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The month of November began quietly, with the aftereffects of the Halloween party. Numerous e-mails between Paige Guthrie and Jonothon Starsmore, who was away with Sarah Morlocke and Emma Frost at her Rock River estate in Maine, indicated the start of their relationship. Some of the students expressed misgivings.

The next day, Emma's estate was attacked, in reaction to their discovery of Shaw's plans to build an SPB prison. While neither Sarah or Jono were seriously hurt, Frost was captured during the battle. By the time the X-Men arrived, they could find no trace of her. Even Cerebro provided no clues to her current whereabouts.

Shiro 'Sunfire' Yoshida joined the school, as both Sarah and Jono attempted to settle back in. This was not an easy process, and only a few days later, a serious fight broke out between Haroun al-Rashid and Sarah, in which Haroun was moderately injured. Pete Wisdom left the school to meet Brain Braddock in Europe, to begin tracking Emma. Brian legally transferred the care of his sister from Essex to Henry McCoy.

Kitty Pryde and Doug Ramsey broke open several files passed to them by Wisdom, containing information about Emma and numerous other shadowy actions, such as rings of mutant organ harvesters. Doug and Angelo Espinosa were jumped at the local mall by mutant haters, later to be identified as Tommy Jones' gang and both were beaten up. Doug's injuries confined him to the meblab for several weeks. From outside the school, Essex began to contact some of his former students about Betsy. Wisdom finally got a strong lead that Emma was being sent via Northern Italy and headed there with Braddock.

Warren Worthington was asked to join the staff as a teacher and accepted. Kitty began an investigation of a humanist supremist group called the Friends of Humanity at the behest of Xavier. Haroun was asked to leave the school in response to his fight with Sarah. Sarah's lessons with Major Grey Crow were terminated at the same time.

Xavier was contacted by a friend of his, Senator Lowenstein, about his son's kidnapping. The X-Men deployed to Mississippi to try locate the hostage. By the time they found him, the son was dead at the hands of the FOH, but they did discover Bobby Drake held by them. They quickly realised that for the last few months, the person they thought was Bobby (and who was with them on the mission) was actually Mystique; she subsequently fled.

While the X-Men were away, Essex began his plan to complete Betsy's surgery. Marie-Ange Colbert drugged Hank and Jamie Madrox, Sarah and Kitty got her out of the medlab and to Essex' waiting transport. The group were flown to Fort Dix where Essex began surgery. He used a bio-weapon process called Crimson Dawn to repair the damage to Betsy's brain. The X-Men returned to the mansion to discover the missing Betsy and students.

Betsy's surgery was completed almost twelve hours later, and the military arranged for her return to the school with the students. While they were dealing with her return, a news report aired about the X-Men mission to Mississippi, casting the team as villians who 'executed' Lowenstein's son for being weak. Betsy woke up from her coma a few hours later. The next day, Xavier's long lost stepbrother, Cain Marko| Cain 'Juggernaut' Marko was released into the custody of the school. He was followed soon after by Jacob 'Courier' Gavin, a shapeshifter who came seeking help with his powers. It was one of the stranger Thanksgivings.


Nov 1 -

Nov 2 - Jono and Paige exchange e-mails, beginning their relationship.

Nov 3 -

Nov 4 -

Nov 5 -

Nov 6 -

Nov 7 -

Nov 8 - Emma, Sarah, and Jono uncover Shaw's secret plans for an mutant prison in Maine; their base at Rock River is attacked by prototype Sentinel robots; Emma is taken by Shaw.

Nov 9 - Sarah and Jono are returned to the school by the X-Men, but Emma Frost has disappeared.

Nov 10 - Shiro is picked up and brought to the school.

Nov 11 -

Nov 12 - Haroun and Sarah get into a fight outside the school, which leads both of them to injury.

Nov 13 - Crimson Dawn: Care of Betsy is legally transferred from Essex to Hank.

Nov 14 -

Nov 15 - Kitty cracks a file which points to mutant organ harvesting. She and Doug continue to work on leads on Emma's whereabouts for Wisdom.

Nov 16 - Doug and Angelo are jumped by mutant haters at the mall and beaten up. Doug's injuries put him in the medlab for weeks.

Nov 17 - Crimson Dawn: Essex begins to recruit students for his plan for Betsy. Wisdom gets a lead on where Shaw's been sending Emma, and with Brian Braddock, continues to track her.

Nov 18 - Warren officially joins the staff.

Nov 19 - Kitty begins investigation into the Friends of Humanity. Haroun is asked to leave the school for his part in the fight against Sarah. Sarah's lessons with Grey Crow are terminated.

Nov 20 -

Nov 21 -

Nov 22 - X-Men Mission: Lowenstein: The X-Men head to Mississippi to rescue the son of a Senator. They fail to rescue him, as the FoH kills him. However, they do rescue Bobby Drake.

Nov 23 - Crimson Dawn: Marie-Ange drugs Hank and Jamie, Kitty, and Sarah move Betsy out of the medlab; all of them are picked up outside the escape tunnel by Essex and flown to Ft. Dix.

Nov 24 - X-Men Mission: Lowenstein: The X-Men return to the mansion with Bobby in tow; Bobby was kidnapped some months prior and replaced by Mystique who used her shapeshifting to duplicate him.

Nov 25 - Crimson Dawn: Betsy's surgery is complete, and arrangements are made to return her and the kids to the school; Betsy recovers consciousness. X-Men Mission: Lowenstein: A news report airs about the X-Men mission in Mississippi casting them as the villians having killed Lowenstein.

Nov 26 - Cain is released into the custody of the school.

Nov 27 -

Nov 28 -

Nov 29 - Jake arrives at the mansion.

Nov 30 - X-Men Mission: Syria: Charles tells the team Pete has news of where Logan is - in Syria.


X-Men Mission: Lowenstein

Crimson Dawn

X-Men Mission: Syria

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