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Stumbling on a napping Rachel Kinross-Dayspring having a PTSD nightmare, Catseye wound up comforting her - and offering her a job at her soon-to-be-opened restaurant in Salem Center. Tandy Bowen found herself harrassed by reporters wanting a "one year on" story about her mother's (and step-father's) murders. Sarah Vale, unsure of the status of things with Layla Miller staying in Attilan longer than intended, moped around somewhat.


Nov 1 - Fred posts about a Close-Enough-to-Halloween scary movie marathon.

Nov 2 -

Nov 3 - Angel posts about wanting October back and being excited for Thanksgiving.

Nov 4 - Catseye and Rachel have a talk after a nightmare, hair patting and a job offer is brought up. North and Wade go shopping, for guns.

Nov 5 - Tabitha seeks out Sooraya about helping out with charity. Yvette emails Fred saying happy birthday wanting to take him out to dinner. Jean-Phillipe wishes a happy birthday to Fred.

Nov 6 - Laurie gives Maddie fodder for Kyle’s torturing. Adrienne posts about knitting, Garrison’s "adorable" cat, and baseball.

Nov 7 -

Nov 8 - Lorna posts asking who would be around for Thanksgiving. Kyle posts about his monster class and to change their ring tones or else. Doreen posts about the new gnome models in WOW. Cammie makes good on her threat to drag Tabitha out for shopping for adult toys.

Nov 9 -

Nov 10 -

Nov 11 - Johnny and Clarice talk in the medlab when Johnny comes in thinking he broke his arm. Rachel and Matt have another midnight chat in the kitchen.

Nov 12 - Matt runs into Tabitha at the library and talks to her about braille Playboy and Doug being a spy. Sarah V. teaches Angel how to play Call of Duty and there is much excitement.

Nov 13 - Jubilee posts about having to go to a meeting in Bangkok on the weekend.

Nov 14 - Tandy posts asking for help to block a reporter looking for a story on her deceased mother from contacting her.

Nov 15 - Sarah V. runs into Johnny and talks to him about her school stress and the uncertainty of her relationship with Layla.

Nov 16 -

Nov 17 - Sam posts about having gotten a head start on his Christmas shopping. Doug leaves yarn and hot chocolate for Jubilee for her birthday.

Nov 18 - Angel leaves Lorna a birthday gift.

Nov 19

Nov 20 - Marie-Ange is confused - and amused - by a burger-themed tarot card left stuck to her door. Catseye is revealed to be behind the card, and announces that her restaurant will be opening soon and needs staff.

Nov 21 - Topaz and Hope A. spend time away from everyone during Thanksgiving.

Nov 22 - Adrienne emails Jean and Haller to ask them to keep an eye on Tandy, given the anniversary of her parents’ deaths is approaching (as is Adrienne’s first anniversary with Garrison); Maddie emails Tandy with plans for Saturday to keep her distracted.

Nov 23

Nov 24

Nov 25 - Topaz goes to return books to the library and ends up going on a field trip with Tabitha.

Nov 26 - Adrienne announces to x_staff that Tandy will be absent for likely the entire week. Lorna makes a journal entry seeking volunteers to help cooking for Thanksgiving.

Nov 27 - Laurie texts Doug to suggest dinner and a movie on Friday for their first date. Matt makes a journal entry about napping yesterday afternoon and waking up just now early the next morning. Wade makes a journal entry about how he won’t be deep frying the turkey tomorrow, providing a link to bad examples of same.

Nov 28 -

Nov 29 - Lorna makes a journal entry advising everyone that there’s plenty of leftovers in the kitchen.

Nov 30 -


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