Hand Me Down

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Hand Me Down
Dates run: November 8-14, 2004
Run By: Alan
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"I don't--they aren't bad, this time. I could stand them, the way they are now. And--and the passing out, even if there's more of that, I don't--people live with epilepsy, and that's worse..." Jamie choked on a sob. "I don't want him to be part of me!"

Just because the past can't be seen doesn't mean it's over and done with - Skippy comes back to haunt Jamie.


Jamie Madrox, Kitty Pryde. Madelyn Bartlet, Jay Guthrie

Charles Xavier, Skippy, Mystique (in flashback)


November 8-14, 2004

Plot Summary

When Jamie started experiencing strange flickers in his vision and brief hallucinations, he went for a checkup with Madelyn, who was unable to find anything particularly serious and chalked it up to the stress of the last few months. Taking her advice to take some time out and away from the mansion, Jamie took Kitty (and Lockheed) on a picnic. Things went suddenly wrong, as Jamie collapsed unconscious, leaving Kitty to raise the alarm and the pair to be retrieved by Kurt Wagner at the Professor's direction.

Upon further examination, it was discovered that the mental imprint of Skippy, the renegade dupe absorbed by Jamie months earlier, was melding with Jamie's mind, like a broken bone healing wrongly. Charles was hopeful that the memories could be absorbed by Jamie in a healthy and directed way, however it would require Jamie to incorporate Skippy's experiences with the Brotherhood during the process. Jamie took this suggestion hard, and it was only Kitty's faith in him that allowed him to accept the necessity. Following conversations with Doug Ramsey and Alison Blaire, Jamie went through the procedure.

With the Professor directing, Jamie relived Skippy's memories of being found by Mystique, of her bringing him to the mansion to show him why he hadn't been found, and of Skippy's decision to join the Brotherhood. Fortunately for Jamie, the memories of that actual time had faded with Skippy's death, leaving only a construct who spoke briefly to Jamie about not minding being dead before he vanished. Jamie awoke to find Kitty by his bedside and his friend Guido Carosella on the speaker phone.

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Jamie's condition came at the end of a very stressful time in medlab with Repodemon, Sound and Fury, and Jonothon Starsmore exploding.


Plotrunner: Alan