on the journals, having completed her undergraduate degree and at Pace University as a graduate student.

Oct 27 - Monet and Kurt bicker about blankets and windows being left open. Jean-Paul emails Clarice about catching up with brownies. Wade and Sarah V have a driving lesson. Jean leaves a birthday present for Cammie. Sam leaves a birthday present for Jean. Jean-Paul, Adrienne and Warren arrange a birthday dinner for Jean in the Danger Room, complete with designer wear, Italian food and Tuscan surroundings.

Oct 28 - Adrienne reminds everyone about the World Series Game Seven on that evening. She and Garrison discuss baseball at Harry's before the game begins. Clarice catches up with Jean-Paul, who is making a millions brownies in the kitchen; Jean-Paul invites everyone to help themselves to his brownies. Yvette and Sam chat while on comms duty.

Oct 29 - Yvette wishes Julian a happy birthday. What Goes Around, Comes Around: Adrienne and Garrison discuss their costumes; Wade, as 'Earl Montgomery' and Warren as 'Robin, Earl of Locksley' almost come to blows, but soon resolved their differences and 'Robin' agrees to help 'Earl' find his fiancee; 'Earl' and Adrienne, as 'Victoria Secret' have a showdown in the woods; 'Earl' and 'Jayne' get into a fight over possibly stolen boots; Amara and Layla start to realise that something strange is going on, and Amara contacts the mansion for help; Garrison, as 'Monty the Bartender' gets Layla drunk and attempts to get into her pants, Layla escaping only to end up in the corn maze with Sarah V., the steampunk 'Red Riding Hood'; 'Monty' attempts to get Angel drunk and sleep with her as well, which is interrupted by a group of kids; 'Monty' again attempts to get a girl drunk so he can sleep with her, but this backfires when Sarah's attention is instead caught by a pretty girl; Amara hunts down 'Earl' to ensure he doesn't shoot anyone; Meggan, as 'Amalthea' and Angelo as 'El Santo' call up a spirit to help them find the Red Bull, and a possessed Angelo points her in Kyle's direction; Sam asks Laurie to take over comms duty for him so he can take Nico to Stonewall, where she figures out the cause of the strange behaviour.

Oct 30: Jean emails Amanda about doing a healing spell for Vanessa. Amanda posts asking for volunteers with some very strict criteria; Clarice texts Amanda with an offer to help; Wade also texts Amanda to offer help, not sure if his cancer would disqualify him; Jean-Paul emails Amanda, knowing he can't donate, but offering any other help.

Oct 31 - What Goes Around, Comes Around: Warren reflects on the party the night before; Meggan posts about thinking she was a unicorn and retiring her bent horn; Wade calls shenanigans and various party attendees reflect on the fact they've retained some abilities from their costumed personae; Jean tries to return various items - 'dinglehoppers' - she used to comb her hair as Ariel the Mermaid; Nico emails Amanda, letting her know the artifact she destroyed 'tasted' like the older witch; Amanda posts, asking who found the object and where and realises it was one of her old fixes; Monet is less than impressed; Layla lets people know she has photographic evidence of the party and in the course of comments, Layla teases Matt, Wade comes to Matt's defence and Matt and Kyle discuss the moral issues of hitting girls; Tabitha posts that she's hiding in her room out of embarrassment. Jean suggests a field trip to keep the students out of the mansion during Vanessa's Healing. Terry and Clarice meet for lunch and discuss Terry's marital woes, with Clarice coming up with a very 'her' solution of pole-dancing lessons. Jan provides Halloween cupcakes and cookies, but no candy drop this year. Following the Healing, Amanda crashes with Adrienne; Vanessa regains consciousness, but is paranoid and angry when Jean tells her she can't leave the medlab; Jean asks Hank to take over Vanessa's case; Vanessa runs into Warren on her way to her guest room and in the course of things, tells him she can't be more than friends. Layla emails Kyle asking what Wade's deal is and is generally disgruntled. On Hallowe'en night Sarah stops by to visit Layla and, after some suspicious activities with candy, they head out to Blockbuster to rent some scary movies.


The Problématique

X-Factor Investigation: Cat vs. Bird

Operation: Dasavatharam

What Goes Around, Comes Around

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